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Monday, May 7, 2012

Running HAPPY

Last year while running Hood to Coast I remember seeing the Handful team in bright orange, they were smiling, the whole team was out at every transition and they were cheering on every team.  They were positive, and having an amazing time… when I learned I would not join nuun at HTC this year the Handful gals immediately popped in my brain…  BUT… I didn't want to run for a corporation if I didn't like the product..

Sooo.. I ordered a bra, they were having end of the season SALES HERE.. I also ordered a bucket cap because it was adorable and I love orange.. The product came quickly and I wore the bra that night.. SCORE!!  I love the support and femininity of the Handful bra..  I wrote an email expressing interest in joining the team, not expecting a reply.  To my surprise and DELIGHT the CEO replied and said they had a spot due to an injury..  I have found a team for Hood to Coast!!  I will be in Van #2, my hope was to be Van #1, but to be able to run the Mother of all Relays is a treasure regardless of the Van..  My team is totally organized, the team Captain is stellar!!  I am excited to make new friends on the run.


Wow is my husband gaining some SPEED…  For those of you who keep up with me on Dailymile HERE (http://www.dailymile.com/people/tallmomontherun#ref=tophd) you have noticed.  He has the endurance and suddenly his legs want to MOVE..

Thursday Rainy 10K:
It was pouring rain, I mean pouring!!  But we knew we had weekend travel plans so we had to fit in a good 10K, probably not the best idea since I was sick earlier in the week.   We didn't set out to break any records but when the first mile chimed and we felt great we just went with it..

1- 8:13
2- 8:42
3- 8:57
4- 9:14 (slight hill)- I tried to push but my knee was on fire so MM took over
5- 9:16 (bigger hill)- we traded off pushing me on the flat parts
.2- 8:08

NOTE: We were the only CRAZIES on the trail.

Finish time- 54:49, in the pouring rain, pushing the boys (they were under the rain cover).. This is nearly a 3 minute Family Pushing Boys PR, last week we ran a 57:39..

AMAZED at my husband and his progress, this was sub 9:00 pace (8:50)!!

LOVE LOVE this man!!!

New outfit from the Nike Outlet SCORE for $30!!
Sunday Sunny 10 Miler:

I was LOW on energy after traveling for a couple hours home in the morning.. I was hoping I would get jazzed as we hit the trail but I slogged along.. Thankfully MM was full of energy so he pushed the boys for over 80% of the run, and he kept a good pace.  My knee has been causing me issues when I try to push the boys :(

The trail was PACKED!! There was a bike event of some sort and a group of about 20 cub scouts that we leap frogged with a few times. It was about 65, we gulped down our 2 water bottles and then some.

Our boys were good the second half of the run, we had to stop a few times for various reasons (snacks, to water the plants, etc), always for them..

1:34:02- 9:20 Average pace!!  When I finally get MM out from behind that stroller and in a race scenario it is going to be amazing!

****2 weeks to race day.

Speaking of Races this is my schedule for the next few months:


May 20th- Capital City Half Marathon, Olympia, WA (Muscle Man's first)

June 2nd- Rainier to Ruston Relay team Honey Buckettes
**they still have spots open check it out HERE

June 23rd- Seattle Rock N Roll Half Marathon

July 15th- Fueled by Fine Wine Half Marathon, Dundee, OR (For fun with MM)

August 18th- MAYBE Railroad Days 5K or 10K

August 24-25th- Hood to Coast with team 2Hot2Handful

September 9th- Iron Girl Seattle 5K

September 16th- You Go Girl Half Marathon, Tacoma, WA

  • Do you have any Running HAPPY news to report??
  • Leave a comment if you will be at any of the races above.. I love love meeting new people.


Madison M. said...

OMG Where is this race at --- July 15th- Fueled by Fine Wine Half Marathon???? ... You and your Husband are AMAZING!! I wish my Boyfriend would run with me... But I settle for him riding his horse while I run.. haha..


