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Monday, January 7, 2013

Tall Year in Review

2012 was a busy and good year.  I was much less focused on speed and miles and more on enjoying the company, my surroundings and the joy of it all.  Having my husband along for most of the miles was a treat, he is good company always and the best running partner around :)

Below is a quick summary of all that went down in Tall Land in 2012...

Total Miles Run: 813
Most mileage with Muscle Man and the Little Studs.  I wish I knew how many miles we have put on this double jogger.  The boys are way too big and we know the days are numbered but we will push on until the axle breaks :)
2012 Highlights:
Time with my Bloggy buddies.  We have created an amazing real-life bond and I cherish the time we get together.  These girls each have a unique personality and combined it makes for laughs and amazing conversation.  I truly would not know what I would do without each of these women!!

Greek Dinner girls night
Enjoying a beverage at Chelsea's Wedding
Banana Blogger party at Kerrie's
Amanda, Jess and T were in town, so we met at BJ's
6 Half Marathons in 6 consecutive months

3-17: St. Paddy’s Day 5K
This was a COLD day!!  My Garmin died at the start line and I went out way too fast.  I got a side cramp and hobbled as best I could up the BIG HILL at the finish.  It was fun to see friends and have my Big Sister there with me.
5-17: Capital City Half (#9)- First Half for Muscle Man
Muscle Man ran like an experienced runner, he kept tab on our pace better than I did.  I felt GREAT overall for most of the race but around mile 11 I started to get very cold and my body was shutting down.  We finished with an amazing 1:56.

6-4: Rainier to Ruston Relay- 1st place female 4 person team
Team Honey Buckettes what an amazing adventure we had.  The beauty just minutes from my front door is unmatched.  We all had our struggles and tough times but when it was over we were ready to go again.  Rocked the Team Sparkle Skirts and had the BEST van driver ever!!

6-16: White River 5K
Just 2 days after my 33rd birthday, this race I wanted to test my speed a little, although I had not trained overly fast.  I was lucky to pull out 3rd place female and first in my age group.  Muscle Man finished close behind after tripping on some wire mid-race.
 6-23: Rock N Roll Seattle Half (#10)
This annual event gets more and more fun every year.  Chelsea hosted a slumber party the night before and dropped us at the start line.  I think I thought more about all the fun and didn't mentally prepare.  By mile 11 I was walking and my foot was in horrible pain.  The good news is I was not upset, I took the time to soak in the scenery and cheer on other runners.  
7-4: City Blast 5K
The lovely Kerrie met me in Puyallup for a race on the 4th of July. We started the 10K together but it was clear after a couple miles that Kerrie was feeling a bit off.  We parted and I set off, my legs felt great except for the BIG HILL twice.  Fun race, although I am not sure I would do it again, hills are not my thing..
7-15: Fueled by Fine Wine Half (#11)- W/ Muscle Man
I was very nervous going into this race.  Kim had run it in the past and warned me of the tough hills.  Set in Oregon Wine Country this destination Half Marathon does not disappoint, the beauty is like something out of a painting.  We decided early on that we would run the race for fun and not for a finish time...this was the smartest thing we could have done.  The HILLS were no joke, but we walked most of them and enjoyed the view.  I LOVED this race and the wine tasting after...seeing my buddy Kim at the Finish was a great highlight too..
8-4: Tacoma Narrows Half (#12)- Walked most of the race
My friend Sarah from high school was in town and had registered for this race.  I had always wanted to run over the Narrows bridge and I thought it would be great to run with a friend.  Sarah struggled by mile 5 and seemed ready to quit.  I would not let her.  On this 90' day we walked the town of Tacoma and finished getting our medals and a tasty piece of Pizza.  I felt blessed to have a great day with an old friend.
9-1: Over the Narrows 10 miler
I loved running over the bridge so much that I did it again a few weeks later.  This race was bargain basement price of $15 each!!  Starting in Gig Harbor, over the bridge and back...I had a GREAT race.  I ran up to mile 11 or so with Muscle Man then his fuel ran out.  I would highly recommend this race for the price, the people, the bling we got medals and the adorable post-race farmers market.
 9-16: You Go Girl Half (#13)
 This was the first year that I was SOLO at You Go Girl.  I had run so many halfs with other people I almost forgot what it feels like to run with just me.  It was not easy, I pushed myself to the limit and I came out with my goal of a sub 1:50 Finish, not a PR but a happy pace for this Tall Mom.
 10-7: Stein Dash 5K
Oktoberfest and running with a beer stein, nuff said!! This first annual race started at 11am and was flat flat flat.  I was in 3rd place for most of the race and finished with 5 overall female and 1st in my age group.  I then spent the day drinking brews and laughing with my big sister..

10-27: Snohomish River Half (#14)
Cold and wet and windy and boring and.... when I think back about this race about the only positive was seeing my friends.  I got a horrible bicep cramp at mile 7 that pestered me the rest of the race.  It took all I had just to cross the Finish line.  I was so PROUD to see Stacie and her little girl cross together, inspiring to see such an accomplishment for someone so young.
12-15: Santa Runs 5K
We had a smaller group at Santa Runs this year.. I have not posted about the race yet so I won't spoil it.  This was the final 5K of 2012.. 

Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline

Favorite Apparel: Lucy Tights, Running Skirts, Nike Jackets and Smart Wool socks.

Current Running Frustration: My Garmin 310 is acting up already!!

Current Running Highlight: Seeing Bald Eagles on the trail
Changes in 2012: Started a new job in April

That was 2012... I did not reach all the goals I set out to accomplish but I am proud of what I DID DO.  I don't really know where running will take me in 2012, time will tell.  There are so many places that my sneakers can take me, it is sort of exciting to not have a plan just yet :)

  • What was your Highlight in 2012?
  • What are your Race, Running, athletic or family plans for 2013 that you are excited about?? 
  • Santa Runs 5K post coming soon...


Unknown said...

What a great year! I loved 2012, 2013 has a lot to live up to!

Run with Jess said...

You had an amazing year Mel! You're so darn fast... wish I could tap some of that. I think the best are the race photos with your man - those are so adorable!!

Heather Cacak said...

Love the 2012 recap! What a great year you had. It's not always about speed and miles. I find having company while running to be way more fun these days!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Awesome awesome!!! I love it! You had a great year!! and 2013 will be even GREATER!!!

Love you!

fancy nancy said...

What an awesome year Mel!! You are such a speedy girl...care to share! I am not looking forward to the day when my girls are too big for the double jogger...although I have lots of time to create memories!! My highlight of 2012 was clearly my baby girl! I am looking forward to getting my speed back and hopefully go for a full marathon!!!

Kerrie said...

2013 will be epic! New adventures to come!

chattynatty said...

I love your new blog site look.

My goals were met- you motivated me to run 1,000+++ miles and I did it I ran 1,001. Thanks for the motivation and congrats on 6 halfs in 6 months

Unknown said...

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