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Monday, November 5, 2012

Life in Fuzzy Pictures

I used to be a photographer....the lense between me and life.  Capturing every moment, so as not to miss a thing...  BUT the trouble with having a lense in the way is that you cannot fully enjoy living in the moment.  I have fewer photos of the last few years, but better memories, if that makes sense?  Last week and weekend was AMAZING!!!  I have some photos, blury ones, but the memories are engrained in my mind and I cherish that..
We went for a 4 mile run when I got home, to pre-burn off some calories.  It was slightly raining but the rain stopped and it got sorta warm, ideal for trick-or-treating..
The run put us behind meeting up with Tall Sister and Tall Nephew, but with as fast as my 12-year-old nephew is I doubt the boys would have been able to keep up.  I have ALWAYS wanted to dress the little studs alike, this year we found a brand new Luigi Costume at a Yard sale for $1 and Mario at Goodwill for $5, add white gloves for $1, Mustaches $2 and we had kiddos dressed for less than $10!!  That has to be a record, other than borrowing or hand-me-downs.  They looked GREAT, although I was bummed to see that Taget sold the costumes this year so they were not the only Mario Brothers in the neighborhood.
About to leave the house

We ran into Tall Sister and she took a family pic.  I got out the Giraffe hat
They racked in major candy with these cutie pie faces.
I have the song "Defying Gravity" on my Ipod (the Glee version) and I listen to Wicked radio on Pandora.. I love the songs and knew that I would enjoy the musical.  I tried to find a buddy to go and Tall Sister was game!!    We scored tickets on Craigslist just under our budget and set out to the City.  Found an amazing parking spot near Six Arms which is a pub with Happy Hour.  It is unique with all sorts of fun lighting fixtures and a beer sampler for $6 on Happy Hour!!  Score..
 After dinner we met with Tall Sisters friends for a drink then off to the Paramount!!  I had been to 5th Avenue but never the Paramount..
 I love the feeling of an old theatre, the beauty, the history...  When we got settled in our seats on the 1st Mezzanine I was in awe just letting it all soak in.  Tall Sister snapped a photo then we got yelled at by an usher, which was strange because there were camera's everywhere!!  I can understand during the performance but before?  Seems weird.. 
 By intermission I was in love and wondering when I could see it again. The vocal range and ability to grab your heart is unmatched.  How they do that every night I will never know?  It is like running a Marathon with the energy they have to put out.  Major applause!!  It was extra special because the Wizard of Oz was one of our Dad's favorite movies, I felt like our Seattle outing brought us a little closer to Dad in Heaven.  We will for sure go again when the play returns!!
Tall Sister and I sorta look alike in this picture..
I play Volleyball on Monday nights making my legs a bit wobbly on Tuesday.  Last week we ran Wed, Friday and Sunday..  18 miles total.. Not great mileage.  With the Fall Back it will be hard to run at night, I may need to see if I can fit in mid-day runs to keep with the program.

Sunday morning, with the free hour, we set out for 7 miles.  We talked a lot about changing how we fuel our bodies, since MM and I always seem to be tired and lethargic.  Will see if we find a way to really make a change.  Wish us luck!!  The run was just OK, with temps in the mid 50's and no rain it was pleasant for sure.

  • This week is going to be GREAT!!
    • Nov. 7th- The 11 year Anniversary of the day Muscle Man and I met  (Blind date off Match,com in case tou are a new reader)
    • Nov. 8th- Dinner with my Bloggy buddies on thursday night
    • Nov. 9th- Little Stud #1 turns 7 on Friday (shared with Zoe's Goober who will be 2) not sure what we are going to do for his party, but I am sure it will be great for him..
  • With Christmas next month what things do you have your eyes on??  would love ideas!!