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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Baby Growth Week by Week

Hard to believe but our baby girl is 2 months already!!  The adjustment going from 2 kids to 3 kids has been pretty easy on me and Muscle Man, although having a baby around means much less downtime.  The boys are in love with their sister and seeing her react to them with a smile melts my heart.  What a blessing to have 3 miracles in our lives. 

I have been back to work nearly 2 weeks now.  It has been an adjustment.  I find that I am OK in the morning, but by afternoon I miss her like crazy making it difficult to focus.  I do my 'Mom Duty' in a little conference room which is a bit strange as well but I am getting used to it, it saves us money and keeps my baby girl healthy so I will keep it up.  I am TIRED by the end of the day which has put a damper on my running... Although last night I was able to bust out a PPPR- Post Pregnancy Personal Record running a 5K in our HILLY neighborhood with MM.  We finished with a 28:27, my goal was sub 30 so I was pretty thrilled. Taking baby steps to getting my speed back, for now I will push it when I have juice in the tank.

Below is photo proof of her growth, I was not great at taking photos on the exact day week by week but close enough.
1 Week- barely focusing with no hand control
2 Weeks- The sleepy stage
3 Weeks- More alert and tracking those around her
4 weeks- Seeing real smiles off and on
5 Weeks- Starting to get into a routine, she LOVES to sleep on Mommy and Daddy
6 Weeks- Really showing her personality and getting cuter by the minute
7 Weeks- Sleeping beauty loves to nap in her carseat and the jogging stroller
8 Weeks- Smiling, making eye contact and playing little games with Mommy.
I will take her 2 Month photo tonight, hoping to catch her dimple in the photo but she makes funny faces with the camera/flash come out.  For my own record here are a few more details about Minnie-Me at 2 months old.

  • Napping on Mom and Dad
  • Watching her brothers play
  • Her carseat
  • Helping Daddy around the house in the baby carrier
  • Bright colors
  • Bathtime
  • Her swing
  • Visits from Grandma and Auntie
  • Sucking on her hands
  • Pacifier, she may take one when she is really tired but overall she is not a fan
  • Wet/dirty diaper, she wants to be changed almost immediately
  • Being cold after the bath
  • Going to sleep before 9:30 or 10 at night
  • Waiting to be fed
  • Hats, she will pull them off
  • When Daddy is loud cheering on his team or sneezing
  • The dark
This girl is a smiley and happy baby.  She loves to coo like she is having a conversation.  If I take my eyes off her when she is sitting with me when I look back down she will be watching me with the prettiest smile.  She does not like to cry in general, she really only fusses when she is getting tired.  If we stand up and rock her she stops almost instantly.  Her schedule is not set in stone yet but Daddy and her are getting into a rhythm during the day.  I am hoping that bedtime will be 9pm soon, in the mean time I am cherishing the extra time with her at night.

On the running front I have a 5K I may run next weekend...although I dont feel fit to race it will be fun to get back out there.  I will keep you posted if I do run.

Hope everyone is doing great... and as Ellen says "Be Kind to One Another."


Velma said...

Amazing Mel!

Unknown said...

IS IT THE STEIN DASH??! Because I am totally doing that.

Carla said...

She is beautiful! Thank you for this post. It brought back memories of my babies. Reading that she doesn't like your husband's cheering or sneezing made me laugh, as it was the same thing here, except it was his coughing. Great job on the PPPR!

Unknown said...

So amazing!

Anonymous said...

So cute!!! I love that age:)

TX Runner Mom said...

Awww, I am catching up on my blog reading. Congrats on that little bundle of joy!

JoAnn said...

You are a total rock star on that 5k time. I'm trying to get my running back after baby too. My son is 3 months old now.


Unknown said...

Many thanks! This post seems to have done the trick!

Jennifer said...

She is beautiful! Thank you for this post. It brought back memories of my babies
Jennifer Dominquez

steve said...

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