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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ten Miler and Trails Oh My!

 The LONG weekend was GREAT in our house..  The fun started on Thursday night when Muscle Man and I went to our first NFL Football game together, the Seahawks won!!  Tall Grandma took the boys overnight for the game and the following night since we had a race early on Saturday.

Over the Narrows 10 Miler:
I have never run a 10 mile race and since 10 miles is my favorite distance I was very excited for this race.  The race was only $15, SCORE!!  We arrived early to get packets, pickup was easy, the lines for the porta potty were short, all in all this race was a breeze.  As we set out I felt fully energized,  I was ready to run FAST low 8's felt easy......but I also wanted the time with my hubby so I kept my pace in check... I ran the first 8 miles with MM then he was fading so I took off to pass some people the last 2 miles.

This is how it went:

1- 8:16

2- 8:12

3- 9:03 -First hill

4- 8:24

5- 8:58- Someone yelled "Tall Mom!" Which was cool!! If it was you comment please.

6- 9:03- I ran a bit with a new runner buddy Alyssa, the bridge has a slight incline and was pretty windy

7- 8:36 - I could feel myself speeding up...the pace felt super easy..

8- 9:12- Hill climb after the bridge slowing to wait for hubby, he told me to go ahead...

9- 8:07- On my own hunting down a gal in a bright green shirt

10-8:26- The last half mile is uphill and my legs were about done, I passed a few ladies, but got re-passed by green shirt girl she had some closing speed.

This race makes me excited to run You Go Girl Half solo in a couple weeks. I doubt it would be a PR (1:43- 7:55 pace is my PR) but I feel l could run in the low 8's no problem.

1:26:41- Instant PR!!
8:37 pace
9th in my Age group
33rd female.. although I dont recall seeing that many women ahead of me :)

Sunday- Carbonado Hiking
We thought about going to the zoo...but when we did the math the $100 we would spend for gas, entry and food was not sitting well.. I have wanted to visit Carbonado again since the Rainier to Ruston Relay.  I thought it would be fun to explore with my boys, a quick 30 minute drive and we were there.  We started by walking in the dry river bed near where the R2R start line was, there were lots of people camping along the shore line.
 Tall Family self timer
 Muscle Man was showing off
 Happy to be in nature, the River was very pretty
 We walked the trail that Kerrie (Mom vs. Marathon) ran during R2R.  There were rocks, roots, and all kinds of obstacles, but it was so PRETTY along the river..  The boys loved it, they took turns running ahead.  LS#1 did not want to go home :)  On the return trip they jogged nearly the whole time, but I made them stop for water..
Hmmmm.. I guess they have been watching Mommy and Daddy and our cool down move.  LS#2 did this totally on his own, made me chuckle..  We are training Little Runners by example..

  • How was your weekend??  Fill me in!!
  • Who is running You Go Girl Half this month?  This will be my 5th Half Marathon in 5 Months..


TNTcoach Ken said...

Just read Green Shirt Girl's blog and she knew she could get you! LMAO.... I love 10 miles too. That wasn't me yelling.

Sybil Runs Things said...

A ten mile race sounds perfect! I really enjoyed the 15K I did last summer.

I wish I could run YGG. Someday I will get over my injury!

Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

I was the one that said hi in the race! It was such a fun race with perfect weather! Looks like you had a great weekend!

Average Woman Runner said...

Nice job in your 10 miler! Sounds like a great run - the weather was so awesome.

Joy said...

Sounds like a fun and fantastic weekend! I will be running the YGG half, and while I'm totally ready to PR it, you're still going to beat me by twenty minutes. :)

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