6'0 tall, former athlete, mother of 3, struggling to keep up on the RUN of daily life.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

11 Things x 3

I always LOVE getting Tagged!! Thanks to T @ Racing with Babes , Kurt @ Becoming an Ironman and Junk Food Runner for the tags, I have been traveling for work and have been totally out of the Bloggy seen so I am sure most of you have already played along..

Here are the rules:

1. Post these rules.

2. You must post 11 random things about yourself.

3. Answer the questions set for you in their post.

4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.

5. Go to their blog and tell them you've tagged them.

6. No stuff in the tagging section about you are tagged if you are reading this. You legitimately have to tag 11 people. (not sure what this rule means??)

11 Random Tall Mom Things:

1. I am an Event Planner for my Big Girl job, I can think 5 steps ahead.. a trait I get from my Mom.

2. I get my hair cut/colored MAYBE once a year. I was Blonde for a while after college but it was too hard for me to maintain, since I am not a fan of sitting in the Stylist chair.

3. We have 1 pet, a Boxed Turtle named Tally, she was once lost in the backyard for 2 weeks. We are not great pet owners ;p

4. I LOVE Milk Chocolate and eat at least a small piece most days.

5. Muscle Man and I met on Match.com, my parents also met on a Blind Date.

6. I drive a Jeep Liberty and it is BY FAR my favorite vehicle I have ever owned. We bought it brand new last August and it has made me happy ever sense.

7. I collect Starbucks cityscape mugs from the Cities I visit, I bought one in Boston last year and the handle broke on the return trip :( Maybe I will go back someday to get another.

8. My dream is to live with a view of a body of water, lake, stream, ocean, pond, large mud puddle, my current view is of the top of Lowes..although we have a killer view of Mount Rainier... maybe in retirement I will get my water view.

9. I played 3 sports in High School, Volleyball, Basketball and Track & Field (shot-put, discus and relays) I have always loved sports!! I hope the Little Studs will be excited about sports someday. I plan to be a huge FAN for them!!

10. I have no tatoos and did not get my ears pierced until age 30.

11. I have been enchanted by the Larimar Stone since my Mom gave me a ring made of Larimar she and Dad purchased for me before he died. Someday I will have an AMAZING collection of Larimar Jewelry.

T's questions:

1. Birthdays. Love them or hate them. Why? Love them!! But I feel a crazy amoaunt of guilt when it comes to our kids birthdays...I have not planned anything big for them the past 2 years and I feel BAD!

2. Get your purse/gym bag: What are the first five things you pull out? Purse-Gum, pen, passport, work badge, and wallet. Gym Bag- Nike Bra, bondiband, sof sole socks, Nike top and Lucy tights.

3. What is the one meal you can make better than anyone else? Funny!! Highly doubt I can make anything better than anyone....I don't cook.. I would say that I am pretty good at Top Ramen and Rice Crispy Treats.

4. You get one wish. No restrictions. What is it? I wish that I could have a successful business with Muscle Man, making enough to not stress about money, and be able to travel, enjoy life and give to my family and friends..

5. Cake or Pie? White Cake, I am not a Pie person.

6. What's your secret talent? I can do various accents, my best is Russian... If I am around someone with an accent I tend to pick it up.

7. Early bird or night owl? Early Bird, I have never been good at staying up late.

8. Biggest pet peeve? Tardiness and dishonesty. I don't like it when people are late, or when things out my control make me late. Be truthful with me... PERIOD...

9. What's your favorite weird food combination? (i.e. ice cream and pickles) It is not too weird but I like to put chocolate chips in my oatmeal and have them melt.. YUMMERS!

10. Which would you choose? No social media for a year or no working out for a month? Why? No working out for a month, I would take it as a break and fill my time other ways. I use Social Media to connect with friends and family so going without it for a year would be tough.

