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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Finding my HAPPY place

My LOVE on the Run
Thanks to everyone who commented yesterday..  I don't like to get caught up in feeling bad for myself, but I am not a Robot, my feelings are real... Today is a new day, I am done beating myself up...MOVING ON!!

Last night Muscle Man set out to drive to the trail with the storm clouds off in the distance. It was muggy and the spring plants made the trail smell "pungent".. We decided early on to trade of pushing the boys (100+ pounds & double jogger) every other mile.. This is how it went...

1- MM- 9:14- He keeps getting faster!  Little Stud #2 was fussy but didn't fall asleep like usual.

2- Me- 9:27- Slightly downhill, my legs were still warming up.  I caught the first of many bugs in my eye during this stretch.

3- MM- 9:43- We were taking it easy at this point not thinking much about pace, just chatting while our legs warmed up.

4- Me- 9:37- Slightly uphill, this section makes me tired when I run without pushing the stroller.  The wind also picked up at this point.. WOW!!  I was fighting wind, jogger and tired legs.. but I made it!!

5- MM- 9:14- This stretch has a BIG uphill which Muscle Man saw as a challenge, he tackled the hill!  I could see the effort he was putting into it, getting stronger with each step.

6- Me- 8:39-I looked at the time and we realized that we could get a family 10K PR if we got a sub 9:00 mile.. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!  My legs were burning, I was pushing it to the limits, Muscle Man was just behind me trying to keep up..

.2- MM- 8:49- We rounded the corner and I did a quick pass off, just then the rain started to POUR!! We sped up and pushed all that we had to get back, we had left the rain cover at home.. oops!!

This was before the run and rain. Fake smiles..hehe

I am BEYOND proud of my husband, this was his fastest 10K ever!!!  At 57 minutes and some change 9:17 pace!! Less than a month to his first Half Marathon race :) HAPPY WIFE!!!

I have some plans brewing to find a Relay to get my fix.. Details soon :)


fancy nancy said...

Kudos to you for pushing a double and kicking it up hills!!! Muscle Man is going to rock his half....must be the coach ;-)

track coach and adorable wife said...

Great run! You and the hubs could always join Stacie, Jason, Jesse and I and do the Spokane to Sandpoint relay! We are still 3 people short and I know you would love running through your old stomping grounds!

XLMIC said...

Yay! Love that the kids were troopers about getting wet!

Emz said...

love the smiles - so adorable.

Jess@themommymiles said...

Love it! Hooray for a family PR!

Anonymous said...

So nice to see you train with your family!!! You have the best of both worlds, spending time with the family and running :)

Ricole Runs said...

Rainier to Ruston will be a BLAST!! I'm sad I can't join in!! I bet you could find a Ragnar too?! Way to go on the family pR!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Congrats to MM for improving--he has a super coach!! ;) Happy family! Lil stud #2 he he!!