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Thursday, February 9, 2012

3 Things Thursday- Run and Reviews

Welcome new Tall Mom Bloggy Pack Members!! Nice to have you :)

1. Yesterday I ran with the lovely Kerrie @ Mom vs. Marathon. Have a mentioned that there was a time that Kerrie was intimidated to run with me because I was faster than her?? Well those days are long gone. I have not done much speedwork lately so this lady KICKS MY BUTT!! Our workout was doable, but challenging!! We had 4 miles at her mid-tempo pace which was 8:23, in 2010 I ran a Marathon at 8:18 per mile overall pace but yesterday it took great focus for me to keep in the pace zone. I was glad to have Kerrie there. The first 2 miles were pretty easy, we talked a lot....but by mile 3 I was gasping for air. The loop around the pond near my office is ideal for mile repeats and pace runs because it is flat, but there are Garmin gremlins so I am not entirely sure that our splits were correct. 5.2 miles at 8:30ish overall pace, not to shabby folks!!

All in all a GREAT run with my buddy. This year I was planning to train for a fast 5K, but unfortunately my knee does not want to join the party.. so my Goals have shifted a bit (more about that soon). I am GLAD I was able to keep up with Kerrie and push myself.. Photo of a dark and rainy day in the PNW..

2. Many of you were excited when Brooks Introduced the Pure Project line of Shoes. I was too!! Thankfully being the Brooks freak that I am, I was sent a pair of Pure Cadence to put through the paces. At $120 these shoes are an investment!!

Brooks Pure Project:
The PureProject collection is a tribute to runners with a sense of adventure and a craving to grab their run by the horns. Radically lightweight, flexible materials merge with smart design to naturally align your stride and empower every push-off. Unleash your feet; experience the PureProject by Brooks with four unique shoes in vibrant colors.
Vibrant colors is right, just look at these beauties!! I took these out of the box and hopped on the treadmill nearly immediately. Since then I have worn these 1-2 times per week with a max run of 8 miles.


#1. They are GREAT for treadmill running because they are light weight.

#2. The shoes are breathable but may not be the best on soggy days, your toes may end up pretty damp.

#3. The tread makes you feel bouncy and connected to the road.

#4. Due to the minimalist design you will notice that your feet have to work a little harder, my arches were a bit sore when I was working them in.

#5. You want to take your time building up mileage in these shoes, especially if you are used to a shoe with a lot of support.

#6. You will get compliments because they are so CUTE!

#7. I do not consider these long run shoes, I have not worn them for more than an 8 miler and I really think that 5 miles is tops for me but what you do with them is up to you.

#8. You can learn more about the Pure Project line of Shoes for Women HERE and Men HERE.

All in all GREAT shoe!! I highly recommend that you go to a local Running store and take them for a test run before you buy, it is a different experience at first.... If you have any questions please send me an email or leave a comment

Battle Tested
Tall Mom Approved

3. I was sent a pair of Propel Run Tights from Lucy. Looking online I think I got an older version because mine don't have a splash of color or zipper at the ankle. To be honest when I wore them for the first time I didn't like them. They did not keep me warm and I was not loving the compression (My thighs were jiggling). But I like to try things 3-5 times before review so I washed and dried them and wore them again.

LOVE!! Washing and drying made the tights warmer and tighter.. These are now my go-to tights for winter and fall. And for you TALL gals these are a great length. at $68 these are an investment, but well worth it when you figure the cost per wear. And BONUS Lucy is having a 25% off sale for Valentines day on all red and pink items HERE.

What Lucy Says:
This running tight is loaded with performance features: the highly compressive lucy truetek™ fabrication wicks moisture and offers a UPF rating of 30+; a cool max gusset adds breathability; reflection; anti-chafe flat seams; a wide waistband for comfort; a zippered waistband pocket; and mesh panels allow for added ventilation..
  • 88% polyester; 12% spandex
  • Machine wash cold, with like colors
  • Tumble dry low
Battle Tested
Tall Mom Approved

  • Have you had a GREAT run lately?? Leave a Comment.

  • Any new products you are excited about? Leave a Comment.

  • FYI I will be posting a Razzy Roo Headband Giveaway tomorrow with a chance to enter early today on my Facebook Page HERE.


TNTcoach Ken said...

LOL, in 2010 i ran an entire marathon...... LOL, Jiggly thighs???? Oh yeah, love the great new blog look.

Ryan Schoppe said...

New commenter but long time reader.

I have those shoes. LOVE them so far. Long runs have yet to be determined.

Ryan Schoppe said...

On a side note, I just signed up for my first marathon. I am slightly terrified. After reading about a few of your earlier marathons, I am now absolutely terrified and worried I took on too much!

pensive pumpkin said...

I am dying over Ryan's second comment above, because reading this blog makes me want to curl up and DIE because I will never be this cool. Then I read your terrible Seattle RnR post again, realize that *this will happen to me. probably more than once.* and that you kept running anyway.

Then I freak out that I have a "long" four miler scheduled tomorrow. LOL

Ryan- welcome to the club. Crazy club.

Larisa said...

I just stumbled upon your site through googling NUUN and I love it. I am 5'10 and a size 10, hail to the tall runners, lol! Looking for ward to following...
Larisa@ zerototwentysixpointtwo.blogspot.com

Michelle said...

Love the look of those shoes! I just got the Pure Connect and cannot wait to try them out tomorrow!

The Mommy Miles said...

Love the Brooks review, I am def in the market for a lighter shoe...maybe Brooks will be the next big purchase?? Best run lately was 6 miler up terwiliger to OHSU, enjoyed the sunshine over Portland and those hills were a fun mental (and physical) challenge!

Marlene said...

Kerrie has gotten so fit & fast - truly inspirational!

And I hear you... when I look at my MARATHON paces from last year, it blows my mind. I feel so slow right now. :(

Kerrie T. said...

You are just enjoying a different chapter in your running right now. And, dang, you can keep up with NO speed training. You are naturally fast, lady!