11. What are you sending me for my birthday? Hmmmm.. What do you want T? I have some Nuun, but I am guessing you are set there.. I better get the card in the mail :)

Kurt's Questions:
  1. What did you want to be when you were growing up? What do you want to be now that you have grown up? I wanted to be an Actress, but around age 12 I realized I was too tall. So I planned to be a Basketball coach, but that didn't pan out. I am currently an Event Planner but I would love to have a Small business working with my husband.
  2. If you came into a large fortune all of a sudden and were set for life, what is the first thing you would do? Take my family and extended family on an all expense paid trip to Hawaii, with spa, zipline, tasty foods, etc.. We all deserve a BREAK!
  3. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Pecan Cluster
  4. Of all the places you've been - vacation, work, or any other reason - which was your favorite and why? Portofino, Italy, time seems to move slower there, the people are amazing, food is to die for and the views of the Mediterranean are unmatched.
  5. What is your favorite time of day to exercise? Lunch, helps break up the day.
  6. Everyone has an innate fear. What are you naturally afraid of? I am afraid of dying young, always have been.
  7. Which holiday is your favorite?, and why? Christmas, I love giving gifts, food, the excitement of the little studs and the glowing lights.
  8. It's Friday night and you have the whole weekend ahead of you, what do you do? Sit on the couch with Muscle Man with an adult beverage and catch up on our DVR or a comedy.
  9. What was the very last meal you ate? Lunch, egg salad sandwich on wheat.
  10. What is your big race this year?, and what is your goal for that race? Not sure yet.. I would like to PR in a Half this year but my knee has been bugging me so I have to take it easy.
  11. What is the toughest aspect of training for you? How do you overcome it? Making sure I get enough rest for my knee and fitting it in when work gets busy. Sometimes I am able to pull it off, but not always.
Junk Food Runners Questions:

1. What is your favorite cheat food/meal? Pizza or Thai Food.

2. Where is the best place in America that you have traveled to/lived in? Hmmm this is tough I really enjoyed my trips to New York and Washington DC but I doubt I would want to live there. I love the GREEN that Washington and Oregon have to offer.
3. If you could change one thing you have done in the past what would it be and why? I would have made my Dad to get his heart checked out. I am not sure if it would have extended his life or not, but I wish I had the chance to try.

4. What is your favorite thing you remember from your first race? My co-worker Zen Runner easily handling the 5K while I was DYING and wanted to stop.. I got passed by a 12 year old girl wearing flip flops.. It was humbling!!

5. Would you prefer to run on a treadmill or in the pouring rain? Pouring Rain, I am a WA runner I can take it!!
6. What is your guilty pleasure television show? Mine is Teen Mom. Please don't judge me. Funny, I like Teen Mom also.. But my guilty pleasure has always been One Tree Hill..

7. If you could have one super power what would it be? I would like to TELEPORT and be able to bring people with me. Could go anywhere without wasting time or money.. and my work commute would be a breeze. I promise not to use it to cheat in races ;)

8. Do you remember your dreams when you wake up? If so, what is the strangest dream you can remember? I remember dreams often.. My dream before Boston was pretty strange involving my friend Jill, forgetting my shoes and traveling on a "party bus" to the start line.

9. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would you choose? Salad, because there are soooo many different options of flavors, add-ons, etc.. Seafood salad, Cobb Salad, Taco Salad... etc... I already eat a salad every day so it would not change life too much.
10. What piece of advice would you give a new runner? Celebrate your successes, respect the distance and keep a good record along the way. I love looking back at my races through photos and my posts on the Blog.

11. Biggest Loser - love it or hate it? Love it, although I wish they would cut it to 1 hour.

  1. What is your favorite season for running and why?
  2. If you could meet any famous person, who would it be and why?
  3. What is your mantra, favorite quote, and/or words you live by?
  4. If you could have ANY ONE ITEM for free, what would it be?
  5. How did your parents come up with your name?
  6. Do you collect anything? If so, what?
  7. How did you meet your significant other?
  8. If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
  9. What is your favorite fruit and vegetable?
  10. What is your favorite color?
  11. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of me (Tall Mom)?

And those I INVITE to play along

1. Fancy Nancy @ Living the Dream

4. Zoe @ Run Zoe Run

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7. Meg @ Watch Me Go Run

8. Melody @ Will Run for Margaritas

9. Shelly @ One Foot in Front of the Other

10. Chelsea @ Will Run for Food.. (Come back Chels!!)

11. Kelly @ According to Kelly

Friday, January 27, 2012

I can't keep up...

There are times in life when it is HARD to maintain the pace... Right now my Big Girl job is all encompassing, leaving little time for much else. When I get home all I want to do is be with my family, nowhere near the computer and I have no desire run..

I was able to fit in a run this week with Kerrie @ Mom vs. Marathon, she had a tempo run and I thought that 8:13 pace would be fine.. I have been feeling off, very low energy. While traveling last week I hopped from time zone to time zone putting in full days in car, planes, etc... It was exhausting and I did not run...

