6'0 tall, former athlete, mother of 3, struggling to keep up on the RUN of daily life.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Cami Checketts Giveaway

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Finding my HAPPY place

My LOVE on the Run
Thanks to everyone who commented yesterday..  I don't like to get caught up in feeling bad for myself, but I am not a Robot, my feelings are real... Today is a new day, I am done beating myself up...MOVING ON!!

Last night Muscle Man set out to drive to the trail with the storm clouds off in the distance. It was muggy and the spring plants made the trail smell "pungent".. We decided early on to trade of pushing the boys (100+ pounds & double jogger) every other mile.. This is how it went...

1- MM- 9:14- He keeps getting faster!  Little Stud #2 was fussy but didn't fall asleep like usual.

2- Me- 9:27- Slightly downhill, my legs were still warming up.  I caught the first of many bugs in my eye during this stretch.

3- MM- 9:43- We were taking it easy at this point not thinking much about pace, just chatting while our legs warmed up.

4- Me- 9:37- Slightly uphill, this section makes me tired when I run without pushing the stroller.  The wind also picked up at this point.. WOW!!  I was fighting wind, jogger and tired legs.. but I made it!!

5- MM- 9:14- This stretch has a BIG uphill which Muscle Man saw as a challenge, he tackled the hill!  I could see the effort he was putting into it, getting stronger with each step.

6- Me- 8:39-I looked at the time and we realized that we could get a family 10K PR if we got a sub 9:00 mile.. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!  My legs were burning, I was pushing it to the limits, Muscle Man was just behind me trying to keep up..

.2- MM- 8:49- We rounded the corner and I did a quick pass off, just then the rain started to POUR!! We sped up and pushed all that we had to get back, we had left the rain cover at home.. oops!!

This was before the run and rain. Fake smiles..hehe

I am BEYOND proud of my husband, this was his fastest 10K ever!!!  At 57 minutes and some change 9:17 pace!! Less than a month to his first Half Marathon race :) HAPPY WIFE!!!

I have some plans brewing to find a Relay to get my fix.. Details soon :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Yesterday and the day before were tough days for me.. I was brought to tears when I found out I had not made the nuun Hood to Coast team.  I went back and forth in applying (for family reasons), when I decided to apply I was ALL IN.  The month leading up to applications due date was the busiest I have ever been in my career as I knew I was changing jobs.  I posted a heartfelt application (HERE), which I KNOW was a far cry from the creative videos across the Blogosphere.  .

I thought that maybe having the IDEA (SEE POST HERE) that sparked the nuun Blogger teams would give me a leg up in the selection process?? Makes sense right?? To nuun's credit they sent me a nice email prior to the announcement of the teams. Unfortunately the vast number of PNW Bloggers who applied pushed me to the back of the pack.  HUGS and giant congrats to the Seattle Bloggers- Zoe, Ricole and Lindsay you all will represent well!!  Here I am left out because my idea was too popular.. DEFINITION OF IRONY!!

I am trying to put my Big Girl Pants on and take it like a champ.... But I am SAD!!  I feel like the little girl standing on the sidelines waiting to be picked….WAITING.. And it never happens… 

I had such a blast last year, nuun took very good care of all of us, we were truly spoiled..  There were some things that I think could have been improved on, maybe I was too vocal about that, not sure?? It is emotional running on no sleep, etc.. and I am not great at hiding my emotions...

BOTTOM LINE, nuun team or not, I have unfinished business with Hood to Coast!!!  If anyone knows a team looking for a runner please let me know :) send an email to TALL MOM CLICK HERE

***Please don't take this post as a slight on those who made the team.  I am excited for EVERY runner who nuun has selected, they earned their spots.  Good Luck Ladies!!

  • Quick Question: I know I have many readers outside of WA.  Please leave a comment with the State, City optional of where you live :)
  • PS...getting used to the new Blogger.. sorry for all the Highlighting...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Quote a day...

