6'0 tall, former athlete, mother of 3, struggling to keep up on the RUN of daily life.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Find the GOOD

Thank you to ALL who commented yesterday. It is nice to know that I am not alone. I was truly touched by the outpouring of support and honesty. It is not often that I get stuck in a rut and want to be someone, something or someway other than me.. when it happens I find it is helpful to look for the GOOD.. I create lists to remind myself what I LOVE about me. I think this is a good exercise for ALL and can translate to any aspect of your life. Below are a few examples:

GOOD things about Tall Mom the Career Woman:
I am proactive
Strong ability to multitask
High attention to detail
I won't settle for less than my best

GOOD things about Tall Mom the Mom:
I respect our kids as individuals
Parent as a team with my spouse
Always Kiss them goodnight
Work hard to pay the bills and provide for our family
Set a good example

GOOD things about Tall Mom the Runner:
I can run FAST with training
Help my running friends and others reach their running goals
I ran Boston.
Each race I will run and have run makes me SMILE
Running is a part of my life, regardless of the miles per week.

GOOD things about Tall Mom the Woman:
Thick hair and full lips
Strong build

Try this exercise. Write it on paper, or type it out. Put the list, or lists, in a place where you can easily read them when you are having a down moment/day. While you cannot change who you are, you can change the way that you view yourself.

****Special message to my young reader(s). I often forget that there may be young ladies who read this blog. I feel like most who read are women in my age group or thereabouts, but a comment yesterday struck me. I know how it was to be a Tall teenager and feel out of place and like no one would love me because I was so different. Hormones play a huge part in self-esteem in ages 13-21. I was a MESS for many of those years. All I can say is IT WILL GET BETTER! Don't let fear of how others will judge you drive ANY decision in your life!! Life is too short to worry how you look to others. At the end of the day I am guessing people think much more about themselves than they do about you. I am not 100% coordinated, I look gangly and awkward, but I embrace it and can laugh at myself. You are YOUNG, find your way, make your life the way you want it to be. (And for Spiralgirl- There is a special person out there for everyone, you will find him someday, don't get discouraged and don't spend your life LOOKING, when the time is right it WILL happen)

  • OK folks give me a list. Post 5 things that are GOOD about you, can be about any part of your life you wish to share. Leave a Comment. ALL POSITIVE THINGS TODAY!!


Laura said...

Laura the worker - I understand finances and am an excel wizard.
Laura the runner - I DO NOT QUIT.
Laura the crossfitter - I can lift some freakin' 'uge weights.
Laura the animal lover - someday I will walk into a shelter and take home the dog that has been there the longest.
Laura the wife - my husband's happiness is incredibly important to me and I'm working hard to help him be happy.

TNTcoach Ken said...

I'm Tall, Dark and handy!

diana said...

*Once I finally started focusing, I lost the rest of my baby weight (16lbs) in 7 weeks. (The shape is another story altogether)
*I kind of like my stretch marks. They remind me that there was a baby in there and that's powerful. I'm powerful.
*No matter how many times I fall off the running wagon, I always come back to it.
*I never stop trying to make my husband happy.
*I never stop trying to learn how to cook.
*I'm pretty good at my job, most days.

Unknown said...

I like to break awkward silences. I laugh a lot with friends and family. I find awesome deals. I hug my kids and tell them I love them every day. I make up songs about our life and sing them really loudly to my family.

Heather Cacak said...

Mel, I just read yesterday's post. Even though I'm not nearly as tall as you, I feel the same way. Know you are not alone. I spent a lot of years focusing on nothing but my weight, and I finally had to let it go. I am bigger than most gals. I am also healthier than most, despite my weight! I'm a great mom. I'm a super wife. I could beat down most pro chefs with my awesome vegan/gluten free meals. I'm very organized, determined, strong, and sassy. :) (PS, you rock! I wish you lived closer to the Portland/Vancouver area so you could be my coach.)

robinbb said...

I keep reading your original post and wrote about it on my blog today....


Thanks again for posting Mel!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

So glad to "hear" that happy upbeat Mel today!

1. I love to cook and am willing o make new things.
2. I am creative.
3. I am dedicated, determined and down right stubborn. (but it's a positive thing!)
4. I have hair that grows like crazy.
5. I was given 3 children to raise. I am blessed!

Elizabeth said...

i am fit, i am fast, i love to laugh, i run for charity, i have the best girl friends and boyfriend a girl could ask for.

Unknown said...

I love that you can run fast without training, I'm so very jealous of that gift you have...

ajh said...

As a mother - I have raised two wonderful children
As an athlete - I continue to find new goals and challenge myself. I don't let things like how I look as a swimmer stop me from registering for my first tri. I'll go alone to races to follow my passion if no one else is going. Exercise is a priority. No excuses!

Kerrie said...

Love your note to the younger readers: I was tall for my age (5'7" in the 5th-6th grade!) and it was hard. This one guy called me high tower. I so wanted to be petite. But NOW I am glad I am "taller." :)

And I love this post! 5 things:
1. I read to my son every single night: multiple books! I cherish this special time we have together.
2. Strong body!
3. That I'm willing to try new things.
4. Lots of wonderful friends in my life!
5. That my husband loves me no matter what size I am.

gba_gf said...

Ginny the student - I study hard and get the best grades I can.
Ginny the Mom - I sit down and *eat* a family breakfast every school day so we can have normal, non-stress time before school M-F, even if it's at 6:45am.
Ginny the Runner - I usually remember to savor the run. I can find something good in every run.
Ginny the friend - I'm there to lift up and support my peeps when they need me.
Ginny the woman - I have pretty eyes.

Thanks for this.

Lala Mama said...

1. I'm courageous - b/c I've been through so much with my health.

2. I feel so much joy and freedom in my runs...makes even the most horrible run a lot of fun!

3. I'm encouraging...love supporting my friends.

4. I'm reliable - I get the job done.

5. Most of all, I'm blessed with so much, and thankful for all of it. :)

Thank you for sharing a part of yourself in these posts... for me, it was a time for reminders and reflection, b/c I know my own daughter will face these same challenges, and I need to think about how I can help make it less daunting/more comfortable for her as a tall, lanky girl growing up.

Elizabeth said...

Let me just say, Mel...I love your blog! I just found it when I googled female running blogs and yours came up! I am currently training for my first half marathon at the end of September. I'm right at 200-210 pounds doing my very best to lose weight and eat healthy. I'm on my way to getting my weight down, but I do struggle with the fact that I don't have that typical runner's body. What I'm getting at...is thank you so much for posting what you did about there being all shapes and sizes at these running events. You have helped calm my nerves a little bit. Thank you for your inspirational words, and I cannot wait to read more! :)


Evie said...

All tall women need to remind themselves to do this (even after all these years I forget , thanks for the reminder).
I have pretty, full lips.
I'm a mom & I love my kids!
I'm a good teacher.
I lost 67 lbs.
I'm funny.

Darlene said...

As a career woman - I always go beyond to those I teach or train my time and expertise
As a wife - I pay all the bills & economize as much as possible
As a person - I am dependable always doing what I say I will and when
As an athlete - no matter the sport I always give my best

Christine said...

Love this post! I always have tough times to find goods things about me, but I could immediately tell you 5 bad ones. I have to change my thinking. So here it goes.

5 good things about myself:
1. would do anything for my friends
2. great organizer and multi-tasker
3. I truly care about people who are close to me
4. very supportive
5. hard worker

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

So important to remember! I forget this too and received some backlash from a workout I titled sarcastically, but could be offensive... Hugs!