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Monday, January 28, 2013


Last week Muscle Man was BUSY!!  I hinted that I wanted him to to build me a window seat before LS#2’s birthday party.  I am able to get reclaimed wood from my work so he had everything he needed.  I stayed home sick with a horrible headache on Tuesday as he slaved away in the garage.  He pulled it off just in time for the party and I LOVE it!!  There is storage under the lid which will be great for baby toys this summer.
LS #2’s party was Cars themed so MM got an idea in his head that he wanted to make him a real Lightning McQueen cake.  My co-worker gave us a recipe for fondant, he bought the supplies, watched some you tube videos and off he went.  The result was AMAZING and tasted great!!
 I have been walking almost daily with my co-workers at lunch which has been great.  Even with the chilly weather we are getting out there and getting fresh air.

Due to the pregnancy induced headaches my Dr. recommended that I try massage.  So I made an apt and had a 1 hour massage on Saturday morning.  It was GREAT!  I plan to have a massage a month mostly covered by insurance less the $30 co-pay.. a small price to pay for my RELAXATION.

We fit in 2 runs this week a 5K on Friday night and a 10K on Sunday.  I was a little nervous about the 10K, it is funny how my perspective has changed as far as distance.  I was most worried about my stomach and that I could make it without having issues.  Thankfully all systems were great and we ended the run with 10:33 pace.

After the 5K on Friday I wore BRIGHT colors since it would get dark fast
15 week baby bump

Being that this is my 3rd baby my baby belly has popped a bit sooner.  My waist has thickened making wearing my normal pants very uncomfortable.  And yet I am too small for real maternity clothes.  I purchased a few things to help make the transition during this weird time.

Pregnancy Week 15:
*My goal is to walk/run 10-15 miles a week as long as I can. 

Miles Run: 9.3

Miles Walked: 5.4

Current Craving: Salads and fruit, this baby is being nice to me.

Baby Likes: Moving around at night time... I am amazed I can already feel the movements, I am in trouble when baby gets bigger.

Excitement: Old Navy purchases arrived and all 3 items fit!!

Gripes: Headaches that won't go away!

Purchases: I took a break from shopping this week.


Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

I love getting massages covered by insurance. It's such a treat. I'm glad they're helping you!

Unknown said...

$30 massages??? Sign me up!!!

Love the bench! Looks awesome!

And MM did an awesome job on the cake!

Congrats on the 5k and the 10k! You go momma!

Pemberton Family said...

You are looking great, I can't even see a belly in that picture. I totally know what your saying about your waist getting thicker though, that in between stage is so hard! Good for you for getting out and walking everyday. Love the cake, my husband is the cake decorator in our family as well. I bake them and he does design. Love the update! Take care.


Run with Jess said...

Totally digging the massage thing!! I seriously need to do a monthly one here thru marathon training... I wonder if our insurance covers? Hmmm
You look adorable Mel and kudos to your hubby for that bench seat!! I'm so jealous, I wish my hubs was handy like that.

Average Woman Runner said...

I bow down to the cake maker! Very impressive!