Feelings are much like waves, we can't stop them from coming but we can choose which one to surf.  
~Jonatan MÃ¥rtensson

Give thanks for what you are now, and keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow.  
~Fernanda Miramontes-Landeros

Now that it's all over, what did you really do yesterday that's worth mentioning?  
~Coleman Cox

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.  
~Jimmy Johnson

Don't look where you fall, but where you slipped. 
 ~African Proverb

The important thing is this:  to be able at any moment to sacrifice that which we are for what we could become.  
~Charles Du Bos

[T]ime you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.  
~Marthe Troly-Curtin

Whatever you are be a good one.  
~Abraham Lincoln

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.  
~Douglas Adams

  • Lots of things going on in Tall Mom land, will share soon...
  • Are you out there??

Monday, April 23, 2012

Muscle Man Half Marathon

At the last minute I was asked to join the Mt. Si Relay team with some local Bloggers.. I was TEMPTED!!  I have not run with my friends on the weekends for some time, but then I thought about it.. My priority right now is to help Muscle Man train for his first Half Marathon.  In order to help him get in his long run and to complete the relay I would have had to do 2 long runs.. My knee is not liking long runs lately, so I would risk injury and I would be slow on the Relay team.  So I opted out, Zoe filled in like a champ. 

Muscle Man decided that he wanted to do the Half Marathon distance?!?!?!  The longest he had run before was 10 miles.  We dropped the boys with Tall Grandma (Thanks Grandma!1) at 10am and hit the trail, it was 64 when we started.  I turned on my Garmin, which I had just charged and it said "Battery low."  WHAT?? REALLY?  Figures the day that he is going to run his first half distance and nothing to record it.  Thankfully I have paced the trail countless times and know the mile markers, so we recorded the start time and set out, Garmin died 3 minutes in..

We had a good pace to start and knew that we would have to dodge the recreational crowd.. earlier in the day is when the runners and bikers train.  The trail is more orderly in the earlier hours with less kiddos weaving..  We both carried handhelds and I had Gus and chomps for the halfway point.  This would be the longest total weekly mileage for MM:

Tuesday= 3 hilly miles neighborhood

Wednesday= 6 miles sub 9:45 pace pushing boys

Friday= 10K just over 10min pace pushing boys

About 6 miles in he said his legs were done…uh oh!!  Probably due to the longer/faster miles during the week.  I felt bad for him, I had tons of energy.  I convinced him to take a Gu as we hit the half way point.  We played leap frog with a couple in USA biker jerseys.  I tried to keep the conversation going but I could tell that he was hurting.  The slower pace took a toll on my legs, I started to walk at the same pace as his jog.  I think this hurt his pride so he sped up.  SORRY BABE!

It was hot and Muscle Man was clearly thirsty, I told him to finish his handheld, I had been sipping mine to make sure there was enough for him.  We joked about refilling using the river when I spotted 2 deer to the left, gotta love nature on the run :)  The shaded areas were our savior, we took short walk breaks in the shade.  As we approached the last mile I could see his spirits lift, he also started to be pretty comical and I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe.. A biker passed with an STP jersey, MM said "That guy must have completed Seattle to Portland, or maybe he took his wife's jersey."  This made me grin, I order race shirts in his size when I know they will be unisex, he wears my Marathon shirts proudly.

We finished in just about 2:18, without a Garmin we were guessing but I think it is pretty accurate.  We celebrated with blended mochas and Taco Time.. I am beyond proud of my Half Marathoner!!  I can hardly wait to cross the Finish Line with him on May 20th..  His excitement and passion for running is infectious and makes me so happy!!
  • After the Garmin issue I purchased a new Timex watch on Road Runner with a gift card from my old co-workers, it will arrive this week. 
  • How was your weekend??

Thursday, April 19, 2012

3 Things Thursday

Thanks to those who still check in, I really appreciate it and I am VERY SORRY that I have not replied.. I read every comment and hope to reciprocate soon.

