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Thursday, July 26, 2012

3 Things Thursday- Races?

1.  I was not registered for any races until Rock N Roll Seattle in June.  With all the local races this Summer I cant miss out..  So I made a list of all the races I (we) may want to do... By crossing the Finish Line of Fueled by Fine Wine I have run 3 Half Marathons in the last 3 months and I earned Half Fanatic Status.  To get to the next level "Uranus" (hehe) I could run Halfs the next 3 months... but do I want to??  Hmmm..

-My friend Sarah is in town from NYC and is Running the Tacoma Narrows Half next weekend, I may run with her.. TBD..- AUGUST HALF

-I have run You Go Girl the last 2 years, but this year all my Bloggy buddies seem to be skipping the race.  Do I want to go solo?  Do I want to pay $85??  Hmmmm- SEPTEMBER HALF

- OCTOBER HALF- see below....

2.  Want a Fall FLAT Half Marathon or 10K? I just registered for the Snohomish River Run on 10/27.  Half is $65 and 10K is $45 (Until 9/1)

***Friends of Tall Mom save $10 by entering the Code TallMomSRR12 at checkout.

... Who is in???  

3.  I have 4 posts that are all about 3/4 of the way done.. I am still adjusting to my new work schedule and trying to fit in Blogging.  I hope to get up the Review post soon because there are some REALLY COOL products out there.. in the mean time don't miss out on the below:

  • Online Shoes is Continuing their 12 weeks of Summer Giveaways, be sure to check in and enter on their blog HERE
  • Brooks Running is having a BIG SALE and since I already picked out what I want it is time for you to go shop yourself  HERE.

 -What are your Summer Racing Plans? 
-Are there any REALLY COOL things online that you want to share?


greengirlrunning said...

I love summer races! I have a trail 10k (Santa Cruz Mountains) and a half (Water To Wine, Sonoma to Healdsburg) in August and another half (Half Moon Bay) in September. All in Northern Cal. Looking forward to all of these gorgeous races! What is a Half Fanatic??? Is that like a Marathon Maniac?

Christy H. said...

I am running Tacoma Narrows in Aug. I am very excited for this run. In Sept I am running the Labor Day Half in Woodinville (www.labordayrun.com). It starts at Red Hook Brewery. It is still only $65 thru August 10th. October is open for me but in November I have the Really Big Free Marathon (and Half) in Las Vegas, NV and then on Nov 25th I have the Seattle half marathon.
I have been looking at a half in Gig Habor in Sept (Sept 23rd) called Race for a soldier. (www.raceforasoldier.org)

Good luck narrowing down your races and hope to see you at something this summer/fall.

Average Woman Runner said...

Hooray for 3 halfs in 3 months!

track coach and adorable wife said...

Congrats on the half fanatic status. Looks like you guys have been having lots of fun running together, hopefully you can keep it up! It's too bad about YGG not being a big thing this year, always look forward to getting togther with ya'll. Good luck on picking your races.

Care said...

You could do this half on September 15th instead: http://www.active.com/running/university-place-wa/sporty-divas-half-marathon-15k-10k-and-5k-at-chambers-bay-2012

It's only $45 for the half if you sign up by tomorrow (the 28th) then it goes to $55. My hesitation with YGG is the same thing, well A) it's my birthday and B) it's so expensive for a half :/. The other option is the one on the 15th that I linked above. I actually live a mile away from the start, but I have a feeling it will be small and disorganized because I think it's the first year...and well I have to be on my feet shooting a wedding that night from 2-midnight, so maybe not the best day.

Anyway, that's my whole life story, lol, love your blog! Maybe I'll run into you some day (pun intended)!

congrats on the half fanatic! How do you qualify for that? If I run one within the next 3 weeks I would have done 3 in 3 months...hmm that's motivating..

Marathon Lar said...

Hey Mel! Becky from RunFunDone has a bib for the Tacoma half she is looking to get rid of since she has an injury! Let me know if you are interested and I'll hook you two up!

Anonymous said...

Al and I will be at YGG (10K) as usual this year! :) And seriously thinking of the Snohomish Race! :P

valerie said...

A bunch of my other 1000 Mile club friends are in too! There will be a party on the Snohomish River come October. It will be fun to maybe meet you!

fancy nancy said...

No more racing for me this summer...between the heat and ever growing belly it is just better for me to run on my own. I do plan to secretly fit one more in in August....but shhhhh don't tell my husband!!!

Marissa said...

your race calendar is filling up...exciting!!! I am in desperate need of new running shoes, so I'm thinking Brooks might be a great fit this time around...off to check it out!

Anonymous said...

Great race calendar! Summer racing in VA is not fun and I can't wait for fall to come around and with that my race session starts again.