6'0 Tall wife to Muscle Man, mother of 3, full time career woman, with an addiction to running wherever her size 10's will take her.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Day 1

Wow this Blog is DUSTY!! 2014 was an amazing year for me, I achieved several personal goals but my fitness took at hit while trying to maintain balance.

What I am proud of??
-Earned the role of Temporary Manager for a team focused on Safety and Culture for 8 months, I have always aspired to be in management.
-Attended the Diversity and Inclusion Conference in New Orleans, LOVED IT!  I geek out on that stuff.
-Read every day starting in April, including completing over 15 books! - This is huge since I am a slow reader.
-Put my family first in many ways

What I am not proud of??
-Watched much more TV than I should, often neglecting my kiddos
-Drank more adult beverages than I should in the name of STRESS
-Failed to get on a fitness and eating schedule
-My weight ballooned to 215lbs!! I told myself I would never be over 200 pounds again. UGH!

What I WILL achieve in 2015?
-Eat dinner at the table atleast 3 nights a week
-Every Friday night is family night
-Create a running/training schedule to be in Half Marathon shape by May
-Track my eating and exercise to get back into onderland
-Watch less TV

Looking back just a few years before I blogged I can hardly believe how different my life was.  I have some of the most amazing Friends, all of whom I met in some way through this Blog.  We celebrate Birthdays, race together, cry when we need to, laugh all the time, and enjoy each others company even if it is via a group text.  Below are a few fun picture from this year, 2015 will be even happier and healthier.

I hope to be better about Blogging...but really living is taking up most of my TIME.  All the best friends.  You can always find me on Instagram at runtallmom.  Happy New Year!!


Jennifer Boudreau said...

Breaks from blogging are so nice...because you come back fresh and recharged! Great goals. :)

Christine Weisman said...

So happy to hear from you again. Happy new year! Your daughter is already so big, can't believe it. Time flies!

chattynatty said...

Have missed your posts and so glad to see you back in action. Best of luck with 2015!

Velma said...

Yea! Welcome back!

ajh said...

Your kids are so big! Have a great 2015.

Kate Geisen said...

Your little girl (well, all your kids, but especially her) is getting so grown up!

Lisa said...

So great to see you back in my blog feed! I'm super impressed by the fact that you read every day and finished 15 books; I'd love to be able to say I've done that.

Wishing you all the best in 2015! Can't wait to read how you do in going after your goals! You've already taken a huge step forward just stating them.

Jamie said...

Sounds like a FANTASTIC year! I took off for the year 2014 as well. It happens. :) I believe a few other blogs in my blog roll had the same idea. Can't wait to hear about 2015 for you!

Haira Esther Kang said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
scissorbill said...

How's it going?

BP Merewether said...

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