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Friday, September 28, 2012

Tradition Continues

Since about 2003 we have gone to the local Corn Maze at Spooner Farms.  There is a different theme every year and Muscle Man guides me through, I am horrible with maps.  It has become a tradition that I look forward to as the leaves change.  We also started taking a family (timer) photo on the bridge over the corn the past few years.  Both boys even completed the maze while in my belly.  We will head to the farm this weekend.. I can't wait!!

This has nothing to do with running but is a reminder to create traditions and make them a priority.  Time goes by so fast...and you may be missing out on the chance to create amazing memories.

  • What traditions do you have in your family?



robinbb said...

My husband and I were supposed to go out alone tonight for dinner and my daughters didn't understand why they weren't going out with us as a family. We cancelled our babysitter and we are all going. I will take every moment with my kids that they allow.

Unknown said...

My kids are both young adults now, I miss the days of tradition when they were little. But we were talking at Christmas about traditions, and my mentioned that someday (soon) he'll start making his own traditions. Made me both sad and happy, if that makes sense.

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