Me before the run, full of promise. We ran quickly up a big hill then were hit in the face with wind, I realized that I could not breath and I was ZAPPED.. At 2.8 miles I had to walk, check my ego and tell Kerrie to go on without me.


Kerrie was sweet and altered her workout to run slower with me. I had a horrible side ache and felt light headed. I struggled to maintain a pace in the 9's and was HAPPY when Kerrie and I parted so I could walk.

Maybe I am coming down with something?

Maybe it is exhaustion?

Maybe I am totally out of shape after 1 week?

Whatever it is...


So I am going to give myself a BREAK. I am not going to stress about running, training for a fast 5K, blogging, or anything else that does not fit in... I want to reconnect with my family and get the rest I need to find my ENERGY.. Hopefully the break will be short, I really want to get the Tall Mom 1,000+++ Club Going...

For now Run a few miles for me and I will be in touch SOON...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Welcome to my new Home

Welcome to my New Home!!!

Special thanks to Angie at Strosgirldesigns.com for helping me make my Blog all me. There are a few things I am still working on, but overall I LOVE the new look..


-Header with Scrolling Photos from my favorite trails, a Daisy for my mom and new Tall Mom Logo.

-Background picture is one I took from my trail..

-Menu with links to past Blog (under construction)

Thanks for following Tall Mom!! I truly appreciate you stopping by!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


My Travels are done, for now, and I am HOME!!! The trip took a lot out of me, leaving little energy for running or working out. I got home at 10:15PM Sunday and took Monday off to be with the family..

It was a SUNNY DAY!!! So we set out for a little RUN.. there was a major Ice Storm last week leaving Trees down all over the city. The sidewalk to LS#1's school is blocked in several places, so running to pick him up was out.. We went to the local trail hopeful that we could get in a good run...
I LOVE LOVE Muscle Man's shirt!! HEHE
I am sure it was a nice change for MM to push one kiddo.. he looked so CUTE in his shades.. We made it nearly a mile and the trail was fully blocked by 2 trees which made an X. BUMMER!! All in all was a good 2 mile run, to get back to it.

  • I am SWAMPED with little time for Blogging, Running, ETC...

  • The new Tall Mom Blog will be revealed this week!!! I hope you like it..

  • What's new with you??

Monday, January 23, 2012

Run Happy With Brooks

It is no secret that I am a HUGE Brooks Running fan!! Most of my Running T-Shirts are Brooks EZ-T's HERE. I was looking through Some old photos and I wanted to take you through my Brooks Run Happy Journey...

10K at Alki, I was a bit too hot.. I also converted Muscle Man to a Brooks Fan
Brooks Diva Jacket Picking up my Boston race packet.
And Again with my Run Happy Hat on a soggy run with buddies
I even sport the old school Brooks for Her Jacket at the Zoo
Last year the the Rock N Roll Expo I bought a Mens shirt and I LOVE IT!!
Wore my "Run" EZ-T 2010 when I qualified for Boston at Eugene Marathon
And the same shirt on several runs with my friends
This RUN shirt has seen a lot of action!! Here at the Mercer Island Half Marathon
And on a COLD day
I love my bright Run Happy Shirts for work lunch runs..
This Orange shirt was my go-to shirt in 2009 for most of my races.. 5K
And another 5K
And a Family 5 miler..
Wowzers!! So why am I telling you this? Brooks is based in Washington, LOVE LOVE and Brooks Makes high quality Running Apparel, Accessories and Shoes.. So go get your Shop on HERE and like them on Facebook HERE. This post does not touch on my Brooks Shoes obsession, more about that soon..

**I have been sent free gear from Brooks to review on my blog I am not compensated for my opinion and all thoughts are my own.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Where is the World is Tall Mom?

Answer is PANAMA....

I am not jazzed about Panama City. I respect the culture and all they are doing to improve, but the traffic, construction noise and brown water from the canal dredging are a bit off-putting.. Once we got out of the city to the wide blue ocean and green jungle I was mesmerized by the beauty.

My only workout to speak of was climbing the 100++ steps of this tower to see the view above the jungle..
I found Heaven on Earth!!! So beautiful the pictures do not capture the epic beauty..
I should have asked the man who "owned" the island how much for these shells?
I love the old and new in the same photo...

