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Monday, January 21, 2013

14 Weeks and counting

Last week was a GREAT week for me.  I felt very active walking 4 days and running 2 days.  The weather here has been less than ideal with freezing fog and temps in the 20’s but I have not let it totally stop me. 

I feel like I am starting to get my energy back but in limited increments.  I read the Exercise section of “What to Expect When Expecting” last night and I wish I had it in front of me.  Some of the facts are pretty amazing, like the more active a mom is while pregnant could have a direct correlation to how active her child will be.  Very cool stuff! 

Right now I am struggling with comparing myself to others, but I know better!!  I work full time, and have 2 kiddos… thankfully I have an amazing partner who reminds me every day that I am doing great.

Run #1= The trail is between my office and home.  Muscle Man picked up LS#1 at school and we met at the trailhead after work for a run.  The sun was out but it was still pretty chilly, thankfully the boys had a blanket and their wind cover.  We both were pretty low energy but we pushed on to finish with a solid 4 mile run.

Run #2= Saturday at 10am we set out, the parking lot at the trail was EMPTY.  The freezing fog kept the fair-weather folks at home.  We did not have a set distance in mind but quickly realized that anything beyond 3 miles was not smart.  We finished with a 5K and raced home to a warm shower. 

Pregnancy Week 14:
*My goal is to walk/run 10-15 miles a week as long as I can.

Total miles last week: 14

Miles Run Pregnant: 112.1

Miles Walked Pregnant: 18.5

Current Craving: Orange juice, avocado and salads

Current Aversion: Beef and soups other than stew

Baby Likes: Shrimp Fried Rice

Baby dislikes: Hamburgers

Excitement: Started 2nd Trimester!!

Gripes: Nasal congestion and interrupted sleep.

Purchases: 1 pair of baby track pants, Maternity clothes 4 tops, 2 work pants, 2 everyday pants, 2 long-waisted workout tank tops for volleyball and undergarments.

That is it for me.. how are you doing today?  Anything fun an exciting to beat the Winter Blues?


Unknown said...

The comparing part sucks, I went on an unoffical 5K run with friends yesterday and ended with Round Ligiminat pain the rest of the day. It sucked. I hope it was a one time thing, as I really want to remain active. For me my craving right now is chocolate shakes - thankfully I can make a pretty good chocolate PB smoothie and that helps keep the calories low. I think I am 3 weeks behind you exactly as I will be 12 weeks on Thursday.

Unknown said...

We all compare... I think it's human nature! You are doing awesome... great job getting those walks and runs in!

Congrats on the second trimester!!! YAY!

Unknown said...

I make sure there's hot chocolate waiting for me when I get home! Sometimes, if I'm lucky, hubby is already home and has it ready for me. Other times he's at the gym, which I'm totally okay with as well ;-) CONGRATS on a great week! You're awesome!

fancy nancy said...

I always struggled with comparison especially when it came to weight gain/size. Fact is Mel you look fabulous...you are doing fabulous...and you are staying healthy! Moving is moving! Congrats on the second trimester!!

Anonymous said...

Love to hear all is going well!! GOod job on working out!!

Michelle said...

You're doing great Mel! Keep it up!

Half Crazed Runner said...

I love making Chicken Soup in the winter - and then take the leftovers and make chicken pot pie! Congratulations on being so active during your pregnancy!

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