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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rock N Roll Seattle 2012 Plans

I was slightly panicked last night.  You see I have had some foot/ankle pain, stiffness and weakness..  I barely felt like I could put my body weight on it for our 5K yesterday.. UGH!  Hoping 2 days rest will help.  After the run I put on my cheap JcPenney's skirt and ran to the mailbox, the seems were sharp and would cause major chaffage.. So I am not sure what I will be wearing..  I know I have loads of gear, just have to switch gears.

Tonight the FUN begins.. this is my Itinerary for the weekend.  I hope to see/meet/cheer for you all at Rock N Roll Seattle

Thursday- 6/21

7:30PM- Another Mother Runner House Party
I will get my copy of "Train Like a Mother" signed by Tall Moms Sarah and Dimity.  Buy your own copy and learn more about the authors HERE.

Friday- 6/22

2:00 PM- Expo Shopping, Century Link Field

3:00 PM- Blogger Meet-up with John Bingham Expo Clinic Area.

This will be very informal, with John and me leading a quick discussion with time for all to chat after. We have 30 minutes in the expo area before the next clinic, after that we can move to another location to get to know each other better. HUGE thanks to RNR Seattle for giving us a place to meet. I will have Blank name tags and a list of Bloggers who I know will be present. No Swag, sorry I got too busy :(

DINNER- Brooks Running and Onlineshoes.com is hosting a small Blogger event.  I feel truly blessed to be included in this fun event with local companies.  Considering Brooks shoes/gear are my favorite this is MY event for sure!!

  • FYI Onlineshoes.com will be hosting 12 Weeks of Summer GIVEAWAYS on their Blog, the first is on the Blog HERE.  Go enter ASAP!
  • Brooks Running has a GREAT newsletter if you have not signed up, be sure to do it!!

Saturday- 6/23- RACE DAY!!

6:30 AM- Pre-Race Photo- Meet at Corral #7 for a quick photo and to see what everyone is wearing so we can CHEER on the course!!

7:00 AM- Race Starts - Would be good to know all the Corral #’s so we can find each other. I will be in Corral #8 with Tiffany.

Run Run Run- We will have some Bloggy buddies along the course cheering us on.  My goal is dependent on my foot and the HILLS.  I am hoping for a 1:50-1:55 which would be a PR for the last 2 years.

Post-Race- Meetup at B for Blogger (weather dependent) for the Foil Blanket Party, photo ops, reload on food and to wait for the Full Marathoners to Finish. 

That is what I have planned.  I will be sure to take loads of photos.  This is by FAR one of my favorite events of the year and it keeps getting better.

  • If you will be there please leave a comment.  See you soon!!


Unknown said...

I'll be there. Hehe. Can't wait,

Maureen said...

I'll be at the expo for the meet-up! :)

Danielle C. said...

I'm heading to the expo after work today...as in grab bib and get the heck out of there.

I'll be in corral 6...if anyone else is shooting for 1:47-1:49 let me know, I'd love a partner.

Stacie said...

Leaving soon :) Corral #11.

Andrea said...

you need to get some non-chafey Oiselle bottoms. all are great! I'll bring my discount cards with me tonight and hopefully I'll get to meet ya :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun filled weekend! Hope you feel better and you are able to kick butt! Good luck :)

Laura said...

I can't even put into words how excited I am for this weekend. Yay!!!

-Laura is Undeterrable

Unknown said...

Best wishes for the race this weekend. I am jealous of the blogger meet up!! I need to organize one in Minnesota....no one ever wants to come here. : )

I went to the RLAM tour party in st. paul and it was a blast. I got to meet so many awesome lady runners. Have fun!

Marlene said...

Have an amazing time! Wish I was coming. :)

Madison M. said...

Good Luck Lady! Your gonna dominate this race!! :-) Hope your foot cooperates for you!

Sharon said...

Oh you'll do so well!! :) I enjoy your blog. I am not a mom but I AM a runner and I thought it was cool to see you run in skirts - I do the same! I'm 17 and I have a fitness blog I love...RunForYourLifefitness.blogspot.com

Keep up the great posting!! :)

swyers said...

Have a great race Mel! Looking forward to the recap. Hoping to make it down there for 2013.

Sarah in Vancouver, Canada

Ricole said...

How did your foot / ankle feel during the race? Can't wait to read your race report!