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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The GOOD, bad and heartburn

I can't believe that it has been a month since my last post?!?!?!  Life has been good and my coputer time has been spent searching for baby items :)  I have lots to catch up on so here goes...
The GOOD??
I shared this on my Facebook Page and I REALLY appreciate the response for everyone.  Very blessed to have such a positive response from the Facebook world.  I try to update Facebook often so please Like me there so we can keep in contact..
So what was the news???

Baby #3 is a healthy baby GIRL!!!  The 20 week ultrasound went great, the tech even said she has a little head, which was a funny comment but a good thing of course.. I am really curious if her birth weight will be lower than her sumo wrestler sized brothers who were 9'10 and 9'1 at birth..  We do have a name picked out but I don't share my kiddos names on the blog...

We are so excited.  The boys came to the ultrasound so it was a family event, I even saw Muscle Man tear up a little when the tech said "I can't locate any boys parts." Adding a daughter will truly complete our family.  I am in CUTENESS overload with all the pretty things.. I love pink, bows, all things girl girl... and the baby shoes, don't get me started.  One of the early purchases will be her first track suit, pink of course :)

Week 20-21 were great, I even got a couple runs in..  One on a sunny day sporting my Run Like a Mother Maternity top which says "This is not a speed bump, and I am not slowing down". Check it out HERE for $30
about 21 weeks
The BAD:
Last week LS#1 had a cold.. a cold that he passed on to the whole family.... I am fighting the worst cold I have had in a while.  I missed the St. Patty's 5K that I was looking forward to, I was totally wiped and could hardly breathe.. I took off a couple days from work to sleep, eat soup and drink OJ, but this cold will not budge.  I played Volleyball for 90minutes on Monday hoping to sweat it out but that didn't work either..  Volleyball was great by the way, but Dr. says at 24 weeks I am done, she knows I am slightly competitive :)
This cold has pretty much stopped my running.  I cant see running in the cold, rain and wind in this condition.  I am waiting for a sunny day to get back in my grove.  I even bought a couple support belts for the belly I am wanting to test.  I hope that taking off a couple weeks will not totally knock me out of running.  I would love to run an organized 5K or two during pregnancy.  My Goal of 10-15 miles per week was not met for the first time last week.. BOOOOOO!!  But I will get back at it ASAP.  If anyone has a magic cold rememdy let me know :)
Overall I have felt great second trimester, other than the cold.. but recently the heartburn has begun.. An Old Wives tale says that this means the baby will have hair, hopefully my daughter thanks me for dealing with the pain!! 
I keep forgetting to take belly pictures, for some reason I remember in the bathroom at work.. sorry but this is the best I've got :)

22 weeks and carrying baby girl low..
 A few random facts about me:

Weight gain in pregnancy: 13 pounds so far, my goal is 25-30 so I am right on track.

Cravings: Icecream, UH OH!! Fruits, veggies, and salad.  I am not proud to admit that I sent Muscle Man to Little Caesars to get me a Pizza one night, but I only had 2 slices :)  I kinda knew baby was a girl when I randomly craved gummy worms, very WEIRD craving for me..

Aversions: This little lady does not like meat.. I do OK with ground turkey and salmon, but the texture of most other things make me cringe.

Purchases: Maternity clothes from Old Navy,  prego running pants from motherhood, Baby girl bedding, and I am on the HUNT for some lightly used items, BOB Stroller, Bassinet, etc..

What is up with the Little Studs?:  LS#1 is a great speller and amazing in math.  He is thrilled to have a baby sister coming.  He was recently in his 1st grade musical performance of the Piggy Opera.  LS#2 is always moving, talking, singing...we are a little apprehensive with Kindergarten next year, hope he can find his mute switch.  He says the funniest things and never complains when we put him in the jogging stroller.

How is Muscle Man?:  He got a cold too but continues to run.  He is training for Seattle Rock N Roll Half so taht we will have a race medal from the event in the family.  I am SAD to miss it this year, but it is 1 month before my due date so I cant see participating.. I will be cheering!!  MM is funny already thinking about things like our daughters first date and walking her down the eisle, she has him wrapped around her finger already and she is still 18 weeks from being here :)

March Madness: As a Gonzaga Basketball Alum I am a proud girl.  The Men and Women are both dancin in the NCAA tourne with the men as a top seed!!!  Feel free to join the bandwagon, it will be a fun ride!!

Prego Bloggers: Pregnancy is a theme in the local bloggy world.  I am loving reading updates from these lovely local ladies Ricole Runs due a few days ahead of me with her 1st a boy, Jen- Runner Maybe due about 3 weeks after me and Alma- Average Woman Running due 6 weeks after.  We joked that it would be funny to field a Rainier to Ruston Relay team of all pregos....but some of the legs are pretty remote so I am not 100% sold on the safety of the idea... Also cant forget Blonde Ponytail she was once a WA Blogger, she is 6 weeks ahead of me..  Will be a year of the Blogger Baby for sure..

  • That is about all I have for now..  How are you??  Please leave me a comment to fill me in.. I have been out of Bloggy land and I miss it..