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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We RUN 4 days a week

Date Night 10K:  Muscle Man and I run 4 days a week together..  The days depend on when we have childcare, how we feel, weekly plans, etc.  We are not following a strict plan (YET).  We usually do a 5 Miler with Hills, 5K-10K with some speed work mixed in, 10K easy and a Long Run.
I have noticed a trend in Friday Night 10K’s.  So I have started calling these runs Date Nights.  The boys were less than thrilled to be loaded into the jogger AGAIN, so I grabbed some snacks.  Little Stud #2, as usual, fell asleep instantly.  LS#1 kept asking us questions like “How much Longer?”  I tried to push the Double Stroller but the off-and-on pain I have had in my right foot/ankle came back so I only lasted for just over a mile. 

I love how excited and positive MM is now that he is getting in shape.  He loves running and it is infectious.  He wanted to speed up so we did, but then he got a strange pain in his side.  He told me to go on ahead so I did… Solo for about Half Mile to the Finish.

After the run we took the boys to the river and I iced my feet and calves in the cool water… FELT SO GOOD!!  We ALL played on the swings and slide then headed home.
Muscle Man doesn't like this photo but I do.. Salty Kisses!! Re-defining Date Night
 Sunday Long Run:  All childcare options were out of town so we knew we had the boys in the stroller.  I got the snacks ready: 2 juice boxes, 2 baggies of Cheeto puffs, 2 baggies of Fishy crackers, 2 granola bars, 2 apples, have to prepare for all cravings.  We also needed nearly 2 hours of entertainment, Cars 2 on the mini DVD player. 
Our silly Running buddies.  LS#1 hit a growth spurt, time for new pants!!
MM wanted to start at the Meeker trailhead since it is flatter, good when pushing kids.  However, we forgot about the S curves on the trail, the busy road crossings and the traffic noise.  We won’t pick that route next time.

It was cool and crisp, ideal Long run Weather.  All systems felt good, I was worried because I had horrible Quads cramps after the run on Friday night.  We wanted to do 10-12 and settled on 11.  The boys barely said a peep but got thirsty around 4.5 miles so we stopped, I took an Island Nectar Gu (YUMMY) and some water. 

On the return trip we both got a surge of energy and our mile paces were below 9:00.  We went with it.   I helped pushed for the straight-aways.  Passing the Farm brought back GREAT Rainier to Ruston Memories, stretching with Zoe and Kerrie waiting for Tiff.   The great part about running with my husband is the time spent just chatting.  There is no shortage of conversation, and a few less distractions than normal.   

As we approached the last mile MM thought he could end with sub 9:00 pace overall so he set out FAST.. I tried to keep stride as the pace got under 8:00 but my right arch/foot/ankle hurt!!  I am smart enough to know that pain is a sign and to not overdo it.  I slowed and kept my family in site.  MM did the math a little wrong so he didn't quite get it, but I am super proud of him for the SPEEDY finish.

11 Miles 9:09 pace for me..

  • Next up?   
    • 10K on 4th of July with Kerrie
    • Fueled by Fine Wine Half with MM on 7/15
  • What is Next for you?


Annette@(running)In the Right Direction said...

I love that you run with him and just make things work. Its admirable....I forwarding to my husband ;)

TNTcoach Ken said...

Wow, I can't think of the last time that I ran with my significant other....

Running Diva Mom said...

I love this post -- Awesome -- Running Dates are great!

My boyfriend and I are actually starting a spin off of my couch to 5K sessions -- date couples couch to 5K night. Support system at home is a lot of what makes you successful!!


Unknown said...

Good luck to you and Kerrie in the 10k tomorrow!

Unknown said...

I run at least four times per week. I either run or cross train one or two other days as well.

You guys rock. I love that you have running date nights!!

Anonymous said...

So cool you run with your husband and kids! Love it! My next race is tomorrow, a 5 miler with my local running group.

Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

I love date night runs! The couple that runs together, stays together! Unless it's a race, then it's ON!

My next "race" is the Ragnar at the end of the month. I'm doing it on an all girls ultra team. My legs total 41 miles. Totally freaked out about that.