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Friday, June 14, 2013

Bye Bye 33

Today is my Birthday and I am not 34!!  For those who have been reading long you know that 33 is my favorite number.  33 has been a stellar year for me and I cant wait to see what 34 brings.
33 things/thoughts/facts as I enter 34:

1.  I love Ice-cream
2.      I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up
3.      My husband is the BEST, I am reminded of that fact daily
4.      I am most happy when I am out in nature with me family
5.      Time with my girlfriends is cherished and necessary
6.      Our oldest son is amazing, I know that he has a BIG future ahead of him
7.      I love that our 5 ½ year old still wants to cuddle with me and has a sweet little voice
8.      There are so many things I would buy and do if I had endless funds, it is fun to dream
9.      My height makes me happy, I have always loved being tall
10.  It makes me sad that our little girl won’t get to meet my Dad, he was an AMAZING Dad and Grandpa
11.  I believe that a good quote can lift your mood
12.  I will always take the time to hold a door open and smile at passers by
13.  I have regrets in my life, but I would never let them hold me back
14.  Pandora.com SAVES me on a daily basis
15.  Working while pregnant is HARD!!!
16.  Flowering trees are among the most beautiful of Mother Nature’s creations
17.  A good umbrella is necessary living in Washington State
18.  I am not patient
19.  I have no respect for people who take other’s ideas/work and don’t give them credit
20.  Most technology confuses me, I am NOT up to speed at all
21.  Getting a card in the mail is a special treat, I need to send more cards
22.  8 hours of sleep is pretty essential for me and not often found
23.  Hershey Kisses make me smile and taste oh so good
24.  Family traditions should be upheld whenever possible
25.  Mean people suck!
26.  I have always loved fruits and veggies but I doubt I could got vegetarian
27.  Doing the little things makes all the difference
28.  Running is often hard but always worth the effort
29.  If you have a bad pair of scissors toss them away and get a new pair
30.  Summer Break takes on a new meaning now that my boys are in school
31.  Giving a compliment is important, so is being able to accept a compliment
32.  You are never too old for a Slumber Party, and cupcake tasting
33.  Every year of life is a blessing, I will never ever complain about getting older.


Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

Happy Birthday!

kimert said...

Happy happy birthday!! I love this list. Great idea!

Teresa said...

Happy birthday!

Nicole Orriëns said...

Congratulations! I hope you had a wonderful day!

Mom's Home Run

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!!! May all your dreams come true!

TX Runner Mom said...

Great list! Happy birthday!!!

5 Miles Past Empty said...


34 is pretty awesome thus far!!

Happy belated birthday--i know i told you earlier, but not on the bloggy yet!

Eddie said...

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