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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Seahawks 5K and 27 weeks

This week has been tough for the running community and the world.  I am blessed to have a friend in Boston who I could connect with and focus my love toward..  This week my runs were dedicated to all those impacted by the tragedy.
2.62 miles run at 26.2 weeks pregnant..
When I picked out my outfit for the SeaHawks Glow 5K I did not have too many options, imagine my surprise when the Nike top I wore after I finished Boston in 2011 fit and covered my ample 27 week bump.. I wore my Boston 26.2 necklace under the top and spent most of the run people watching and relishing being a part of such an amazing community..

The BONUS was running the 5K with Tall Sister.  We were supposed to run the St. Paddys 5K together in March but I came down with a horrible cold.  Today we chatted through the whole race and had a great time... I counted 5 dogs, 4 jogging strollers and a handful of tiny boys smaller than LS #1 passing us.. I was not worried about pace...this race was to be with my sister, get a workout and have fun. We Finished at 33:31 which is about 10:40 pace which we were both happy with!!
Before the race, baby Q even made the photo..
It rained a bit but I felt comfortable..  After the race I felt my little lady jumping on my bladder so we took a pit stop, went to get coffee to warm up, then went shopping for a bit in nearby stores.  I really liked the location and the overall logistics of the race.. and the course was FLAT which was great!
After the race.. It rained a little and we were getting chilly..
Funny the last time Tall Sister and I ran a 5K race we ended up posing in front of the same backdrop..
Hoping I can get this shape back by next Fall.
To follow with my Tall Baby growth journal I will be 27 weeks tomorrow.
Cravings: Waffles with whipped cream and berries, Ice Cream and tater tots....not great for weight gain.  Really trying to keep my diet in check but the HUNGER is extreme.  I eat a lot of fruits, veggies, nuts, grains, etc. to keep me satisfied.
Running: I ran 3 times this week and felt GREAT!!  My support belt has been a great help and keeping the distance low makes for easier recovery.  I am still around 10:15-10:45 pace, although I don't obsess if I need to walk.
Sleep: Overall sleep is good, I am cherishing it as I know what having a newborn can bring.  I could do without the creepy and vivid dreams which are a result of interrupted sleep.  The fatigue throughout the day is very draining wishing that corporate America would bring back the nap.
Purchases: Dresser, paint (pink and white), chair rail and supplies to transform her room, hot pink converse from a consignment store...and more.. 
Growth: The BUMP is fully sprouted. Hoped that I would be smaller this pregnancy but with the rapid growth I am doubtful.  I went through my clothes and arranged so that I only have to look at items that fit me. I still have an inny belly button and have no swelling.
Baby Movements: This little lady likes to do her pilates!!  She is very active after meals and at bedtime.  Really cherishing this time...while a bit nervous how these movements will feel when she is bigger.
That is about all I have for now..  Wishing you all clear pavement and loads of energy!!


Michelle @ www.movinitwithmichelle.com said...

love the pics, and congrats on your pregnancy!!!

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

Glad to see you are still running!! That's amazing!! You rock!! Especially a 5k in 33 minutes!! :) Glad you were able to enjoy running it with your sister!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! :)

Average Woman Runner said...

Doing great Mel!

fancy nancy said...

Great job Mel!!! You are too adorable!!! I remember craving BLT sandwiches...Like I think I had one every. single. night for about 3 months!!!

Unknown said...

You are looking great and rocking this pregnancy. :)

Alili said...

I am so behind on blog following...congratulations!!!

Sybil Runs Things said...

SO amazed and inspired by you and all of the mamas I know keeping in such great shape while pregnant! Nice job!

Unknown said...

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