1. Half Marathons on the brain.

It is RACING season!! The next few months I have loads of Half Marathons:

(#8) Capital City May 20th- With Muscle Man for his 1st

(#9) Rock N Roll Seattle June 23rd- Annual awesome event!

(#10) Fueled by Fine Wine July 15th- With Muscle Man for a weekend getaway before vacation

August???- Any ideas?

(#11) September- You Go Girl Sept 16th

I have no choice but to stay in shape… I am excited to get into double digits for Half Marathons completed.

2. Circle of Moms- VOTE please!!

Last year I was in the top 25 for active mom bloggers on Circle of Moms. Now I am on the list for top 25 most "outdoorsy" moms. Considering I love to be outside rain or shine I will take it.. If you have a few seconds please go HERE and VOTE for me.. While there click on your other favorite Bloggers too, you can vote multiple times. I campaigned pretty hard last year.. I don't plan to do that this time but would LOVE to stay in the top 25. THANKS!!

3. What to buy??

I was SPOILED by my old co-workers and the team I supported. I was given generous gift card to Road Runner sports and Target.

From Road Runner (HERE) I need to get a new GPS Running watch. When I think of Watches I go to DC Rainmaker HERE for his in depth reviews. There are 2 Timex watches which I am considering. Both reviews were pretty good. Does anyone have experience with either of these watches to help me decide? If I go cheaper I will have a few dollars for some apparel, but what if I want a heart rate strap later.. Hmmmm.. Decisions!!

I have wanted an external harddrive for some time to backup our photos. I looked online at Target HERE but have no clue how to determine what would work best for us. Thoughts??

  • Share 3 things about you in a comment...

  • High Five Friday tomorrow... and I WILL post it this time!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Push Through

Perseverance is not a long race;
it is many short races one after another.

~Walter Elliott

I had the boys to myself this weekend, Muscle Man was spending time with his Tall Brothers (yes all 3 bros are all over 6'0). Thankfully Tall Grandma came over to watch them for a bit so Tall Sister and I could jog. You see Tall Sister got a boyfriend just after her First Half in July and stopped running :) We took it nice and easy, she pushed through determined not to walk. We are starting over and it was nice to spend 3 miles with my Sister. She lives just down the road, so I see may jogs/runs in our future..

Muscle Man returned and it was Tall Grandma to the rescue again, we took the boys to jump on her trampoline while we got in a Long run. I wanted to do 11, but settled for 9 in my HILLY stomping grounds. We ran Bonney Lake, and the BIG HILLS that come with it.. Our quads burned as we pushed through, one roller after another. The Capital City Half Marathon has some rollers so I wanted to make sure that Muscle Man is prepared, the race is about a month away. He did great!! We talked a bit less but were there 100% to support eachother.. and BONUS it was sunny, I got my first Runner tan of the season.

Mother Nature dealt a tough hand to my friends running The Boston Marathon this year!! The heat was extreme! I was at work so I could do little more than check the results as they came through. I hope to post links to all the race reports this Friday, because wow do they deserve a High Five for pushing through to that Finish Line.

Pouring down rain?? Should we go? Yes we should. WE bundled up the boys, gave them games and enveloped them in the rain cover. We set out...Muscle Man wanted to do 4-5, I wanted 5-7, so we settled for 6. I played Running bird watcher AGAIN, ducks, chickens, large hawk, plump bellied robins, they were all over in the FOWL weather (hehe).

The First Mile hubby was speedy, 8:45 pace! Not sure where that came from, we settled to our regular Double Jogger pace 10:00-10:30.. I felt great, light on my feet and full of energy, which was nice last week I was groggy. The plan was for MM to push the first 3 and I to take over the slightly uphill return. As I took over the heavy lifting my legs yelled at me, first my left quad followed by the left hamstring...OUCH!! We got to the big hill and sped up...I was breathing hard but determined to keep a good pace.