I am on to a new destination tomorrow early AM, I HOPE to get in a few miles there and most likely will not have time to blog again until I get home...

I am in HOT HOT Land while Muscle Man, the Little Studs and all RUNNING in the Pacific Northwest are covered in a blanket of snow :)

Wow do I miss this little face... and my house full of boys...

  • Have you ever run in a country other than your own? Leave a comment and tell us all about the experience.

Friday, January 13, 2012

See you Soon!!

I had visions of posts for the 1,000+++ Club, Goals, etc... BUT...



that Big Girl Job requires my


Can't tell you the details but I will be not be Blogging for a while..

You can find me on Facebook HERE and DailyMile HERE assuming I get any running in...

Aspire to Inspire,

Tall Mom

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thinking about FOOD

On my 2012 Goals Post HERE I talked about creating a CHALLENGE for myself every month. Why each month and not the whole year?? Because I would like to try things out and see how my body responds.

I cant speak for all Moms but my body has changed drastically since having kids. In my younger, kid-free, days I could eat whatever, whenever with no consequence and I never had use for Tums.. These days I don't know what is going to cause me to bloat or keel over to the fetal position in PAIN.. This year I want to take an active approach to testing new ways of eating to see how I feel.
My Key areas of focus:

1. Energy Level. If food is fuel, which fuel will give me the most SPARK??

2. Cost and availability. It is a known fact that is costs more to eat well (unless you forrage in the forest or something) but as a one-income family I cannot afford to break the bank in the grocery department. I also don't want poor Muscle man to drive all over the place to specialty stores for me.

3. Taste. Life is short. I love to eat. I refuse to eat something that tastes like tree-bark to get in the required fiber for the day.

Below are my ideas so far:

FEBRUARY= No Chocolate and no sweets at work. This will be a CHALLENGE with Feb being Valentines month, the work food table is sure to be full of tasty sweet treats. I may change it to be no sweets at all, but I will decide that on Feb 1st :)

GO Gluten Free. My Mom is already following this lifestyle so I can go to her for advice and tips. I may have to take a CHEAT day on March 17th when I set a new 5K PR and celebrate with a post-race adult beverage!

  • I posted on Facebook HERE to get some ideas about good Monthly Challenges. Below are some great ideas MONTHLY challenges from commenters.

Lesley- Snack= fruit, vegetable or yogurt.

Kendyl- Vegetarian

Sybil- Raw foods or vegan

Amanda and Jessica- No processed foods!! Only foods made with fresh ingredients.

Catey and Nancy- Sugar Elimination

Marlene- No restaurants/fast food.

Becca- No meat Mondays

Thanks Ladies!!!

I have to be smart about this, the weeks leading up to the Monthly CHALLENGE will be spent researching what foods I can and should eat. I also don't want to plan a CHALLENGE for a month when I will be traveling or in heavy training..

I plan to look at my calendar and plan out the year. CHALLENGES will include my Tall Family as well. Muscle Man and the Little Studs will be along for the ride here and there this year.

  • Do you know of any GREAT cook books or healthy eating books that would help me out this year? Please leave a comment.

  • Do you have any ideas for a Monthly challenge I should try? Leave a comment.

  • What healthy eating strategies have you tried? What did you like and what did you not like??

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nature Run

My last run with Kerrie at Mom vs. Marathon she gave me a Christmas gift.. It was a Snowy Owl tree ornament. Why a Snowy Owl?? Because I am a running bird watcher, I get JAZZED anytime I see an Eagle, Hawk, Herron, Duck, etc.. while on the run, and I spot them pretty good. So the ornament was a treasure from my good friend.. THANKS KERRIE!!


Kerrie and I met on Sunday morning, clear and crisp on the Foothills trail in Orting. We didn't have a pace in mind, our plan was to run 7 miles followed by coffee with Chelsea. This is a perk about not having a race to train for, we are pretty relaxed.

Soon I will start training for a FAST 5K in March in the mean time I plan to get in my weekly mileage and enjoy the run. We both felt a little off, but kept plugging along.. conversation was great an included quotes for movies like "Anchorman" and "Napolean Dynamite". There were loads of Bikers on the trail..

