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Friday, June 28, 2013

36 Weeks Pregnant

36 weeks, and some change, pregnant, +-25 days to our due date!  Although this is our 3rd child, I feel like I am starting over.  LS #2 is 5 ½, we have been well beyond the baby stage for years.  I can’t remember all of the little things about having an infant, but I know that when she is here it will all come back.  I am truly amazed by all the baby related products that have hit the scene in the last 5 years.  The variety and astronomical prices!!!  With one income we have relied on generous friends/family, garage sales, consignment shops and hand-me-downs.  Her closet is full and we have everything we need for the first stages of her life.

Right now I feel very ANXIOUS!!  Not about giving birth, I have done that and will make it through, I am more fit than I was with the boys so I am tempted to try without an epidural, but I am also a big wimp so I am not ruling anything out.  I am anxious about when she will come.  I have a strange feeling that she will be early, how early?  Who knows?  Both boys were 5 days early, so possibly she will keep trend.  Bags are packed, work processes are documented, I feel as prepared as I can be, but I am still on edge.

I am way behind on posting pictures.. Posts to come with Baby Shower, Rock N Roll Seattle spectating and general bump growth.

Pregnancy Week 36:

Miles Run Pregnant: 225 total, done running at about 30 weeks.

Miles Walked Pregnant: 158.3, I walk about 6-10 miles a week, I need new shoes!!

Weight Gained: 29 pounds

Current Craving: Mexican Food, Thai Food, Fruit and ice cream, this baby knows what she likes

Current Aversion: Any meat products.  I was able to have turkey meatloaf the other night but anything with any texture to it still makes me gag.

Baby Likes: She likes doing laps and pushing my belly to its limits.  She is lucky that I am big and she has room to move…and move she does!!  But she does not perform, the second I have someone put their hand on my belly she stops, little bugger.

Baby Dislikes: I am not sure if she dislikes it but whenever I lay on my right side she squirms constantly until I move positions.  I try to avoid it because it seems like she is in distress.

Excitement: Belly button is still an inny and my rings still fit.  Soon I will be able to shop for NORMAL clothes again.  16 work days left if I make it to my due date, last work day will be July 19th!  Most exciting of all is meeting our Baby Girl next month!!

Gripes: Braxton Hicks hit hard when I am on my feet too much and don’t drink enough water.  Getting a little tired of people telling me not to lift things, I know my limits.  Baby is lodged in my pelvis making walking more than 2 miles very uncomfortable and urine output constant.

Purchases: Lots of fun things using generous gift cards!!  Baby monitor, score on a swing at a yard sale for $7, diaper bag and super cute clothes. 


Amy N. said...

I spotted you at the Rock 'n' Roll expo - but you were surrounded by people so I didn't come say hi.

My youngest is about the same age as yours. I didn't realize how out of the baby stage I was until I babysat my newborn niece. Wow! It did come back quickly though!

Tortuga_Runner said...

Great job staying active!

Lisa said...

Oh, wow. How have I missed out on all of this? I'm glad to hear you're feeling well! How exciting that you'll have a little girl! I bet she'll be running after her big brothers before she's walking! I hope these last few weeks before her arrival go smoothly!