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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rock N Roll Seattle Half Marathon 2012

I look forward to the Rock N Roll Seattle Race every year.  It has turned into a few days of fun with Bloggers, friends and FOOD!!

09- My first Marathon

10-Marathon with Marlene

11- Running 1/2 with Amanda and Jess

I was busy having FUN (Full weekend details to come) I didn't prepare mentally or physically as I should have.. We (Jill, Kerrie, Zoe and me) stayed at Chelsea’s house in the city, and our AMAZING friend dropped us off at the start just near bag check she is a GENIUS!!  Checked our bags, then headed to find the VIP Brooks potties. 

The race start  area was new so we did not know where anything was.  We just kept walking, posed for a few photographers, then found the Brooks Pit stop with NO LINES!!  I gave Mel a hug and enjoyed the VIP treatment.
The plan was to meet for a Blogger pre-race photo at 6:30AM.  I felt pretty out of it, thinking I should have eaten more than 1 piece of PB toast and I started to get nervous about my foot/ankle.  I knew there were people I wanted to meet/see, but could not remember who..  Thankfully Laura HERE introduced herself, ADORABLE in pink and green.  We got a few great photos then all parted. 
Jesse was much more nervous the year before...again the ONLY guy

Harmony was in my corral but disappeared and I was solo.  A pretty blonde introduced herself at Courtney and said she reads my Blog, AWESOME!! Someone to talk to, Thanks Courtney for chatting with me.  I waited for Tiff who went to get water.  Again the nerves came.  We snapped a pre-race photo. I did not know what to expect when Tiffany and I set out.  I hoped for a 1:55-1:59:59
Razzyroo headband, Run Like a Mother tank, Skirtsports skirt, SLS socks and Brooks Shoes
This is how it went:
1- 9:12- I wanted to go FAST, legs felt good.  I normally start races way too fast, this time I tried to keep it in check and just run.

2- 8:00- Garmin going CRAZY in the city.  I need to turn off Autopause, my watched stopped while I was running.. then showed we were going 3:24 pace.. hmmmm??  I was happy to see a low paced mile, earned us some time for the later HILLS. But then again who knows if that was accurate?
3- 9:08-Moving along chatting here and there, we got split for a few strides when we hit a water stop.  I wanted to go fast, but I also REALLY wanted to run with Tiff.  I think I may carry water next year, I am too tempted to walk the water stops.

4- 8:59- Back on track pace wise for a sub 2:00 Half and feeling good.  I really enjoy running with Tiff, she is super positive and fun to talk to.  I was bummed I did not get to see many of my friends on the course at the start.

5- 8:58- Cruising Along, smiling at photogs, I felt AMAZING at this point.  There were so many photographers on the course, before and after.  I LOVE the pictures, but I cannot afford the prices all photos credit to Marathon Photo.

6- 10:06- GIANT HILL!!!  I mean GIANT.  And you could see it coming from a distance, I felt my legs slow just thinking about running it.  They had about 4 timing mats on the ground before the hill, not sure what those were for??  We tried to jog but quickly realized that fast walking was the ONLY way we would make it up.  Down was super steep too, my ankle and knee were yelling at me to SLOW DOWN..  I think I took a Gu during the mile, but I am not totally sure.

7- 9:19- Trying to get back to pace.  We spotted Alma and just after her Chelsea.  We tossed our SWEATY arm sleeves at her.  Thanks Chelsea, Love you!!  This is my favorite part of the course along Seward Park. I love the Remembrance Flags and all the people cheering.  BUT I also know that the HILL to get up is coming.

8- 10:27- I am probably not remembering right but I think this mile had another HILL and possibly a tunnel.  I was starting to fade and getting really negative.. Tiff said to me “Just Run,” which was what I needed to hear.  I LOVE the little Cheerleaders along the course, they make me smile.

9- 9:02- About this time the Gu kicked in and I wanted to go for a Sub 2:00.  I did the math and knew I needed to speed up to make it.  Tiff and I had been together up to this point.. I should not have left her..if I had it to do again, I would not have sped up.  There was a sign that said “High Five Station” so I had to swing past for a quick HIGH FIVE.

10- 8:48- Downhill felt good!  My stride was strong.  I passed the Chocolate Milk gal we met the day before and cheered her on.  I weaved around people cruising… but it was short lived… I burned through the Gu and was back to total fatigue.
Not from this point in the race but this is how I felt.
11- 10:34- My lack of fuel, tired legs and wonky/painful foot/ankle combined to force me to WALK.  I walked a lot.  I thought about John Bingham and the story he told about slowing down because he didn’t want the race to be over.  I tried to channel that JOY but I was yelling at myself inside.  “Why are you walking??  You are stronger than this! Move your feet.”  Sybil zoomed past and I cheered her on, how I wanted to feel fit and fast like her in that moment.  The best part about walking was being able to take in the beauty of the water and people watch, I told myself to be present in the moment… It was a good place to be, got to the top of the little hill and jogged again..  I thought about the Full Marathoners and the walls they would hit as the day went on.

12- 11:13- I had NOTHING left, not sure it it want mental or physical, I wanted to run to be done but I couldn't move.. so I walked when I had to and jogged when I could. I took in the scenery and hoped I could dig deep. Tiffany caught back up to me, and we ran together again but I couldn't hang on.. I wanted to so badly :(   My little Friend Lindsey, who I have only seen in real life on Rock N Roll race courses x3 passed me and cheered me on (Small world she is friends with Marathonlar).

