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Thursday, February 21, 2013

3 Things Thursday

Blogging weekly has been hard to fit in these days..I think it mostly boils down to the fact that I don't want to be on the computer ALL THE TIME.. I fit it in when I can.. and that works for me and my family.  To catch up here are a few things going on.

1.  Brunch and Baby Gender

I had brunch on Sunday with the AMAZING runner buddies.. It turned out to be a Christmas, Valentines, B-day, catch up celebration... I always feel better when I have spent time with these girls.. and look at the awesome Valentines gift Auntie Zoe gave us..
 We will (hopefully) find out the gender on March 4th and then I will be able to start planning and shopping.. People have asked me if I want a girl, we have 2 boys ages 7 and 5, my answer is this.  "Yes I would like to have a daughter but once I know either way my heart will be happy."  I am not going to lie and say that I don't care but at the end of the day it is already decided and we will appreciate and cherish the gift we have been given whether pink or blue..  SIDE-NOTE: I know 4 women who are pregnant with girls right now, maybe it is a trend :)

2.  I am feeling FIT!!!

When pregnant with both our boys I did not work out.  This time I am determined to keep a consistent and realistic activity schedule.  So far walking, hiking and/or running every day has been working for me.  I feel great and have been able to put in more miles than my initial goal of 10-15 per week.  The bump is growing but I have only gained 5-7 pounds (depending on time of day weighed) in the 18 weeks, this means that I have only gained what is needed for the health of our baby and that is GREAT!!
Can you see the bump in my work clothes??
This is a total optical illusion, the black and angle hide the bump.. but I sorta love it because I feel like I look fit and healthy.
Our walk on Valentine's Day.. I wont be able to zip my favorite hoodie much longer..
 3.  Family Time

With the birth of Baby #3 on the horizon I am truly cherishing time with our boys.. Trouble is I have been pretty low energy at night which makes it sorta hard to leave the couch..  Thankfully Muscle Man has been picking up the slack.. Our $29 Fire pit from Home Depot has been put to good use, I joined them and toasted a few marshmallows the other night..
 The weekend Family hikes have replaced the second day of running.  This lets the boys get in a workout and gives us time together.. I plan to buy a Washington hiking book with trail maps very soon so that we know what to expect when we venture out.

The boys are full of adventure... I love it!!

That is all I have for now.. The active streak continues, started on January 27th, although today with the rain and wind our lunch walk was stopped... and I have a massage after work.. guess it will be a treadmill walk for me..

Hope you are all well... Thanks for stopping in!!


Anonymous said...

Love to hear how good you are feeling!!

Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

Looks and sounds like you're working hard! You do look fit and healthy! Excellent. I love family hikes! They're the best!

Kate Geisen said...

You look great! Sounds like good family time too. :)

chattynatty said...

You look great! Way to stay active and gain the weight you need for baby #3

kimert said...

You look amazing and fit! I'm so excited for your little family!
One of the things I wish I had done while pg with #2 is keep up with my fitness habits. Great job keeping up with that!

Half Crazed Runner said...

Congratulations on baby#3! I remember those low energy feelings! Good for you for having such a great attitude and feeling fit!

Unknown said...

Mel, you look great! :)

That's funny that you say you know 4 women that are pregnant with girls. I know probably 15 people that are pregnant right now and I'm the only one having a girl. My doctors office even said that the trend was boys there recently. Too funny! Excited for you to find out and no matter what, that baby will be so incredibly loved!

Looks like you and the boys are spending some great quality time together! Love it!

Average Woman Runner said...

So glad you are feeling good and jealous of your fire pit. That would make a great birthday gift for hubs...

Erik Ammon said...

Awesome on the run streak! You should change the profile pic in your blog header to have a bump in it :)

Anonymous said...

You look amazing! Congratulations! You inspire people :-)