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Monday, August 20, 2012

Berry Good Running

 Last week we had a HEAT WAVE...well for us anyway it was over 90' for three days in a row.  Needless to say there was not much running going on.  We opted to stay in the air conditioned house.. When the weekend came we wanted to get out and get the legs pumping.

Saturday Morning:

Our neighborhood had a Community Yard sale, so we put the boys in the stroller and ran to see the sales.  We did not find much so we headed to the local track...FOOTBALL SEASON!!  UGH!  The beautiful high school track was busy so it was off to the clay dirt track to do some sprints.  Little Stud #1 did a few laps, he is getting good.  MM and I did a 400m relay with the two of us, man are we slow compared to those Olympians ;)

Sunday Morning:

It was misty and cool outside just under 60'...PERFECT!!  We hit the trail with 8-10 miles planned but I felt great right away and wanted to go for double digits.  The boys were strangely fussy right away and wanted snacks just 1.5 miles in.. I knew we would have to be creative and let them have breaks.  We stopped a few times to let them stretch, get Gu and so the boys could hmmm water the bushes :)  On the return trip we stopped for a good amount of time to pick Blackberries..

Tall Mom with fuzzy hair and no makeup :) Lovely... hehe

Such a perfect day!!!  Well besides the fussy kids...

Later that night Muscle Man made Blackberry Cobbler, so TASTY!!  The weekends seem to fly by and so has the Summer.  I spent most of my free time this weekend getting all of LS#1's school supplies and clothes purchased, he starts First Grade on September 5th..

Our next race is September 1st, my first ever 10 miler.. excited to check another race distance off the list.  How are you friends??


Marathon Lar said...

Sounds like the perfect summer family weekend!

Where is the 10 miler?? I am intrigued...

robinbb said...

I love your purple tank, so cute!!! I have only done one 10 miler and it was almost 5 years ago....I always think about my time from that race every time I beat that time during my training.

pensive pumpkin said...

you can make the berry goodness last into winter by freezing them individually on a cookie sheet. i'm cultivating my blackberries to make jam. (aka i hate killing volunteer food, even if it is a weed) : )

Sue's Ramblings said...

4 day weekend here - Eid Mubarak celebration; so there has been lots of sweatfest (run, yoga, strength training etc) and Eid open houses/parties with friends.

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