6'0 tall, former athlete, mother of 3, struggling to keep up on the RUN of daily life.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I have been a self-proclaimed Athlete since 6th grade.  In that time I have had ups and downs, not only in performance, but in self confidence.  Confidence in HUGE when it comes to athletics.  It can make or break you!  Believing that you can and will do something is the first step to success. 

The first week of volleyball was great, my confidence was high, especially since I hadn’t played in a long time and was playing pretty good.  Last night was different.  I felt like my legs weren’t under; I could not get my timing right.  We played a very talented team, leaving me a little befuddled.  After the first game, which we lost, I went to get my water and heard one of the best gals on the opposing team say, “I thought you had a secret weapon.  Where is she?”  She was talking about me.  Apparently my team has a rivalry with the other team, I am new to the team and know nothing about the history of the rivalry.  The comment hit me hard…. My Mom was there, so I went to stand by her and tell her what the gal had said.  Bless her heart she said “She is trying to get in your head.  Play your game.  They are a good team, but you can play with them.”

It was true, I am convinced she was trying to knock down my confidence in hopes that I never hit my stride in the game.  This seemed childish to me, we aren’t in High School.  As I walked by I had to say something, for myself, I said “I didn’t ask to be called a Secret Weapon.”  The gal and her husband just looked at me, didn’t really reply.  I understand where my team was coming from, the week prior I was very effective on the court and we had won both matches.  But that is a little too much pressure to put on someone.  I went on to play OK, but my legs felt weak making my performance at the net less than par.


Did I let her get in my head and mess with my game?
Or was I just having an OFF night?

I battle these demons often on the Run.  I get in my own head, letting pain and tiredness take over.  It slows my pace, pulls me down, and hinders my performance.  Days when I can quiet the demons, and believe in myself, amazing things happen. 

Confidence is something I have been blessed with (most days).

Funny lately I feel more like a “Fat-hlete” than an Athlete, but that does not mean I can’t have confidence in myself.  Quiet the demons and just have fun.  When I am relaxed and enjoying myself amazing things happen. 
Back Sweat in the shape of Mickey Mouse.. FUNNY!!


Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

You're fantastic, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Think as if, and soon you will become!

Michelle said...

Mel--One of the reasons I always read you is because you find a way to put a positive spin on things. You might feel down or negative, but you try your darndest to put keep your brain in control. I envy that strength. Don't be so hard on yourself. I think to all that you have done over the last 3 years and it is INCREDIBLE!

chattynatty said...

Isn't it crazy how some peole never grow up- in reference to the "junior high" comment from the other team- they were/she was just intimidated. you didn't let her get under your skin by spinning it a different way- love the mickey mouse ears sweat.

Sue's Ramblings said...

Just go out there and be yourself Mel.

fancy nancy said...

You are a weapon Mel!!! I agree...confidence can make or break a run/game. If only we can get out of our heads and have fun we would be able to see what our bodies are really capable of! Mickey Mouse...or someone flexing!!!

Lisa said...

Wow, that woman's comment was really childish. Just do your own thing. I definitely understand what you mean about confidence though. I need to work on that right now and have been thinking about it. It's really such an important part of having a great run.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Back sweat, LOL. I think it was just trash talk that happens. They had beaten you, so that's where it came from. I love being the 'secret weapon', makes me work harder. Now get your legs under you. Now remember, wax on, wax off.... oh, wrong movie!

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