We sped up the last mile, pushing past the pain and fatigue. Last mile chimed at 9:12, which is about sub 2 half pace... I wonder what MM will do once he does not have 100++ pounds to push. This was out fastest 6 miler pushing the boys, 9:48 may not seem overly fast but I feel like we rocked it.. Those boys are NOT LIGHT..

  • When you think you have reached your limit, no matter what it is in your life, realize that you CAN PUSH THROUGH!! Find something in yourself you may not have known was there before. It may be small at first, but you WILL become stronger with each PUSH!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I MISS Blogging

Wow have I been absent all week???
I started my new job on Monday. In the past people had asked me how I fit in working full time, running, and Blogging, etc... WELL the answer was that I got up a little earlier to blog in the morning. But at my new job I go in earlier, so I can get off at 3:30. I am staring at the computer all day so by the time I get home the computer is the last thing I want to see... For now I don't have a new Bloggy rhythm, but I will get back to it. Good News is that I am LOVING the work/life balance and catching on fast to a totally new job. Since I get off early Running at night has been easy!! Below is a recap of my recent Runs..
  • FYI if I am MIA on the Blog I can be found other places... friend me on Dailymile HERE or like me on Facebook HERE.
  • Saturday (Today): Solo run soon, pushing the boys.. 5-6 miles.
  • Fri/Thurs: My knee was a bit sore so I took a little break
  • Wed: 3 Miles on the Treadmill. Little Stud #1 wanted me to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks ChipWrecked with him (they are sort of obsessed with the movies right now) so I opted for a treadmill run. I tried to kick up the pace a little but my body does not want to go fast (for me) lately. So I coasted around 8:30, then sweaty after the run sat and finished the movie with the Little Studs.
  • Tues: 3 miles in the neighborhood with the family. It is HILLY in our neighborhood and I could feel the impact. But having Muscle Man by my side helps. When we got back we did Jillian 30 Day Shred Level 2. WOW is that tough, there were a few things I opted out of because of my knee. I am really good at the double Jump rope move, we did jump rope to warm up for basketball practice in high school, I guess it stuck :)
  • Mon: 3 miles in the neighborhood with the family. We hoped the track would be open so the Little Studs could run around, but the HS track was busy so we went to the Jr. high clay track, did a few laps then headed home.
  • Easter Sunday: No run, LOADS of food...oops!! Tall Sister moved just down the block from us and hosted Easter. We walked to her house and had a fun day. For the past few years it has rained on Easter, but that day was PERFECT!
Saturday: 10 miles with the Boys. The weather was ideal so we loaded up snacks and water and hit the trail. We started from South Prairie, which meant we would have a decent hill at the end of the run. Little Studs with Hats, Sunglasses, blankets and DS for entertainment. LS #2, true to form, fell fast asleep within the first mile, LOVE him!! Overall the boys were pretty good, the only stops we made were to pass out snacks or drinks.. Mid way we took a quick break to refuel. This was hubby's first trial of nuun, he was not a fan, but I don't usually drink nuun mid run, I drink it before or after, so will give it another try this week. But we did have Success in the Gu department, the Chocolate Gu was a hit (He was doing his impression of Zoolander I think). The second half of the run we slowed a bit due to the slight incline. I was tired and THIRSTY, we need more water next time. At the end of the trail there is a great coffee stand, so we rewarded ourselves with a Coffee shake and the boys with cute little Apple juice cans, we sat as they ran around..it was so peaceful and fun. We promised the boys that they could play in the River when we Finished.. .Cant beat the scenery!! I am so proud of Muscle Man. I talked to him a bit about what we would wear on race day and if he wanted to match with me. I may go buy our outfits and see what he thinks.. The Little Studs has fun in the COLD water. We were not in a rush to get anywhere so we let them play. Gotta love these kiddos!! Today I am solo with the Little Studs, hubby is with his brothers, but he will be back tomorrow for another Long run. The Sun is out!! I am trying to find the energy to push the boys for 5-6 miles.. Maybe a second cup of coffee will help.
  • Thanks for Reading!
  • GOOD LUCK to all the Boston Runners!!
  • Hard to believe it has been 1 year since my last Marathon!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A good RUN at it

Today is my last day of my current Big Girl Job... I started here on December 14, 2004...and I will leave today having learned a ton, grown into a totally different person and with friendships I know will last a lifetime. It is Bittersweet.. I have an amazing job with opportunities to travel the world and experience more than you could imagine... However with the job comes a blurred line between work and life, a line I am not willing to have blurred any longer...