Early on in the run at the portion near the River we saw a Bald Eagle take off out of the water with talons hanging down, the wing span was probably over 5 feet across.. MAJESTIC!!! This set the tone for the relaxed and fun run.. There is a field with what I was calling Osprey, some Running Birdwatcher I am, I get the names wrong... I was later informed the TALL BIRD is actually is an Emu which is part of the Dinosaur family (Thanks Kerrie). She was so close to the fence we had to stop for a couple photos.. Me with my TALL friend...
She (the bird is a she we decided) was making a funny growling sound, which we took as a pur like a Kitten. I was totally comfortable, Kerrie was a bit more timid, mind you she has a fear of Canadian Geese and this creature is much larger..
2 bird sightings this was a GOOD DAY!! Our legs were turning over fast, I felt great, and realized I hadn't looked at my Garmin much at all.. The trail started to stink and I said "It's Smells Fishy!" Kerrie agreed as I looked to the water...

Don't see what we are looking at??It was a LARGE Salmon swimming upstream. CRAZY!! Now I know what the droves of Fishermen are casting for 80% of the year... what a fish!! Next we spotted my friend Jess on her last training run before her Half Marathon...quick hello and off we went.. The last mile we were SPEEDY I think we both wanted to be done, we clocked in at 8:23 pace as we saw Chelsea pull into the parking lot. GREAT 7 miles at under 9 minute pace, with loads of Nature to keep us entertained..

Love it!

  • I was interested to see what Nature or other things people have seen while on the run, so I posted the quotes on Facebook HERE with some crazy answers.

  • So I pose the same question here... Leave comments with some interesting things you have spotted on the RUN.

  • Details on the 1,000 Club coming this week... Thank you for your patience :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tall Family and Marathon Joke

Yesterday the Tall Family went for our first run of the year.. It was Chilly but fun. We let the Little Studs out to jog for a bit and Muscle Man did the heavy pushing as always. FUN 3 miles with my guys!!!
Last night LS #2 ate a Dora Pop popsicle, he left the stick on the floor (which he usually doesn't do) I picked it up and read the JOKE on the stick.. Glad I did!!

How perfect is that joke??

Happy Sunday!!

Happy Runday!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Goals for 2012

It is that time of year when (most) people think about the year to come and what they would like to achieve. Last year we suffered the unexpected loss of my Father in October and come January I was not ready to commit to GOALS. This year I NEED to get back to Goal setting and achieving, it is the core of who I am, the person that my Dad knew me as...

I love the format RacingWithBabes took last year checking in monthly on her Goals, thanks T for the inspiration!! I plan to check in monthly to give progress on my Goals.


1- Set new PR's in at least 2 distances and run more than 1,200 miles for the year.

2- Run new races. Ideas- 1 mile, 10 mile, trail race, ultra, obstacle course/mudder, etc.

3- Earn Half Fanatic Status


1- Try 5 or more new (to me) forms of Cross-Training. A modified version of the AWESOME challenge set out by Kim HERE. Ideas- Jillian Michael's videos, Triathlon (SHHHHH), Yoga, Zumba etc.

2- Work on overall Muscle tone. I plan to take body measurements EEEK to get a baseline to start with and take new measurements throughout the year. If I am not going to lose weight I may as well lose inches :)

3- 1-2 days EVERY week I will lift with Muscle Man and/or do Pilates or another cross-training exercise for 30-45 minutes.


1- Help Muscle Man reach his goals, which includes getting him across his first Half Marathon Finish Line.

2- Focus on the Little Studs education and fitness. Teach Little Stud #1 to read, register him for his first official race. Spend alone and focussed time with Little Stud #2.

3- Find ways to inspire and work with my extended family on their fitness. I would LOVE to see my Tall Brother, Mom and in-laws work toward a 5K walk or fun run at some point this year.


1- Keep a food journal to record what I am putting in my mouth and how it impacts my energy, mood and overall health. Use this journal to create a healthy and balanced diet and to cut out the foods which cause issues.

2- Monthly diet challenges, starting in February, each month I will set a challenge for myself to cut out or add something to/from my diet.

3- Learn more about the best foods to feed my family and move the kids away from the standard kid foods.

There you have it. Lots to focus on, but all attainable with focus and dedication.

Quotes about Goals:

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.
~Author Unknown

How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow I'm committed to?
~Anthony Robbins

The distance is nothing; it is only the first step that is difficult.
~Marie de Vichy

We're still not where we're going, but we're not where we were.
~Natash Jasefowitz

  • What are your Goals for the year?

