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Monday, June 25, 2012

Dreams DO Come True

Thanks to Lauren (http://marathonlar.blogspot.com/) for the photo!!
One of my (secret) Goals is to be an Inspirational Speaker.  I would love to talk to High School girls, mom's just starting out in running, etc..  Thus far my path has not taken me toward this DREAM.  But this weekend I felt like my DREAM had come true.

I wanted a place at the expo for Bloggers to meet-up...I figured if we are all at the expo we may as well meet face to face in an organized way..  I emailed the race director, basically asking where would be a good place.  she added out Meet-up to the Expo schedule and gave us John Bingham as a celebrity host!!  I have a quote from Bingham on my fridge, work wall and my car... I was nervous going in to the event, I basically made up the flow and how things would run.  And I HOPED that people would come.  I really had no clue what I was going to say until I came across 3 copies of Runner's World from 1997 and then it all came together.

HUGE thanks to everyone who came.  Sorry if we did not get as much "Meet-up" time as we all wanted/needed.  I had a blast on stage, although there were a couple semi-awkward moments, I flew past it as best I could.  After the formal portion we moved to the side to talk and get a group photo.  Amazing to meet people who I have only known virtually.

The rest of the weekend is a BLUR of fun with some running tossed in.  Posts to come about the Train Like a Mother House Party, Onlineshoes.com/Brooks event, Slumber party at Chelsea's. 
Oh and the Rock N Roll Seattle Half Marathon.  Spoiler alert, I FINISHED!!


RunningJunkie said...

What a busy weekend full of fun things!!

I love the quote!

SimplySoleSearching said...

Congrats to you for living out a dream. PS I consider you an inspirational blog-speaker. :) You inspire me all of the time!

Half Crazed Runner said...

Just stumbled on your blog - I love that expression! Thnx for sharing!

Carla said...

So cool! Thursday was my only chance for hitting the expo, so I missed it. I have that same sticker. Maybe you could come up with a line of Tall Mom sayings on stickers (in your nonexistent spare time)?

5 Miles Past Empty said...

So cool Mel!! Congrats for all your hard work and dedication! Don't give up on your dream!! You have much to say that inspires many!

Unknown said...

I loved the meeting at the expo! It was great to hear about everyone blogging. It inspired me to start my own blog about the journey to a half marathon. Thanks for putting the meeting together!