Your schedule is insane. Makes me feel like a slacker.

So psyched that you found a HTC team. I'm coming in late on Tuesday of that week and leaving late on Sunday. Hope we can find some time to meet up.

Laura said...

I'll be at Seattle RNR and H2C! Also, if the Fueled by Fine Wine is the one in Dundee, Oregon, I don't live too far from there so I could come out and cheer you on!

Unknown said...

Great weekend! I'm so excited you found an HTC team. MM is getting so fast, you guys are going to do great in Tacoma. Hugs.

Unknown said...

I love the Handful company! I was so disappointed I wan't picked for the Nuun team this year. If they have any more openings let me know!!

robinbb said...

Ahhh!! Sooooo happy you get to run H2C!!! You deserve it and way to go and get what you want. :)

Like I said on Dailymile, your husband is a machine and is going to kill his 1/2 marathon. My husband and I are running the Vermont City Marathon in 3 weeks and I am sooooooo excited. My hubby only races a few times a year and this is the one weekend we go away alone and race. Can't wait!!!!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Congrats on getting to run with handful, I love them. Both the bra and the ladies that work there, I go the bright orange hat too and their bras are all I use. I will be at hood to coast running with team beef Montana, I don't know what van I will be in yet but hope to see you!

Marathon Lar said...

SO excited someone got smart and invited you on to a Hood to Coast team!! :) My run happy news is definitely that Nuun asked me to run the Ragnar relay with them! Although I was a little sad about HTC, Ragnar is so near and dear to my heart I'm more excited to run that relay with them now!

Unknown said...

Happy news: I'm starting to pick up speed, and I'm considering signing up for my second half marathon.

Stephanie Anne said...

Glad you found a hood to coast team!! I would love to do that race one day!!

Being Robinson said...

that team name is hilarious. i love it. glad you found a team to run with! run happy indeed :)

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

So happy you found a team!

And you and hubbs are the speedy duo. He is going to put in an amazing first half marathon time.

Love your racing schedule. Looks like loads of fun racing this summer!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

I got nothing. No schedule no plan no training...nothing, not really any spark either. =/ I wished I was doing a tri on Sunday but for now I am resting-body and spirit. I feel broken. Ugh....I need to come to WA.

Dang, you asked for HAPPY news. I got new trail running shoes, for my 50k that probably wont happen. But they are super cute! And the doctor said I had nice legs....that's good. =)

Ok, done being down time to go try to play frisbee with LB!

Ricole said...

Congrats CONGRATS on the Hood to Coast team! that's awesome! And your husband is getting so speedy so fast! Nice runs!

H Love said...

Yay!!! So happy for you! We can play at the finish!! I love the Handful ladies. I have a great pic with a crew of orange and they even gave me an orange hat! Happy for you! Way to make it happen!

Lisa said...

Looks like you have a great race calendar this year!

My run HAPPY news is that I'm actually running and feeling good!

Have a great week!

Unknown said...

Congrats on getting on the team!
As for the Handful...I need to upgrade my circa 1999 sports bra collection!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog!! Congrats!! I love that you run with your husband!!
My happy news - I took my first 1/2 mile run after being down for 2 months with a broken foot bone. It was a beautiful day and felt so good to be out again. :)

chattynatty said...

I'm running Pearl Harbor 10k this mother's day. My sis is running too and my mom will be cheering from sidelines. We are going on girls only trip to celebrate my mom's 60th. Totally pumped to start my running year like this.

pensive pumpkin said...

happy news- I got cleared to run today! yay! I was on the trail when I got the news, but forced myself to only run the downhills. It's been a while. Gotta work my way into it...

I'll be at RnRSEA!!! I smell a bloggy meetup! ; )

fancy nancy said...

I'm so happy that you have found a team to be on! Lucky them!!! I have heard so much about the bra...I really need to check them out! You have a busy schedule girlie...enjoy every bit!!!

Anonymous said...

MM is so ready for his first half marathon. You are a good coach!!