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Monday, April 23, 2012

Muscle Man Half Marathon

At the last minute I was asked to join the Mt. Si Relay team with some local Bloggers.. I was TEMPTED!!  I have not run with my friends on the weekends for some time, but then I thought about it.. My priority right now is to help Muscle Man train for his first Half Marathon.  In order to help him get in his long run and to complete the relay I would have had to do 2 long runs.. My knee is not liking long runs lately, so I would risk injury and I would be slow on the Relay team.  So I opted out, Zoe filled in like a champ. 

Muscle Man decided that he wanted to do the Half Marathon distance?!?!?!  The longest he had run before was 10 miles.  We dropped the boys with Tall Grandma (Thanks Grandma!1) at 10am and hit the trail, it was 64 when we started.  I turned on my Garmin, which I had just charged and it said "Battery low."  WHAT?? REALLY?  Figures the day that he is going to run his first half distance and nothing to record it.  Thankfully I have paced the trail countless times and know the mile markers, so we recorded the start time and set out, Garmin died 3 minutes in..

We had a good pace to start and knew that we would have to dodge the recreational crowd.. earlier in the day is when the runners and bikers train.  The trail is more orderly in the earlier hours with less kiddos weaving..  We both carried handhelds and I had Gus and chomps for the halfway point.  This would be the longest total weekly mileage for MM:

Tuesday= 3 hilly miles neighborhood

Wednesday= 6 miles sub 9:45 pace pushing boys

Friday= 10K just over 10min pace pushing boys

About 6 miles in he said his legs were done…uh oh!!  Probably due to the longer/faster miles during the week.  I felt bad for him, I had tons of energy.  I convinced him to take a Gu as we hit the half way point.  We played leap frog with a couple in USA biker jerseys.  I tried to keep the conversation going but I could tell that he was hurting.  The slower pace took a toll on my legs, I started to walk at the same pace as his jog.  I think this hurt his pride so he sped up.  SORRY BABE!

It was hot and Muscle Man was clearly thirsty, I told him to finish his handheld, I had been sipping mine to make sure there was enough for him.  We joked about refilling using the river when I spotted 2 deer to the left, gotta love nature on the run :)  The shaded areas were our savior, we took short walk breaks in the shade.  As we approached the last mile I could see his spirits lift, he also started to be pretty comical and I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe.. A biker passed with an STP jersey, MM said "That guy must have completed Seattle to Portland, or maybe he took his wife's jersey."  This made me grin, I order race shirts in his size when I know they will be unisex, he wears my Marathon shirts proudly.

We finished in just about 2:18, without a Garmin we were guessing but I think it is pretty accurate.  We celebrated with blended mochas and Taco Time.. I am beyond proud of my Half Marathoner!!  I can hardly wait to cross the Finish Line with him on May 20th..  His excitement and passion for running is infectious and makes me so happy!!
  • After the Garmin issue I purchased a new Timex watch on Road Runner with a gift card from my old co-workers, it will arrive this week. 
  • How was your weekend??


Ricole Runs said...

Go muscle man!!!! So excited for him to run his first! We missed you Sunday - lets do it next year!!

protometal @ clippinalong.blogspot.com said...

Just a thought. Katie at Runs for Cookies had a similar Garmin issue and a couple weeks back she noted how her husband cleaned the contacts on it and fixed it. Might want to check it out - worth a shot.

Good luck MM!

Anonymous said...

Great job to Muscle Man! First races are so exciting!

I had a similar issue happen with my long run yesterday, only I didn't really know the route that well. It all worked out in the end and was probably the most relaxed 12 miles I have ever done. There is something to be said for not obsessively looking at a watch! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats MM!! It looks like he got hooked :)

Marlene said...

Congratulations to MM! Already completing the HM distance almost a month out from race day must be great for confidence! Good luck with the rest of his training! Should be no problem with you by his side. Go Tall Team!

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