  • Did you write a Blog post about it?? Link it in your comment, I would love to see what you have planned

Thursday, January 5, 2012

3 Things Thursday

I have many many things in motion for the Tall Mom Blog..

-Post About 2012 Goals
-Complete Blog Makeover

-1,000+++ Club details

Which leaves me a bit short on content today.. so I will take a page out of my little redhead friend and list 3 things..

1. My Mom got GREAT news yesterday!! You see my parents worked TOGETHER for years in the Shot-put and Discus events during Track Season at Sumner High School (my alma-mater). Dad always had a smile and kept close tabs on the details of the events... Someone at Sumner, not sure who, had the idea to create a plaque in honor of my Dad to be placed near the pits at the High School. This made my Mom cry and brought tears to my eyes... His Legacy was his ability to make people feel GOOD, and it is nice to see it being recognized. I plan to visit once the plaque is in place...and maybe toss a few in the pits... I did place 2nd in State my senior year in Shot=put and 8th in Discus :) 2. Running with Mom Vs. Marathon is always a blast. It was POURING buckets yesterday and I KNOW that Kerrie wanted me to cancel...I couldn't!! Call me crazy but I was looking forward to a RAINY run.. So we set out, I put on a hat and slogged to meet my buddy. We were nearly matching with Capris and long sleeve tops. Kerrie said I looked thin, THANKS!!! Always fun to chat, I may be going on a work trip and did not tell her until mile 3ish because there were other things to chat about.. Upcoming nuptials of our good buddy Chelsea, Christmas, etc... Our fingers were pruney and toes were soggy.. but all in all a GREAT 5.25 mile run.
Photo of about the same outfit I wore yesterday..BUT I had a hat FAIL.. I wore a hat which is GREAT for Summer running but now water resistant. When I got back to the Locker Room my hair was soaked and I realized that I had taken my locker towel home to wash and forgot to bring it back.. Drowned rat, drying off with paper towels and an industrial hair dryer.. CLASSIC!!

3. The Tall House is a bit boring... try basic low quality finishings... When we bought the home May 2010 we had great plans to upgrade over the years. So far we have done some minor updates, Thanks to Muscle Man and his mad skillz.. Yesterday we FINALLY bought the wood floors for the main floor!!! How does this relate to running?? The Flooring store happens to be along one of my lunch running paths, I stopped in, they had a SALE and the rest is a...

  • How is your 2012 going so far?

  • Anything FUN planned in the weeks/months to come?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 33 and beyond

Monday I met my friend Jess for a 10 mile run, it was AWESOME!! Day 33, and if you have read this Blog for any amount of time you know my LOVE for that number. I toyed with trying to get to 50 days, heck 100... Then Tuesday came...



I took Aleve- Nothing

I drank Coffee- Nothing

DARN!!! I relaxed on the couch and did not fit in my mile.

33 days is a GREAT streak for me.. Maybe I will try again some day.. Maybe :) How cool does it look on Dailymile to see all that Blue???

I am celebrating my accomplishment and thinking hard about what is next for me this year... Time will tell. Of course once I decide I will keep you posted.. For now I feel blessed that I was able to find a way back to my routine and my love for running. I know I CAN and should fit it in.

Details about my SOGGY run with Mom vs. Marathon tomorrow...or if you cant wait.. Go HERE

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Running with Tall Mom

2011 Running with Tall Mom

I won't bore you with the details, because I am a bullets and pictures type of person myself... so here goes...

Total Miles Ran= 1,166

1- Relay=
Hood to Coast Relay HERE

1- Marathon=
Boston HERE- The race which proved to me that dreams do come true, but may not play out exactly as you had planned.

3- Half Marathons=
Rock N Roll Seattle HERE- With my good buddies Amanda and Jess
See Jane Seattle HERE- With Tall Sister and Chelsea on their first Half
You Go Girl HERE- With Kim for 80% of the race :)

2- 10K=
Alki HERE- Muscle Man and Tall Sister's first 10K's
Day of Hope HERE- Race in Maui, Hawaii

1- 8K=
Run Wild HERE- My first 8K distance, I will KILL it next year!

3- 5K's=
Black Diamond HERE- First Place Female in a hilly race!
Iron Girl HERE
Santa Runs HERE

And this is how it looked...

What a GREAT year!!!

What is up for 2012???

Coming SOON!!!