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Monday, April 2, 2012

Unfinished Business with (nuun) Hood to Coast- Application

In 2011 I was pleased to be selected for the nuun Hood to Coast Blogger team. There were so many amazing parts to the 197 mile++ journey with nuun and the Bloggers, to name a few I was blessed to..

-Meet Bloggers country-wide

-Be totally pampered by the nuun team

-Decorate our ride
-Travel in a van with some STELLAR people -Re-Connect friend who live MILES away -Convince the King to drink Nuun -See some CRAZY teams -Tattoo STRONG masses, spreading the nuun love -Run my a$$ off -Sweat my nuun off -Run in the dark and dust -Sleep in a field, Sleep when I could -Hand-off to the AMAZING Melody!! -Run in the SUN -Finish my last (and longest) leg in the beauty of Oregon with a SMILE! -Celebrate when I was DONE! -Pose for some fun pictures -CHEER on my teammates -Capture our leader/driver/nuun-er Ken in skirt -Then having a proud Papa moment as our last runner hit the course -He did not want to leave us when it was all over -We had a celebration beverage and watched the Fireworks -I made LIFETIME friends during the 197++ mile EPIC ADVENTURE
You could say that the items above are what the new Bloggers on the 3 teams this year have to look forward to, not that we have to sell the journey to anyone...



with Hood to Coast...

*******Please nuun give me a chance
to do the following in 2012....

1. Experience the excitement of the Start Line..

In Van #2 we did not head up to the Start... 2. Soak in the Majesty of Mount Hood from close up.
I am a Mountain girl, and would love love to get a GREAT picture like my buddy Kerrie did.
3. Ride in Van #1, maybe leg 3 (lucky number)

4. Not get motion sickness (I would be better prepared)

5. By doing the above I would capture more EPIC PICTURES, sure to make nuun marketing materials.

6. Cheer Teammates on as they cross the Finish.

Van #2 was stuck in traffic when our runner Finished..

7. Celebrate with ALL after the race on the BEACH

Below is the party I missed out on.....looks like a BLAST right?? 8. Post Race fun with EVERYONE..
My phone was dead, so I had a blast with my Van-mates, but would have loved to find the group and CELEBRATE the journey.. Hear the stories from the road from all..
9. Run HTC with experience so I know how to FULLY enjoy every step!!

10. Put my sore/tired feet in the waves..
The morning before we left I realized that I never made it into the water...it was what I was running toward for 2 days!!
I ran Hood to Coast....


I didn't make it to the Hood
Mount Hood

Or soak in the Coast
After party and the shore


Pick me in 2012

  • PLEASE leave a comment if you think Tall Mom should be on Team nuun in 2012..

  • If you would like to apply yourself, see the details HERE, applications are accepted until April 9th with the team announced on April 24th!!!


Unknown said...

Of course Tall Mom HAS to be picked this year. It's really a no brainer.

Marlene said...

Good luck! I hope they pick you again. Aren't you the genius behind all of this anyway? It's an obvious choice. ;)

pensive pumpkin said...

oh, you should definitely be picked.

but only because i am, sadly, unavailable. *crying like a baby*

laura6401 said...

Well, YEAH! you need to be on the team!

Seeglammomazonrun said...

They need to pick you so I can read about it here in Ohio.... Good Luck!

Whitney said...

Being in another van would make it a completely different experience. Go Mel!

~K~ said...

Of course Tall Mom should run it this year! How else will we get to hear about it and see pics if our fav bloggers aren't there!? =)

Ricole Runs said...

Van #1 is waaayyy better. Though the traffic last year might have biased my opinion about Van #2! Pick Tall Mom! And me! :-) My application goes up soooon!

Meg O @watchmegorun said...

oh Mel, thanks for making me want to cry by reading this! It just brought back so many memories. I hope they pick you so I can live vicariously through you. *hugs!*

TNTcoach Ken said...

If that's what it takes to get you off your butt and back in gear, PLEASE pick her! HA

Stacy said...

Please pick Tall Mom for HTC! She's an inspiration to runners like me (who have never tried NUUN :)

Mary said...

I love Tall Mom pick her!

Chris said...

You definitely need to be picked. I can't wait to read all about it.

swyers said...

Pick Mel! Pick Mel!!!! I wish I was a blogger so that I could apply, but since I am not and cannot, I would like to live the experience through her! Go Mel Go!!!

Lala Mama said...

Good luck!! I also think that you really should be picked again for the Hood to Coast Relay!

Average Woman Runner said...

Yeah Mel! Very good arguments! Go Mel!

CJ said...

Mel doesn't know me, and she doesn't know that she got me to try nuun, which is now (pink lemonade flavor) my go-to choice for long runs with my camelbak.

Why wouldn't you want her bubbly enthusiasm, experience, sparkly smile, and professional organizational skillz at work (play) for the nuun HTC team?

No brainer: Mel leads the charge in van #1!

Three Girls with a Mom said...

Tall Mom should for sure be on the Nuun team again this year!

kimert said...

I definitely thing Nuun should pick you again!!! Love this post. Good luck!


Kris said...

Yes I think they should pick you again, especially since you didn't get to see the Hood or the Coast!

carrie said...

Pick Tall Mom!!!!

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