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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

24 Weeks

I need to start labelling my photos from my phone so I can keep track of the bump growth :)  It is getting harder and harder to tell one week from the next as baby is in a MEGA growth phase right now.  Thankfully I have been posting on facebook to keep track of the weeks. 

I am still running (jogging) about 2 days a week and walking most other days.  I have been wearing a support belt because baby girl likes to hang out low and the pressure is a bit much.  My gripe right now with running is calf cramps and soreness in the muscle in my abdomen.  I am getting some FUNNY looks at the trail these days which is fine by me. 

It is funny because some days I am much bigger than others, you will notice in my montage of photos below.  My phone camera is NOT the best, I want to get a new one before baby is born so her first years are not blurry..
22 Weeks 4 days 5K in 31:28
5 mile run at 5 1/2 months
My feet are starting to disappear
23 Weeks
23 weeks baby girl is now over 1 pound
5K in 33:15, painful day.. just about 6 months
 Easter Weekend we had AMAZING weather and really took advantage of it with multiple egg hunts, family time and a trip to the river for the boys to adventure.
 I have struggled some with the pain of running, but I am determined to keep it up as long as I can.  I pay attention to my body no need to push through any pain that will cause more harm than good.
24 Weeks
24 weeks 5K in 31:50 for 10:15 pace
My running partner, love him!!
 Our 5K last night was AMAZING!!  I had slight calf cramping but other than that I felt "normal". Special thanks to my good buddy Zoe for the tank top, it was a surprise in the mail last week!!  I forgot I was wearing a tank with words and noticed a lot of people staring at my chest..hehehehe..  Muscle Man is now training for Seattle Rock N Roll which means that ours runs together will be add-ons to his training, yesterday he ran a fast 5 miler in the afternoon and a 5K with me that night.. So proud of him!!

As I get heavier my bad knee (old basketball injury) is starting to feel the strain.  In non-prego life I have to keep right around 200lbs or less or the pain gets worse.  I am at 222 right now with a gain of 17 pounds thus far.  I am hoping I can stick to my goal of 25-30 but time will tell.

Pregnancy Week 24:
*My goal is to walk/run 10-15 miles a week as long as I can. 

Miles Run Pregnant:187.7 (bummed because I got a bad cold which slowed me down)

Miles Walked Pregnant: 94.5

Current Craving: Thai food, Easter candy, ice cream and last night popcorn- but we were out!!  I want to eat everything in site which is making it harder to stick to my weight gain goals :(

Current Aversion: Meat products, although the Easter Ham hit the spot.

Baby Likes: March Madness!! She is super active when I watch basketball. She also really responds to music and loves to play when I am reading before bed.

Baby Dislikes: I felt horrible when I was sick and coughing I could tell that it was not comfortable for her.  So far peanut butter is the only thing that she really does not seem to like.

Excitement: Feeling her move and seeing the boys talk to my belly.  It is starting to get real for them and us as a family and that makes me very happy!!

Gripes: Calf cramps!!! The endless hunger is NOT FUN when I am trying to keep my weight in check.

Purchases:Found an awesome bassinet for $25 and have bought many items for her nursery.  We still need to pain the walls and buy a dresser.

That is all I have for now.  Hope everyone is doing well. Be sure to check me out on Facebook HERE and Dailymile HERE as it is easier for me to keep those updated these days.


Average Woman Runner said...

You are doing great Mel!

Michelle said...

You are doing amazing! and I'm so happy that MM has signed up for his first marathon! Exciting times for the Tall family.

Amanda - TooTallFritz said...

You look great!

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

LOVE it!! You look amazing! :) What an exciting time right now for Tall family!! :) Keep it up my friend! :)

Unknown said...

You are doing awesome Mel!!!

Frank's mom said...

17 weeks along with baby girl Ruth. Starting to feel the need for a support belt while running. What kind did you get and how do you like it?

Anonymous said...

You look great and SO happy!! LOve the tall baby short!!