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Monday, February 6, 2012

Family Runventure

The Weather this weekend was PERFECT!!! Warm, Sunny, ideal for a family run. We set out with Mount Rainier in full view, so beautiful. Muscle Man Agreed to 5 miles on the Foothills trail, with stops for the Little Studs of course.

STOP #1:

Visiting with our Emu friend, she really liked the boys and made her strange dinosaur noises.

STOP #2:
We traversed the rocky cliff to a private beach spot below. Tossed rocks in the water and avoided getting our sneakers wet (barely)
Yes he poses like his Mommy..
See.. I was a little hot in my long sleeves and CEP Compression Sleeves.
Not sure how Little Stud #2 avoided getting his photo snapped.. Sneaky little guy. Muscle Man worked up a sweat, we still had 1.4 miles back to the Jeep.

STOP #3:
The smallest baby calf I have ever seen was so adorable, it was so new it could barely walk. The boys did not like the smell so we didn't stay long.
STOP #4:
The boys got out to run the bike jump hills, I took a video which I may post later..

STOP #5:
DONE!! I went to the nearby bakery for a little snack for everyone and they went to the Park..

5 miles, with some stops for fun. I was not worried about pace or getting back to the family because they were there with me.

Muscle Man wants to run the Capital City Half Marathon in May as his first Half. This is cool because Capital City was my first Half also. I plan to toss away my speed demon ways, reassess my 2012 running goals and join him for the training journey.

Off to make a training plan for us :)



Unknown said...

I think making a run a family memory is way better than being a speed demon. Good for you!

susette said...

Absolutely perfect!!

christina said...

What a great family run for everyone! I talked my hubby into doing the Virginia Beach half when I did my first marathon. He thought he was too good to train and was HURTING ... now to talk him into doing another one the right way :)

Nicole said...

What a fun family run! I wish we had more cool stuff around us so I could take my girls on a fun run, there isn't much scenery around here! Cool that muscle man wants to run a half with you.

Marlene said...

So much fun! :)

Amy said...

Send some of that warm weather up north, will ya? Looks like a beautiful day!

Ricole said...

What a fun weekend run! Wasn't the weather just GORGEOUS?! I wish it could be like that all the time!

Tricia said...


Marissa said...

how fabulous to run as a family and get everyone out there, active and healthy :)

When I taught P.E, the super healthy kiddos used to ALWAYS tell me about walks/runs/hikes with their parents and I'd be SO proud...told them to go home and thank their parents for raising them with such STRONG values!