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Thursday, December 13, 2012

You know what happens...

You know what happens when...

You don't update your blog often??

Spam Comments come flooding in

**Good grief.. I used to have the time to go and delete the spam comments, but it has gotten out of control.  During my Holiday break from work I plan to revamp the Blog a little and that will have to include a way to keep spammers away.. UGH!!

You know what happens when...

You take a couple weeks off for a hurt foot??

Your speed and endurace go WAY down

**Thanks to my friend Kerrie I realized that my foot pain was probably a result of playing volleyball in my low support running shoes.. I was so afraid it was a stress fracture that I took 2 weeks off to rest and recover.  I had it checked out and there was no stress fracture.. I still have some pain, but I have found a few ways to lessen the pain in the irritated area, lacing my shoes different, inserts for arch support etc.  It is hard to get back in shape for me this time of year...and now that my running buddy is so darn fast!!

You know what happens when...

You get home when it is dark

You get to run in the dark....

**This week to fit in a  (non-treadmill) 5K, Muscle Man the Little Studs and I went to the local highschool track in the rain and DARK.  Generally the track has the main field lights on, we were not that lucky this week.. There was light but not much of it.  We gave the boys the specific areas they could play in...I need some nighttime gear for my kids :)  Muscle Man and I started together but he is getting so fast, so I let him speed away as LS#2 asked me to walk with him.  I loved holding his hand and walking with him in the dark.  I was always afraid of the dark growing up so I can imagine that he needed me in that moment.   My overall time was slow, but it was a fun adventure and I got in my workout.

You know what happens when....

It is close to Winter on the Orting Foothills trail??

The Bald Eagles come out

**We ran a family 10K on Sunday and we saw 8 Bald Eagles perched in trees along the route.  I am a running birdwatching freak.. I get seriously excited every time I see a big bird along the way.  So this day I was super jazzed.  Muscle Man joked that we would also see the Bison that are almost never in the field, he was right.  We stopped a couple times to let the boys stretch, they were the worst they have ever been on the run...no more letting them stay up late the night before a long run.  We ended the run with a quick trip to the Orting bakery, YUMMY, gotta support local business.

You know what happens when...

It is almost Christmas

Time is spent with family and friends

**I can hardly wait for the Santa Runs 5K this weekend to be with my running buddies.  My family also has a tradition of making fudge every year, that is coming up too!!  So many great things :)  I have always wanted to host a Christmas Party at my house, I did not get organized enough to pull it off this year....maybe 2013 will be the year.. we'll see.

  • Happy Holidays friends- how are you doing with keeping up running?  Would love any tips you have for fighting fatigue and fitting it in.


Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

Here's a REAL comment instead of a spam one... I hope you've been doing well! I'm so glad that you don't have a stress fracture! :) Enjoy your time with family and friends! :)

Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

I was just thinking about you the other day wondering if you were doing Santa Runs Tacoma since we seem to end up at the same races. I'll be there too - so keep an eye out for me! Fun to see a blog post from you again!

Molly said...

Thank goodness for no stress fracture! I've been dealing with heel pain, but I'm trying something new, the chiropractor, so hope it helps : )

Kerrie said...

See you Saturday!!!

Michelle @ www.movinitwithmichelle.com said...

Keep up the great work! Just think, spam means your are popular, LOL!

Kate Geisen said...

Ugh...I've had sooo many spam comments lately. Annoying.

Half Crazed Runner said...

Wow, a bald eagle - now that's a blessing!

Unknown said...

Bald eagles? To use East Coasters that's like finding a four leaf clover! I'll add: You know what happens when you get a cold that won't go away, you can't breath while standing still, let alone running: zero miles in two weeks. So sad.

Shelley said...

It's been a long time since I've read your blog! Lots to catch up on. Not sure if you remember me. My old screenname was Shells. I have now gone public with my identity, and have a new blog reflecting that. If you want to stop by it's http://shelleymcook.blogspot.com, and I'd love to have you visit!

Yay running!

Fighting fatigue: take the rest. Or get dressed in your running clothes and promise it's only 15 or 20 minutes. Take it short and go as fast as you want.

Stephanie@nowirun.com said...

Love this post!
Love that you run with your family (even when it would be "easier" not to go out by some standards.
Love that you took care of your foot when you had pain and didn't just try to run through it!
Love the thought of seeing that many bald eagles on a run. I've seen quite a few deer at one time, but never eagles. Wow!

Lisa said...

Hope you and your family are enjoying a fantastic Christmas!! Best wishes for a great 2013!

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