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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

38 Weeks Pregnant

38 Weeks 2 days along in our journey, +-12 days to go!  While I want her to be fully developed, we are ready at any time.  With several Braxton Hicks, and some strange semi-painful contractions yesterday, things are progressing for sure.  My energy level is low and I feel pretty crappy most days.  This last stretch is tough, but I am trying to cherish it since this will be my last time pregnant. 

I have already started to search for post-baby 5K’s.  I would like to have the option to push her, so looking for smaller races close to home.  Getting back to running and racing is going to be all about priorities!!  With 2 kids in school and a newborn I will not be adding any Marathons to my schedule anytime soon.  I look forward to getting back to jogging/running, I really love covering more ground in a faster time.  Walking is nice and I have enjoyed the extra time chatting with the boys, so may have a mix of different workouts.

That is all I have for now, will keep you posted on the arrival of Baby Q!!

Pregnancy Week 38:

Miles Run Pregnant: 225 total, done running at about 30 weeks.

Miles Walked Pregnant: 168.3, getting in 6 miles a week has been tough, it has been hot and she is pushing on my bladder.

Weight Gained: 32 pounds, get weighed again today.  I had a weird weight gain last week, guessing it was due to water retention because the temperature increased and I was drinking a ton of water.

Current Cravings: Mexican food, blended coffee drinks, blueberries and frozen treats

Current Aversion: Smelly things that people cook in the work microwave, GROSS!!

Baby Likes: Baby girl moves after I have had a big meal.  Had a small bowl of Lucky Charms the other night and she went CRAZY for like 30 minutes, my belly was ROLLING.

Baby Dislikes: Sitting in the car, she does not like being cramped.

Excitement: I have decided to make this Friday my last day at work, although she is not due until July 22nd I am not feeling well and would like to spend the time with my boys.

Gripes: Unsolicited opinions, I am too hormonal to hear it.  I will do what is best for me and my baby PERIOD!  Swollen feet are sore, but this is not every day so I should not complain.  Insomnia is setting in, but I think that will subside when work stress is over.

Purchases: We bought a used once Baby Trend Double Jogging Stroller off craigslist for $90 and an almost new Baby Trend Single Jogging stroller for $20 at a Garage Sale.  The single works with our infant car seat.  $110 for 2 Jogging strollers that will give us miles and miles, I could not be more thrilled!!

First outing with the new Double Jogger and my BUMP
This was take week 37 I think?
We know LS#2 is too big for this stroller, but oh well we will make due.


Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

My least favorite thing about being pregnant was always the unsolicited (and often in bad taste) advice from strangers and well intended acquaintances. I used to put off telling people I was pregnant as long as possible to minimize the amount of that I would hear!

Have fun your last few weeks before the new one is born! Such a special time for you and your family!

Unknown said...

You are doing Mel! You are an awesome Mom and this little girl will be lucky to have you as a mom.

Alili said...

Home stretch! You're doing great!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Almost there! Now what you need to do is.......

HA HA!! Just kidding!! =)

I know I have been MIA. =( But I have certainly been thinking about you and Baby Q. I am so excited for her to get here!!

Love you!!!

Unknown said...

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Francis said...