  • I am off to find a Balance, that new world starts Monday.. I doubt I will be Blogging much as my brain will be filled with learning my new job...

The trouble with leaving my current office is that I will also leave behind my running trails and more importantly my lunch Running buddy Kerrie..

I still remember the first time we ran together, read about it HERE.. She was scared to run with me, and did not believe she could run in the 10's pace wise... she wore my FAVORITE (sarcasm) jacket on the run :) Today she is amazingly fit, confident and FAST!!! I consider Kerrie one of my closest friends and although I will MISS our lunch runs I know that we will see each other often.. I joked yesterday that she will probably get FASTER without me holding her back at lunch...hehehehehe..

Pace me soon Kerrie???
I had to snap a few pics of our last run... I took Kerrie on a new (to her) path near the office with HILLS, and red clay trail... it was fun to adventure around for out last lunch run.. WavingWaving bye to Miss Kerrie Love this Girl!! I have to say this is one of my favorite picks of the 2 of us...YIPPEE Thanks Kerrie for the miles, the friendship and the fun... I hope you can find a new lunch run buddy soon :)

  • VACATION day tomorrow!!! I am hoping the sun comes out so I can enjoy some active fun with the family..

  • What are your plans for the weekend? Easter? etc..

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Not very far or very fast... but I have truly ENJOYED getting out there and going with the flow.. If we are friends on DailyMile (HERE) you may be up to date...but here is a little recap of the Running happenings lately..

April 3rd: Foothills trail 4 miler
There is still light when I get home now, so that means more family runs!!! We set out with grumpy boys, thankfully one fell asleep within the first mile, but LS#1 was a little brat.. I feel badly calling our son that but WOW!! Unfortunately he has picked up some bad habits assuming from kids school and it makes me sad :( Muscle Mans quads were sore but he pushed through, I helped a bit with the Double Jogger up the hill...NOW THAT IS A WORKOUT!! April 2nd: Foothills trail Bike Riding
OK this wasn't a run but we still got out there... the HOPE was to get the Little Studs excited about riding bikes so that we would have less weight in the Double Jogger. It was a CHALLENGE.. I had them put on a smile for the picture (I love dressing them in matching track suits) But the real feelings were this (see photo below)... Little Stud #1 picked it up a bit better which is good because he has totally outgrown the jogger, like 2 years ago :) April 1st: Foothills Trail 9 miler
Tall Grandma watched the boys so we could get in a good long run, Thanks MOM!! It was rainy and windy with some spots of sun.. I had the hardest time regulating my temperature on this run, I would be HOT then freezing.. I have never had that problem before. The rain got heavier as we went, Muscle Man opted for short sleeves, BRRRRR!! We kept a good pace and midway through Muscle Man tried his first Gu...Lemon Sublime....he took it like a champ, but requested a different flavor for our long run this week, so I got Chocolate for him from Fleet Feet. We took a picture in the car since we were very cold... So PROUD!! Double digits this weekend.. March 29th: 4 mile Lunch run with Kerrie
This was a hard day for my friend as she was facing saying goodbye to a cherished pal later that day.. I could tell she was sad from a far as we ran toward each other, usually she does a cute little wave. I have run through some tough times and know how hard it is to cry and run....so I made her stop and gave her a BIG HUG!!! We continued on when she was ready, dodging the Canadian Geese on the path. The rain poured down, to add to the somber day. We both had heavy legs, I had to drop Kerrie early to get back to an afternoon meeting.

