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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pregnancy week 40!!

I truly cant believe that I am still pregnant!!  My whole pregnancy I had a feeling that I would have her early.  This lead me to end work earlier than planned and make a few other choices that I am now regretting :(  Our unborn child is already teaching me that I cant plan everything as much as I would like to.

On my due date we had scheduled an elective induction, I made this decision for a couple reasons but it really came down to childcare for the boys and not taking more time than necessary off of work.  The plan was that the hospital would call after 5am on Monday 7/22...  We dropped the boys with Tall Grandma the night before and settled in, both Muscle Man and I hardly slept.  5am came and went.. WAITING!! WAITING!!  I called the hospital at 6:45am, they said I was second on the list and that they were very busy..

We sat around the house ALL DAY waiting for the call.  This was SUPER frustrating!! I called my Dr's office and the hospital again.  Finally around 3pm they said we could come in at 7pm.  Having been away from the boys all day we went to visit them for a while.

Got checked in at the hospital and had the first TINY dose of Cytotec at about 9:30PM.  It did nothing!  Tall Sister, Muscle Man and I did what we could to pass the time.  Eventually we settled in to sleep.  I got the second bigger dose at about 1:30AM and thought for sure it would do something.. It didn't!!  Baby's heartbeat was good so I tried to sleep more.

Seemed like we waited forever for the next step.  They began Pitocin the next morning.  Again NOTHING!!  Wow!!  I could not believe that I was feeling no contractions.  I had read a lot about inductions and the risks, etc. but nowhere did I recall seeing that it may not work.

At about 1:30PM I was starting to think that we should stop, clearly baby was not ready..  There was some confusion on who my nurse was as one had gone to lunch...they called my Dr., a lady came in with the table for delivery?!?!  I found this very annoying, we were trying to decide if I was going home and someone brings in the delivery stuff, UGH!!  My Dr. had the Dr. on call come in to check me.  The Tall strong gal started talking about breaking my water, which I was TOTALLY against, I had not had one real contraction, there was no way I was going to let her do that.  After checking me it was clear that baby girl was not moving toward the station to be able to deliver.  We all decided it was time for me to head home.

We had to wait 1 hour and monitor the baby while the Pitocin left my system.  I felt horrible guilt for putting my body and baby through all of that.  I started crying and could hardly stop.  We headed home about 3pm. 

That was Tuesday, now it is Thursday and I am not feeling great.  My body went through a lot so it is hard to tell if I am still recovering from that or if this is the early stages of real labor.  Time will tell.

Monday- 40 weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy Week 40:
Miles Run Pregnant: 225 total, done running at about 30 weeks.

Miles Walked Pregnant: I have not walked much, have heard mixed things about walking.  Right now it is painful so I am resting mostly.
Weight Gained: 33 pounds total.  Which is amazing!!
Current Cravings: the only thing that sounded good when we left the hospital was KFC boneless wings, they tasted AMAZING.  I also am loving Velveeta shells and cheese macaroni. 
Current Aversion: Nothing really, but also not much sounds good.
Baby Likes: Baby girl likes it when I lay on my left side, this was very clear in the hospital when I was on the heart rate monitor.  I told the staff that she would calm down once I switched positions and it worked.
Baby Dislikes: At this point I think she dislikes getting into position to be born.
Excitement: Her Birth!!  When????
Gripes: Hormones.  Feeling Guilt for my decisions.  Failed induction.  Feeling judged.  Going past my due date.
Purchases: Gifts from the baby to her big brothers for in the hospital.
So there you have it.  Due date +3 and not sure when baby will come into the world.  In case you are curious we have tried SEVERAL natural induction methods.
(Rumored) Ways to Naturally Induce Labor:
Sitting on a medicine ball
Being on all 4's on the ground
Eating Pineapple
Drinking Raspberry Leaf Tea
Stimulation of upper region
And on and on
I don't eat spicy food so that it out
I may try to get a massage or reflexology today or tomorrow
Thanks to everyone for the well wishes!  Will keep you posted.


Tiffany said...

I cannot image what you are going through - but good luck!!!

Unknown said...

Wow. Good luck. Can't wait to see pictures.

-Missy said...

I'm sorry, I know how frustrating it is to go over. Not to scare you, but with my third my mom came to stay with us from out of town and she came on the due date. She was here for 10 days and still NO BABY! My son was finally born at 42 weeks after I had tried EVERYTHING!! I walked all the time, did most of everything on your list and still he came when he was ready. The labor and delivery went great and he's a very healthy, happy baby. So, hang in there and she'll come when she's ready!

Anonymous said...

Your girl already place tricks on you! :) I hope she changes her mind soon. Good luck!!

Kiley said...

Man! My sister just had her baby last night. She had to be induced and I thought her labor was bad...she went about 24 hours after the pitocin before she had him. BUUUUT, I think you had/have it worse (sorry!). GOOD LUCK! That little girl is way too comfortable in there! You need to jump on a trampoline for a while ;)

Laura said...

I'm sorry your induction didn't work but I think you made the right decision to end it. I went through the same thing only I didn't make the choice to end the induction and after 4 days in the hospital with lots of induction techniques and no labor, I ended up with a c-section anyway. I hope for your sake she decides to come on her own very soon. Good luck.

Velma said...

Good luck Mel!

Kate Geisen said...

I walked and walked before my youngest was born, and nothing. He was just taking his time. Good luck!

Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

Wow! I haven't ever heard of an induction not working! Crazy! Hopefully when you post next you'll be showing us pictures of your beautiful new little one!

Unknown said...

Congratulations in advance!

Heather said...

I tried Black liquorice and it worked for me! 2 hour labor. No time for an epidural. The nurses said that they have seen that it works. Worth a shot, if not, it's just candy.

Marissa said...

can't wait! You look amazing by the way :)

The Silver Maple said...

I hope your baby girl arrives soon!!

Your running stats are amazing - I'm so inspired :)

Half Crazed Runner said...

Congratulations in advance! Awesome pregnant miles!

Anonymous said...

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