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Thursday, May 24, 2012

2 Good + 1 Bad= 3 Things

1.  Earlier this year I was contacted to use a picture from a photo-shoot I did for a Wellness article at my work.  They were planning to use it for the "On the Move" campaign.  I was not sure in what capacity the photo would be used but I of course said yes.  Last Night a friend I worked with posted a picture on facebook of something that looked like a mailer with me on it....hmmmm..  Tonight when I checked the mail there I was.  My heart skipped a beat..I was giddy as I brought it home to show Muscle Man and the Little Studs.
Muscle Man thinks I should frame it.  LS #1 thinks I must be a superstar to be on the mail... it is fun to have some excitement over Mommy in the house.  Inspires me to get on the MOVE and get that body from the photo back :)

2.  My buddy AJ at 5 Miles Past Empty and I are working on something fun!  Writing scripts and hoping to get a video done ASAP.. a little difficult since we are in a Long Distance Run-lationship.. she live in NC, far far far away from WA!! The Video will be posted soon and I hope we can get your support when asked.  In the mean time wish us luck, we are a little defunct in our video making skills and we want the video to impress the lovely ladies at Oiselle.com...

3. BAD BAD NO GOOD UGH!!  The chill I had at the Half Marathon may have been caused by a virus/cold/flu of some sort that has taken over my body..  I have not run since Sunday, I can barely breathe and have had fever and chills.  And I passed it to my hubby.  We are hoping to get the CRUD out of our house and be healthy for the long weekend.  What a bummer to be on a running high and hit such a LOW LOW..

****Hope you are well, sorry I have been MIA, hard to post when all I am doing is eating Chicken Soup and sleeping.  BE well my friends...

Post your 3 things... good, bad, ugly... doesn't matter, I would love to hear :)


Laura said...

That picture is amazing :) Love it! Feel better soon!

Sue's Ramblings said...

Try Manuka Honey - works wonders for throaty stuff

fancy nancy said...

What an awesome honor to be on a flier!! YAY!!! I'm sorry that the bug has hit you two! Hope this weekend has you both feeling better!

Good-It's the weekend!!!
Good-It's the weekend!!! ha ha!
Good-I have a half marathon this weekend to celebrate hitting my half way point with my pregnancy!
Good-It's Memorial Day Weekend aka the unofficial start of Summer!!!
Bad-It's Memorial Day Weekend on Cape Cod....LOTS of traffic on our tiny island!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about being sick! That is never fun.... Get well soon. :)

I have never posted three things like this before. Am I supposed to follow the 2 good + 1 bad format? Anyway here goes:

1) Good = I finally came up with a training plan for the Jungfrau Marathon I will be running in September. That was a lot like birthing my two children, but more painful and less rewarding somehow. LOL Anyway, very exciting to have it on paper.

2) GOOD = Our house is rocking the end of the school year vibes. Can't WAIT for summer vacation for the kids. Somehow I just think it's going to be a good one.

3) BAD = A tender achilles that I thought was just "tender" seems to be lingering a little overlong. So, I hope I'll be able to actually start that great training plan I came up with.

RunningJunkie said...

That's so awesome! I was in Fitness magazine one time! It's so exciting to be recognized for doing something that you love!

Madison M. said...

Your such an inspiration!! Thats awesome!!

I am sorry to hear your sick... I too and fighting a cold that has seemed to develop into no voice, and constant coughing.. BOO.. I have not ran all week either and Its definitely affecting me mentally.. Suchs having the crud and not being able to do what you love... Hope you get to feeling well soon!!

Kris said...

So sorry you don't feel well!! That totally sucks especially right after such an awesome half. I'll be praying for you. Love that pic and I think I would feel pretty cool having my pic circulating the postal or Email service :) Good luck making the video!! 3 things: 1)5k on Sunday 2)switched my half to a 5k but I'm not too bummed by it, makes more sense with my currenct situation 3) my baby girl is 15 months today

swyers said...

Mel, that mailer is amazing...Just think of how many more people you are going to inspire to get moving!! Congrats!

PS. Hope you feel better soon!

christina said...

Sorry to hear you are sick - hopefully its over soon!

That is an amazing picture - you look the picture perfect view of healthy and happy :) Congrats!

Christine said...

Can't wait to see the video! Sounds like a lot of fun!! Hope you feel better by now.

Marlene said...

That picture is amazing - so glad they were able to use it again on some new materials!

So sorry that you've been sick! UGH that is really lasting forever. Get well soon, buddy! HUGS!