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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Push Through

Perseverance is not a long race;
it is many short races one after another.

~Walter Elliott

I had the boys to myself this weekend, Muscle Man was spending time with his Tall Brothers (yes all 3 bros are all over 6'0). Thankfully Tall Grandma came over to watch them for a bit so Tall Sister and I could jog. You see Tall Sister got a boyfriend just after her First Half in July and stopped running :) We took it nice and easy, she pushed through determined not to walk. We are starting over and it was nice to spend 3 miles with my Sister. She lives just down the road, so I see may jogs/runs in our future..

Muscle Man returned and it was Tall Grandma to the rescue again, we took the boys to jump on her trampoline while we got in a Long run. I wanted to do 11, but settled for 9 in my HILLY stomping grounds. We ran Bonney Lake, and the BIG HILLS that come with it.. Our quads burned as we pushed through, one roller after another. The Capital City Half Marathon has some rollers so I wanted to make sure that Muscle Man is prepared, the race is about a month away. He did great!! We talked a bit less but were there 100% to support eachother.. and BONUS it was sunny, I got my first Runner tan of the season.

Mother Nature dealt a tough hand to my friends running The Boston Marathon this year!! The heat was extreme! I was at work so I could do little more than check the results as they came through. I hope to post links to all the race reports this Friday, because wow do they deserve a High Five for pushing through to that Finish Line.

Pouring down rain?? Should we go? Yes we should. WE bundled up the boys, gave them games and enveloped them in the rain cover. We set out...Muscle Man wanted to do 4-5, I wanted 5-7, so we settled for 6. I played Running bird watcher AGAIN, ducks, chickens, large hawk, plump bellied robins, they were all over in the FOWL weather (hehe).

The First Mile hubby was speedy, 8:45 pace! Not sure where that came from, we settled to our regular Double Jogger pace 10:00-10:30.. I felt great, light on my feet and full of energy, which was nice last week I was groggy. The plan was for MM to push the first 3 and I to take over the slightly uphill return. As I took over the heavy lifting my legs yelled at me, first my left quad followed by the left hamstring...OUCH!! We got to the big hill and sped up...I was breathing hard but determined to keep a good pace.

We sped up the last mile, pushing past the pain and fatigue. Last mile chimed at 9:12, which is about sub 2 half pace... I wonder what MM will do once he does not have 100++ pounds to push. This was out fastest 6 miler pushing the boys, 9:48 may not seem overly fast but I feel like we rocked it.. Those boys are NOT LIGHT..

  • When you think you have reached your limit, no matter what it is in your life, realize that you CAN PUSH THROUGH!! Find something in yourself you may not have known was there before. It may be small at first, but you WILL become stronger with each PUSH!!


Brittany said...

You guys DID rock it. Such an inspiration!

Being Robinson said...

nice job lady, i pushed my 18 lb niece in a 5k and was pretty wiped after that! you guys rock :)

pensive pumpkin said...

needed this post. thx.

Michelle said...

Boston was ALL mental! What a great time it was! I'm working on my race report, but I have so many thoughts to gather!
Kudos to you and muscle man for your great runs lately!

Mical said...

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