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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Fixated by Definition:

1. To make fixed, stable, or stationary.
2. To focus one's eyes or attention on: fixate a faint object.
3. To command the attention of exclusively or repeatedly; preoccupy obsessively

The 3rd definition really hits home for me.

Do you ever find yourself totally FIXATED on something?

It may be my own version of OCD, I am not sure, but I can easily get caught up on one thing to the point where I can't seem to let it go. I find this personality trait to be a BLESSING and a CURSE.  Since this is a Running Blog, and I am not a professional counselor, I will keep with that for my examples.


Being FIXATED helps you to never lose site of what you want.  The lazer attention can lead you to results that you could not have imagined. 

-Think of the Iron Man Finishers who pass out just after they cross the line…. They were FIXATED on the Finish Line and once they got there….BAM!!  At what point did their body give out? Could have been miles and miles ago, but the brain took over and carried them the rest of the way.. Being FIXATED in this example is a combination of heart, head and GUTS over and over until the race is done.

-Training can be considered a Fixation, think about it, training for anything really commands your attention, takes over your life.. You live, eat, breathe, sleep, all to get through the training.  Those who are able to manage that level of attention/commitment will reap the rewards.

-Being FIXATED on Weight Loss is essential for those who are trying to real a *healthy weight.  Counting calories, eating right, working out, every morsel that goes in accounted for.  Eventually if you are FIXATED enough it may become a way of life, requiring a little less all-encompassing thought.  

* I realize that some who are fixated on weight have an unhealthy obsession. I am not talking about anorexia or bulimea, my example are those who accomplish weight loss the right way and reach a "healthy" weight.


What about when things don't go your way? 

-You get injured.  All you can think about is the injury and how frustrated you are.  How PT is a pain and you can't wait to be whole again.  It is hard watching others doing what you love. 

-That goal you set and put in months of hard work, just to come up short on race day.  All that time training?? For what?? To flop on race day?  UGH!!! You want to prove that you could do better.  You want to run another Marathon to get the goal.  You are frustrated and can't believe that all that time was for "nothing."  You go back and forth trying to make yourself feel better.  "Finishing the race was enough," but at the end of the day you still wish you had a redo.

I tend to let things get in my head and stay there.  I get so FIXATED that I can't pull myself out.  It can be a vicious cycle leading to depression and self-abuse.


If you find yourself complacent and want the BLESSING of being FIXATED on something, set a Goal.  Create actions and realistic timelines that will get you to that Goal.  Commit the goal to your mind.  Put reminders on your calendar and in plain site so it is on the forefront of your thoughts.  Reward yourself along the way so that this commitment feels good.

If you are crippled by the CURSE of being FIXATED try a few things:

-Practice being in the moment.  Don't let your mind run.  Whatever activity you are doing commit yourself fully.  Be aware of your surroundings, the people, the places etc.  Let what is bothering you go and LIVE in the moment.  Use all of your senses, you will be amazed how good it feels.

-Find a way to make it Positive.  Think of Cancer survivors, those who keep a positive outlook and fight are more successful.  Change the way you think about something and you may just change your world.

-Talk to others.  I find venting, although a bit childish, does make me feel better.  Be careful not to vent too much, no one wants to be around Debbie Downer.  Giving what you are FIXATED on a voice could be what you need to work through it. 

-Think about something else!!!  There are a million things you can think about.  Don't give in to what you are FIXATED on, move past it.

  • Leave a comment with examples of when you were FIXATED on something and you found it to be a BLESSING and/or CURSE.


Kris said...

This is just what I needed to hear! I've had two races that I just barley missed my goal. I know if it was a better day it would of happened but now I need to set my eyes on what's ahead. Thanks for the post!!

Canuck Mom said...

I am currently fixated on my hamstring injury, GRade 2 strain on almost week 6 of recovery. At first I was angry, then I was positive, now I am depressed. I wrote about it today on my blog. I found it was healthy to write about it. It is my first major injury since starting back to running almost 3 years ago and so right now I am fixated. Plus I have full marathon training starting June 25th and it is my first in many many years. Plus the full marathon I am running I am doing so for a big cause, so I think I am very fixated right now in this silly injury. I needed to read this post. Thanks!!!

Being Robinson said...

i can get fixated without knowing it! and i used to be fixated on running, to an unhealthy level. i find that when i start to lose perspective on something? that's when it's the downside to being fixated. so pretty much the same thought process you have. because it can also turn out pretty great results!

Jess@themommymiles said...

Oh! I Resemble this statement! I do get very fixated on things. For me it tends to be a curse (all though, yes it has driven me to be better at my passions), I find I get so FIXATED on the "plan" that I forget to enjoy the "plan".