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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I am a Half Fanatic

I ran 3 Marathons in 90 days to earn Marathon Maniac status...however I never joined the club because I knew that I was not truly a Marathon Maniac, I am not made to run 26.2 over and over. This year when we were registered for 3 Halfs in 3 months I got excited, I could earn Half Fanatic status... Learn more about Half Fanatics HERE
 Half Fanatics Criteria- 3 Halfs in 3 Months- Neptune Status, 1 moon. 
Sweet, we were already registered so I would get to check the Half Fanatic box too.  I (we) started our journey in May.
5-17- Capital City Half (#9)- 1:56:11
This was Muscle Man's first Half Marathon and he was a ROCKSTAR!!  He paced us to a speedy first Half.  I ended up getting very very sick following the race and for the next 2 weeks.
 6-23- Seattle RNR Half (#10)- 2:06:24
This was not my day.  There was so much going on leading up to the race that I didn't prepare myself mentally or physically.  I ran with Tiffany for 9 miles, then sped ahead, then lost my steam and she passed me.  I walked most of the last 5K of the race.

7-15- Fueled by Fine Wine Half (#11)- 2:20:50
I was worried about this race and the HILLS!!  As we set off I was worried, but I quickly decided that I cared more about enjoying myself than I did about Finish time.  We journeyed through several Vinyards in Oregon Wine country and I loved every minutes of it!!!

8-4- Tacoma Narrows Half (#12)- 3:12:45 *walking
My High School friend Sarah was in town from New York, we had never run together.  When I heard that she was running the Half I knew I had to join her!!  We started the race with high hopes but by mile 7 Sarah was ready to stop running.  So we walked the rest of the race.  My sole goal was to get her to the Finish Line.  And we did!!
 9-16-You Go Girl Half (#13)- 1:49:23- 5th AG

This was my race...for me...alone!!  As you see in most of my previous Halfs I usually run with someone.  I was curious to see how I would do alone.  I set out WAY TOO FAST but recovered and held strong.  It was not easy, but I pushed through and got a GREAT finish time.  I met my goal for this race which gave me huge confidence.

So what is next???

This Saturday I will run the (Sold Out) Snomish River Run Half Marathon.  Special Thanks to Alma because I may have skipped out on the race without her offering to carpool :)  I am unsure what my plan is.  We have been running but nowhere near speedy Half mileage.  But the course is flat, so if my legs/body show up it could be a good day...

And what will I earn?
Uranus- 2 Moon level

Sorry that makes me laugh :) This is not a Goal I set out the year to achieve, but I am pretty excited about it.  Excited enough to pay the fee and join the club??  We'll see.  What I know is that I truly love the Half Marathon distance, fast or slow it is a distance I can commit to and still enjoy my time with my family.  Yes I can run a Marathon, but I prefer to Half it :)  For now anyway....

  • What goal are you reaching for this year?  How are you doing?
  • Are you a Half Fanatic?  Tell me about how you earned your status.


Michelle said...

Good luck on Saturday Mel and congrats on your Maniac status :)

I'm running half #6 in 3 weeks. I agree with you - I love running this distance as it does leave time for family. Already looking at halfs for next year...will have to check out the Maniac's site.

TNTcoach Ken said...

HA, you wrote Uranus!

Unknown said...

So jealous you get to hang out with Alma! Good luck this weekend!

giraffy said...

Congrats!! Welcome to the club, from #1501 :D

chattynatty said...

Great job Mel! It is weird how I too have found 1/2's to be super enjoyable and if you have done marathons it is like the. 1/2 is "dessert"- you want to go back for seconds, 3rds,etc.

Becka said...

exciting! I never would have known you weren't a Half Fanatic years ago. Congrats!

Jamie said...

I would LOVE to be a Half Fanatic! How fun. You did FANTASTIC at your races!

Run with Jess said...

HF #1092 here. I did 2 halfs in 2 weeks last yr to get in... and haven't let up! Congrats and welcome to the club!

Stacie said...

I'm Half Fanatic #532. I love it. First became a Half Fanatic in 2010. After running 4 half marathon in 24 days in June 2011, I attained Jupiter status. Huge accomplishment for me. I'll also be at the Snohomish River Half this Saturday with my 11 year old daughter, Makenna. This will be her first half. We are running it for fun. No pressure. So excited to see some of my blogger buddies!

Sue's Ramblings said...

Grats Mel!

Average Woman Runner said...

Nice! I look forward to you earning UR-ANUS!

Half Crazed Runner said...

I guess I should join the Half Fanatics Club! I joined Half2Run. Great job on the marathons!

Denise said...

After running my 1st half in November 2010, my goal for 2011 was to become a Fanatic. Ongoing knee pain made it look like that wasn't going to happen but in October I ran my 2nd half - the Nike Women's Half. I took November off for my knees and then "ran" a pretty crummy race at the Las Vegas RnR on December 2nd thanks to food poisoning. On December 26 I PRed in an amazing race for an amazing cause along the pacific ocean called Operation Jack. It was the perfect way to achieve my goal! So a few days before the end of 2011 I made it happen. In September I ran half #10. So in the last 10 months I've run 9. I'm now at Uranus (and will be there for a while).

HF #1729

Kamran Ahmed said...

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Tricia said...

Have a great race!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on all those half marathons and what a great finish time!!

Erik Ammon said...

Sorry, but that makes me laugh, too. I think I'd like a two moon Uranus, too!