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Thursday, January 5, 2012

3 Things Thursday

I have many many things in motion for the Tall Mom Blog..

-Post About 2012 Goals
-Complete Blog Makeover

-1,000+++ Club details

Which leaves me a bit short on content today.. so I will take a page out of my little redhead friend and list 3 things..

1. My Mom got GREAT news yesterday!! You see my parents worked TOGETHER for years in the Shot-put and Discus events during Track Season at Sumner High School (my alma-mater). Dad always had a smile and kept close tabs on the details of the events... Someone at Sumner, not sure who, had the idea to create a plaque in honor of my Dad to be placed near the pits at the High School. This made my Mom cry and brought tears to my eyes... His Legacy was his ability to make people feel GOOD, and it is nice to see it being recognized. I plan to visit once the plaque is in place...and maybe toss a few in the pits... I did place 2nd in State my senior year in Shot=put and 8th in Discus :) 2. Running with Mom Vs. Marathon is always a blast. It was POURING buckets yesterday and I KNOW that Kerrie wanted me to cancel...I couldn't!! Call me crazy but I was looking forward to a RAINY run.. So we set out, I put on a hat and slogged to meet my buddy. We were nearly matching with Capris and long sleeve tops. Kerrie said I looked thin, THANKS!!! Always fun to chat, I may be going on a work trip and did not tell her until mile 3ish because there were other things to chat about.. Upcoming nuptials of our good buddy Chelsea, Christmas, etc... Our fingers were pruney and toes were soggy.. but all in all a GREAT 5.25 mile run.
Photo of about the same outfit I wore yesterday..BUT I had a hat FAIL.. I wore a hat which is GREAT for Summer running but now water resistant. When I got back to the Locker Room my hair was soaked and I realized that I had taken my locker towel home to wash and forgot to bring it back.. Drowned rat, drying off with paper towels and an industrial hair dryer.. CLASSIC!!

3. The Tall House is a bit boring... try basic low quality finishings... When we bought the home May 2010 we had great plans to upgrade over the years. So far we have done some minor updates, Thanks to Muscle Man and his mad skillz.. Yesterday we FINALLY bought the wood floors for the main floor!!! How does this relate to running?? The Flooring store happens to be along one of my lunch running paths, I stopped in, they had a SALE and the rest is a...

  • How is your 2012 going so far?

  • Anything FUN planned in the weeks/months to come?


Marlene said...

What a wonderful tribute to your Dad and a great way to honor his memory. He was clearly a key player in the local community.

Nice run in the run!! Man I am itching to get out... going on day 5 too sick to run. BOO!

Rena said...

Your dad thing is so awesome!

And I am going to sign up for my first ever marathon hopefully soon!

Unknown said...

I love that SHS is going to recognize your dad with a plaque. That is amazing!

jillieb2 said...
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jillieb2 said...

Enjoyed reading your blog today and reading about your dad. The pic brought a smile to my face as my dad has a similiar hat. I'm happy to the start of 2012...running daily as part of a local warrior winter challenge this month. Ends on my 50th birthday:)
Looking forward to being a 1000 plus clubber this yr. Thanks!!

Lala Mama said...

So happy that your Dad is being honoured with a plaque...what a great guy!

2012 is gonna be an exciting year for me, training for a 10k in March, 12k in May, and running events in the National Transplant Games. In fact, the organ donation program coordinator contacted us, saying they want a pic of our family for a press release to promote the National Transplant Games happening in Calgary in July (I'm a kidney transplant recipient, thanks to my hubby's donation of one of his kidneys to me).

Elizabeth said...

That's so great about your dad! It's wonderful to see people being honored for their commitment to the community!

So far, 2012 has been full of excitement. The biggest thing right now is moving in the next couple of weeks. And if the past few days are any indication of the upcoming year, I'm looking forward to it!

Mark Jhonson said...

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