March 28th- RAINY 5 mile lunch run with Kerrie
I looked outside and it was pouring so I emailed Kerrie, she said she was going no matter what...GOOD THING because I would have skipped it. It was rainy and windy...YIPPEE.. We kept a good pace and talked the whole time, determined not to let the weather get us down!!

March 24th - 8 miles with the Family
It was one of the busiest weeks EVER at work, I did not fit in mid weeks runs so I was well rested for this Long Run. I had plans to help Tall Sister move so we pushed the run to the morning, before the sun came out. It was COLD barely in the 40's, I felt bad for the little studs.. BRRRR!! Just over 10min pace, only stopping to tend to the boys, it was a GREAT run.. Once of those days I felt like I could run all day..
So that gets you caught up...

Tomorrow is my last day in my current job... which means that soon I will have a schedule that I can plan around. This will give me the opportunity to get back on track!!! With RNR Seattle right around the corner it is time to get back to 4-5 days a week of running and more.. I am excited to put together a training plan and actually follow it :)

Today is my last lunch run with the AMAZING & ADORABLE Kerrie.. I will be sure to bring my camera to capture our antics...

Monday, April 2, 2012

Unfinished Business with (nuun) Hood to Coast- Application

In 2011 I was pleased to be selected for the nuun Hood to Coast Blogger team. There were so many amazing parts to the 197 mile++ journey with nuun and the Bloggers, to name a few I was blessed to..

-Meet Bloggers country-wide

-Be totally pampered by the nuun team

-Decorate our ride
-Travel in a van with some STELLAR people -Re-Connect friend who live MILES away -Convince the King to drink Nuun -See some CRAZY teams -Tattoo STRONG masses, spreading the nuun love -Run my a$$ off -Sweat my nuun off -Run in the dark and dust -Sleep in a field, Sleep when I could -Hand-off to the AMAZING Melody!! -Run in the SUN -Finish my last (and longest) leg in the beauty of Oregon with a SMILE! -Celebrate when I was DONE! -Pose for some fun pictures -CHEER on my teammates -Capture our leader/driver/nuun-er Ken in skirt -Then having a proud Papa moment as our last runner hit the course -He did not want to leave us when it was all over -We had a celebration beverage and watched the Fireworks -I made LIFETIME friends during the 197++ mile EPIC ADVENTURE
You could say that the items above are what the new Bloggers on the 3 teams this year have to look forward to, not that we have to sell the journey to anyone...



with Hood to Coast...

*******Please nuun give me a chance
to do the following in 2012....

1. Experience the excitement of the Start Line..

In Van #2 we did not head up to the Start... 2. Soak in the Majesty of Mount Hood from close up.
I am a Mountain girl, and would love love to get a GREAT picture like my buddy Kerrie did.
3. Ride in Van #1, maybe leg 3 (lucky number)

4. Not get motion sickness (I would be better prepared)

5. By doing the above I would capture more EPIC PICTURES, sure to make nuun marketing materials.

6. Cheer Teammates on as they cross the Finish.

Van #2 was stuck in traffic when our runner Finished..

7. Celebrate with ALL after the race on the BEACH

Below is the party I missed out on.....looks like a BLAST right?? 8. Post Race fun with EVERYONE..
My phone was dead, so I had a blast with my Van-mates, but would have loved to find the group and CELEBRATE the journey.. Hear the stories from the road from all..
9. Run HTC with experience so I know how to FULLY enjoy every step!!

10. Put my sore/tired feet in the waves..
The morning before we left I realized that I never made it into the water...it was what I was running toward for 2 days!!
I ran Hood to Coast....


I didn't make it to the Hood
Mount Hood

Or soak in the Coast
After party and the shore


Pick me in 2012

  • PLEASE leave a comment if you think Tall Mom should be on Team nuun in 2012..

  • If you would like to apply yourself, see the details HERE, applications are accepted until April 9th with the team announced on April 24th!!!