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Friday, February 17, 2012


Missing In (no) Action

Sorry I have been a out of it this week..

Early in the week I was on an interview pannel for my Big Girl job, which was a BLAST!! I really enjoy the interview process and it is even better being on the question asking side.. Being on the panel meant I had a packed schedule and needed to look respectable all day, leaving little room for a mid-day sweat fest.

We fit in one night run Wednesday this week, it was DARK, the light from the Little Studs DS games lit the way for us. 3 miles in the chill, I could not warm up the rest of the night. The FUN part was that Muscle Man asked me to help him add an account on DailyMile and hung up his Half training plan on the fridge..

BONUS- Muscle Man gave the gift of Running for Valentines. He registered US for a Half Marathon in wine country Oregon in July. LOVE HIM!

Then Thursday it hit me...

I could not get out of bed, totally zapped of energy, light headed, just out of it. I spent the day Zombified on the couch..Sick Day. About all I accomplished was getting caught up on the TV I missed while in Panama.... oh and a quick alphabet lesson with Little Stud #2, he is wicked Smart..

Today I am a little better but not much.

The guilt about not working out is gut-wrenching but at this point I do not feel that I have the energy to run..

I am HOPING I feel better tomorrow so I can put in some morning miles with Muscle Man and the Little Studs prior to heading to the city for a co-worker's baby shower. Then it is Kitchen flip 2012. Lots of good things. Come back to me energy..

  • How was your week? Highlights? Lowlights?


Alanna said...

Lowlights: Colin's working late all the time right now because it's tax season... boo to missing clinic runs!

Highlight: had my blood lactate test and am now waiting for results. Hopefully I'll become a more efficient runner because of it.

Junk Food Runner said...

I ran the Wine Country Half-Marathon last year! I loved it, the scenery is gorgeous and the course has some good hills to keep it interesting. The start is awesome too, it begins on a vineyard at sunrise. You guys will have a fantastic time!

christina said...

what a great vday gift!

My week was so so - had some HORRIBLE days at work that were exhausting. Looking forward to this weekend. I have a date with my 5 year old today, we are going on a hike. And my baby girl giggled for the first time this week to brighten me up :)

Rachelle Q said...

Hope you feel better! The weather certainly doesn't help! That race sounds fun!

The Mommy Miles said...

Give yourself permission to take care of yourself. No guilt! You will be better for it, promise!

Kris said...

Feel Better Soon!! I fought that crap last week but it was over in about week, I also ran a 5k during the end of it which wasn't too bad given the way I felt. You'll be able to run soon :)

Kristin Miller said...

I just wrote about the SAME symptoms and sick day this past Monday. It took my three full days to recover. I also mentioned GUILT. Is it guilt? Is it a desire to be healthy? Is it a desire to do what we love? Ugh. I don't know. I'm still trying to figure it out! Thankfully I'm on the mend, I wish you the best and a "speedy" recovery!

Kerrie said...

Bummer. Feel better soon!

Sara said...

Highlights: got to work out with the hubby twice this week and we're leaving for Cabo on Tuesday!! Woohoo!
I had a nasty stomach bug two weeks ago:( Took me a week to feel better! Hope you're better soon!

Michelle said...

oooo you will love the Wine Country Half! Its so beautiful here and they are changing the course to make it much less gravel. Hope I get a chance to meet you!

Feel better soon! XOXOX

Karen said...

Yup, sounds like you got the creeping crud. I had it a couple weeks ago in a hotel. Essentially collapsed and slept for 48 hrs. The good news is, it doesn't seem to linger. The truck runs over you, you rest, then you feel better. Take care!