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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Stein Dash 5K 2012

At the last minute I decided to run this race since it was an 11:30 start time and I felt like sleeping in on the weekend.  I volunteered at packet pickup to help with the entry fee. Turned out to be a Fun day to hang with my Big Sister and her friends at the race and Octoberfest. We got to the race pretty early, picked up our hard plastic Beer Steins and took some pre-race pictures.  I left Tall Sister and her friends to get a spot toward the front, I had not run much last week so wanted to get in a good sweat.
Tall Sister, Erin, Me and Chris.. good times!  Empty Steins Before

Before the race while waiting near the start a Blog reader (Brandi) introduced herself, we chatted for a bit which was nice.  I love it when people introduce themselves, makes me feel good, especially when I am solo at the start line.  I could tell that she was very fit.  I pointed out that we all had on Brooks Pure Connect line shoes.  The Octoberfest host, a 6’2 gal in high high heels welcomed us all and even ran a little at the start..

This is how it went:

Mile 1: 7:13 -  I felt great but tried to keep my pace in check so I wouldn't burn out or get a side ache. I tried to keep Brandi and her purple tank top in site. Just then my Sister’s friend Chris passed me, this was his first chip-timed race and he did GREAT taking 5th in his age group. My stride felt strong as I passed a pretty redhead. As I turned the corner near the football stadium a spectator said I was the 3rd overall female.  This made my legs want to go even faster..

Mile 2: 7:37 – I kept passing folks, mostly men, one guy said “I should not have drank so much last night,” I guess he partook in Octoberfest the prior night. As I passed a couple guys they complimented my gunmetal Team Sparkle skirt.  My body started to SLOW and my right calf had a sharp pain. I tried everything not to think about it, but it hurt!   I didn't want the cramp to turn to something worse.

Mile 3: 7:59 - My goal was to end the race with sub 8's overall pace.  This last mile was a struggle, I got passed by a couple young-looking ladies.  I wanted to maintain my 3rd place status, but I didn’t have the steam and my right calf was on fire.. UGH!!  I really was giving it all I could, not sure why my leg did not co-operate.

.12: 7:35 -  I tried to pick up the pace, smile for the photog and Finish Strong.  I didn’t have anyone to chase down, but I saw the clock at 23:XX and sprinted to finish under 24 minutes, which would be my faster 5K Finish time this year (still minutes off my 2012 PR).

23:40- 7:38 pace
1st Place Age group out of 73
5th Overall Female out of 296

32nd Overall Finisher out of 511
I checked the results and I took 1st in my age group!!  SCORE!!  Also helped Chris decipher the results, he took 5th in his age group. we then went to get our ribbons, which are very cute the the race logo, mine was blue his was pink.

After the race we celebrated with a beer and toured the event including eating a Piroshky, taking photos at a Seahawks booth, watching Weiner Dog racing and more…

I really enjoyed the race and plan to return next year. This flat course would be ideal for a PR with some training prior to the race.  Spending the day with my Big Sister was GREAT and I even got some Christmas Shopping done at Octoberfest.  Funny story, at the t-shirt booth the guys working asked me “Did you win?” I replied “Well, I won my age group.”  The guy seemed amazed that I did win and gave me a free sticker of a guy with a handlebar mustache.. I LOVE IT!!


TNTcoach Ken said...

Wow, someone taller than you in your blog post and A PBR tank-top! Great job on the blue ribbon!

Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

Sounds like a fun race! You did a fantastic job!

Kate Geisen said...

Congratulations! Great job!

Unknown said...

What fun! Congrats on actually getting your AG award this time:)

Heather said...

Great job on the 5k! Sounds like it was a great weekend!

robinbb said...

Congrats on your age group 1st place!!!! Way to run hard!

Sue's Ramblings said...

Congrats Mel! Didn't see MM in the post/pics? Was he babysitting instead?

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! Love to see all the German flags, reminds me of home :)

TX Runner Mom said...

Great job you speed demon! Sounds like a fun time!