13- 9:11- Working my way toward the finish, I don't like tunnels so I sped through to the UPHILL Finish.  REALLY UPHILL FINISH??? Pure Evil!!  My foot/ankle was aching and I felt like I could not put my full weight on it, not sure what is up with it??

.29- 9:52- I could see the Finish and I was walking again.. did my best to smile at the Finish but the photos tell another story, this is the reality people, no posed smiles or waves….  I was BEAT!!

Half Marathon #10- 2:06:24- Official Time. Another Seattle Rock N roll in the books, not my day, but I did enjoy the run, the HILLS not-so-much. This is a (sorta) solo PW for me..but I Finished and that is what counts!! Already Registered for 2013 Half.
 More stories to come...it truly was an AMAZING weekend all around!!

  • PS. If you like (LONG) Race Reports I have updated my Race Report tabs on my dropdown list (Thanks Ricole for the reminder) HALFS HERE and FULL MARATHONS HERE.
  • Did you run Rock N Roll Seattle or another Race recently?? Tell me about it in a comment or better-yet, link your race report.


Ricole Runs said...

YOU ROCKED IT!! Congratulations on another awesome finish. You got some GREAT photos taken of you as well! I got to run with Lauren and meet Lindsay for a few miles too. :-)

TNTcoach Ken said...

Never seen someone show off their guns at the finish photo! LOL, so next time you'll train????????????????

Sybil Runs Things said...

Ha! I wonder if I had a photo snapped by the same finish line photog, he/she was like, show me your guns! I have a similar photo :)

So glad I got to see you out on the course! Right before the on ramp . . . ugh, I died right after that.

Rachelle Q said...

Great job pushing through on a tough course! I might need to do this one next year:)

Unknown said...

Awesome job! I think I am the only one who didn't hate the course but I was running at a much slower pace then normal and was having a blast motivating Pensive. You should read her recap, I was dying laughing of her take on the whole thing.

Marathon Lar said...

Great job getting trough some mental and physical barriers! Your photos are great BTW. And I totally noticed the 5+ timing mats on that hill too...what was that about, there was no time recorded there :). Can't wait to see you at another race. Here is my race report:

Maureen said...

Great report, Mel! It was a tough course out there and that it sounds like that last hill wiped out nearly everyone.

Unknown said...

The last few miles sucked the life out of me too. Gotta have the bad to appreciate the good. And, the rest of this weekend was positively the best time!

Care said...

Aw you did amazing, I know that mental feeling of just being DONE. The hills are what stopped me from doing the rock n roll in seattle, I rolled my foot at the Vancouver USA half on June 18th and figured a week of rest would do me good. My next half is on the 7th in Olympia and honestly, I am not 100% ready yet!

I wrote a race report here: http://thekippers.blogspot.com/2012/06/i-have-6-month-old-post-race-report.html

Definitely inspired by you and plan on dressing a bit more colorful for my next run! Congrats on finishing your 4th RnR half!

Marissa said...

you rocked the RnR! love the recap and photos...love that so many of you get together and have fun! Ugh, after my first half last year, I haven't quite gained the courage to sign up again...but it's coming soon, I hope! I wanna do the RnR in NOLA, but I'm still so nervous because I was SO under trained for Houston last year :( thanks for the motivation...

H Love said...

I have to agree with the evil hills. I was wiped out by mile 10! I came back after my potty trip but didn't see ya. So sorry! Glad you had some company. I have yet to sign up for next year but should just bite the bullet.

Unknown said...

How amazing! I love that RnR is such a fun event with everyone getting together and meeting new people. I signed up for the race next year and cant wait :)

Alyssa said...

I love reading your recap! Good job at running this! I like this course, yes it was hard at some points. But good job finishing! Our times were very close! I think you were 10-20 seconds faster! It was great meeting you!

Anonymous said...

The hill at the end sucked!! Great recap! And congrats on a fun race! Loved your finisher photo.


Average Woman Runner said...

It's amazing anyone's ankles can survive all those banked roads on the course - yuck. Not good. Great job pushing through, Mel.

Sue's Ramblings said...

Hey, you're being too hard on yourself! You finished the run, you met a ton of friends, you ran with a friend, you organised a blogger meet up. I ran the Ekiden Team Relay at the KL Marathon (www.kl-marathon.com) this past weekend. Race recap here: http://ramblings-sue.blogspot.com/2012/06/standard-chartered-kuala-lumpur.html

Kerrie said...

Bring on 2013! I'm sort of excited already for next year.

Great recap, Mel. I love the photos - they tell your story. You always give it all you got. Btw- thanks for passing on all your good knowledge; has really helped me!

swyers said...

Great job Mel! It sounds like it was a really fun filled weekend! This one is definitely on my run list for 2013. Ps. I wish marathon pics weren't so darn expensive, how are you able to get the proofs in your posts?

Amy said...

This is one race I have always wanted to run. Actually, I just want to live in Seattle and it wouldn't be a problem.

Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

Great job! I feel like the course was a lot hillier than the old course was. I wasn't expecting it! I got a new PR - but it wasn't nearly what I was expecting or what I thought I could do on a flatter course. I ended up with a 1:39:06 It was great running weather though and the giant medals always make it seem worth it!

Cynthia said...

It may not have been your day but you rocked Seattle and looked great doing it!
I can't wait to run this again next year!!

PaperCourt said...

It's me, Courtney! So nice meeting you at the start. I had a decent race (1:54) but it was brutal and I walked some of those big hills (especially on the viaduct).

See you next year!