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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This has been a WICKED week...I will go with the theme...

WICKED- The Musical
Going to plays/musicals is a healthy addiction of mine and it has been far too long since my last fix.. I have always wanted to see the musical WICKED. I often listen to the songs on Pandora and have always loved the Wizard of Oz.  I have not read the book, but I know that I will truly enjoy the show.  Thanks to Craigslist, Tall Sister and I will be seeing the show in Seattle on Saturday!!  So excited.  Think I may need to go purchase the musical sound track to get ready for the fun..

WICKED- Blister
Holy WOW!  I have lost toenails before but my big toe, never.  I blame a Half Marathon in wet sneakers, my Big Toe is wicked ugly, wicked blue and wicked painful.  I am not sure what to do to help it heal faster, in the mean time I am going to take it easy this week.. which is not good because I have a hard time passing up the Halloween Fun-sized candies.  I would post a photo, but I have a strict rule against showing people my ugly toes/feet.  I am sure you can use your imagination, wicked gross folks..

WICKED- Weather
My thoughts and prayers go out to those on the East Coast in the wake of Sandy.  I have a friend who was planning to run the NYC Marathon this weekend and has cancelled her trip.  I am curious if the Marathon will be cancelled.  How can they host a Marathon in a city that has gone through so much? 

The weather here has been WET WET WET!  Rivers are starting to fill and I am thinking that I will need to make friends with the dusty treadmill if this keeps up.  Nothing to complain about compared to others for sure...

WICKED- New Shoes
The wonderful folks at Brooks sent me a pair of the NEW Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13's to test.  I was hoping to wear them for the Half, but with the wet weather I did not want to ruin sparkly new shoes.  Look at these beauties.  I took them for a 3 mile test run and will have a full review soon..

WICKED- Cool Boots
If you follow me on Facebook HERE you may have seen my posts about the Brianna ll Northface Boots from Onlineshoes.com.  I was sent these boots for review and I was so excited!  I would not have picked the style myself, but adding this style to my wardrobe has been pretty cool.  I was so inspired by these boots that I wore them for mini Fall photo shoot.  here are some of my favorite pictures...

Tall Likes:
Full length zipper- easy to put on and take off
Great Quality.

What Northface says:
 Tall Gripes:
The cost is a little high for my not-so-tall budget
Suede is not the ideal fabric for wet WA weather

*****I recommend these boots, if you want to purchase your own pair visit Onlineshoes.com HERE

WICKED- Bad Race pictures
These race photos from Snohomish River Run (which disappeared) make me want to drop 15 pounds stat.. generally I am not overly critical, but I feel like I am starting to look less than athletic...which bums me out.  I have not intentionally 'let myself go' but I also have not focused on diet and exercise and this Puffy Tall Mom is the result.. BUMMER!!

WICKED- Awesome
I am still over-the-moon excited for Stacie and her 11 year old daughter and her 1st Half Marathon!!!  The Race Report is great and warrants readers/comments, head to Impossible is Nothing HERE and read/comment if you can.. Pretty Please!!

WICKED- Inconsistent Mileage
I think that I may be burnt out (or lazy?), based on the crazy inconsistent mileage on Dailymile.com.  Look at this....

Hmmmmm.. Thankfully I have Muscle Man to keep me moving, he is so motivated and excited.  I have been tired and lacked the running spark...there are reasons which I may share someday.  I know that what I really need is a schedule to keep me going.  But I also want to take a break.. I am torn... will see what happens.  If we are not friends on Dailymile hit me up HERE, would love to share in the doughnut burning adventure together.

Happy Halloween!!  Our Little studs will be Mario and Luigi tonight and it is going to be adorable!!  What will you or your kiddos be??

  • Anything WICKED in your life right now??  Leave a comment :)


Christy H. said...

I took my daughter to see Wicked on 10/14. It was very good. She is 7 and I wasn't sure how she would be, but she was awesome. I bought her the soundtrack and she walks around singing it nonstop.
My daughter is going as an Angel and my son is going as a WWE wrestler.

Kendra said...

I was watching Kelly & ? this morning. She said Mayor Bloomberg is NOT canceling the marathon. He said it was a great morale booster after 9-11 and he thinks it is very important to do it BECAUSE of Sandy. Still trying to figure out the course, though. I'm sure finding a hotel would be crazy!

Darlene said...

You will LOVE Wicked.

Rene' said...

I love, love, love the play Wicked. Have such a great time!

Sue's Ramblings said...

Hoping you'll post pics from Halloween - that's the only way I get to celebrate this.

christa said...

I'd love to see Wicked!!

Amy said...

Wicked is great! I took my grandmother to see it in Toronto a few years ago and we both loved it. Thanks for not sharing a pic of the toe ;)

Laura said...

I saw Wicked for my birthday this year - absolutely loved it!

I was in DC for the wicked weather this week. My first hurricane. I'm glad we didn't get hit too hard.

-Laura is Undeterrable

Jamie said...

Love this post! And I love both shoes!

Juliann said...

Wicked sore quads from too many squat exercises at crossfit!

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