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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Where do you find IT?

Day #7- 5.1 miles with Kerrie, Zoe & Goober..

Since I started Running nearly 4 years ago I have never run 7 days in a row. I love my rest days. I am in new territory here and it is EXCITING..

You see I had lost "IT" in my Running Life.

What is IT?

Hard to explain..

IT is the passion

IT is the want to lace up my shoes and go.

IT is believing in my power to venture into new territory.

IT is thinking about running with a smile.

IT is the spark.

IT is Running just because I want to run.

When did I lose IT?

I lost it in May 2010 at the Eugene Marathon. I was totally focused and worked hard for 16 weeks to get the Eugene, I crossed the Finish line and had Qualified for Boston... then I lost IT. I kept signing up for races hoping to find IT again. I planned most of my long runs with friends because their energy gave me the drive I needed. I had glimmers, but IT was missing..

I didn't want to run Boston because I didn't feel like someone who deserved to run Boston since my spark had gone out. Then my Dad died....IT was crushed beyond repair for a long time. The day that registration opened for Boston I was with my family making funeral arrangements and missed the cutoff. As you know it turned out and although Boston did not go as planned I would not change a thing.

This year I have been waffling through my running, attaching myself to people and helping them reach their Goals, finding IT through others. I have had a blast, don't get me wrong, but I knew I needed to reconnect with my running.

Day #7 of my streak....
Running with these amazing ladies.
I want to make plans and flex my running muscle.
I want to be silly and run in the rain, dark, cold, for hours to earn the post run cup of coffee and steak fries. This CHALLENGE I have laid out for myself in December has been my path back to IT and I am jazzed!!!!

  • Where do you find IT?

  • Have you lost IT? If so, what action can you take to find IT again?


Unknown said...

A Boston green shirt with matching socks? Girl, you found it!

Jamie said...

I love the green!

I have lost it a little bit since I have been injured and I keep feeling slight pain whenever I try to run.

I'm hoping that signing up for our first marathon and starting some training plans soon will help bring it back.

I still love running though!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

How long are you streaking?! So nice that your local buddies can help you find IT! ;)

TNTcoach Ken said...

I keep an extra IT in my gym bag just in case I lose IT! Some days I run without IT but I keep going, other days I pack IT but forget to carry IT on the run. Go figure.........

Laura said...

LOVE THIS! I might need you to send a little extra motivation this way :)

Miriam @ Sometimes Sporty said...

I keep losing IT during injury recovery, I get so afraid of reinjuring myself.

I found IT again when I picked my goal for 2012. 12 half marathons in 2012 is hard enough that it will be a challenge, but I know that I can walk every half marathon if I need to. And it gives me my own goal that doesn't make me feel like I somehow have to compete with my ultra running husband's amazing achievements.

Another thing that has helped me find IT is to be encouraging of those around me. Every time I go to the gym I try to compliment someone else there. A quick "cute top" or "looks like you had an awesome workout" makes me look like a creep but still puts a smile on people's face and makes the gym seem less lonely.

Lindsay said...

I am so glad you have found IT again! I'm somewhere in between having IT and not having IT - just depends on the day and what else has happened. I may have to start an unofficial challenge for myself to run a mile every day since December is already 8 days old.....

Also, I am loving your outfits! So bright!

Marlene said...

GREAT outfit! Just read Ken's post - too funny. I love your matchiness. :)

Wow, congrats on your FIRST EVER 7 day streak! So proud! My unofficial streak is still going too... I say unofficial because I reserve the right to take a day off whenever I please. lol

<3 you!!!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I love it! I'm at 577 and you are at 7!!! love those numbers!!

Congrats on your streak and the next 24 days of it.

Glad to read that old running spark is back. Your December challenge is helping to motivate runners to do it every day...gave you got an unexpected boost from it too!

Anonymous said...

So glad that you found IT!! Your excitement excites me!

Elle said...

Great! So happy for you.

Kayla said...

I lost IT after my first full. I'm still struggling to find it back, but I'm hoping to get it back soon! Glad you found it back Mel! Enjoy :)

chattynatty said...

I found IT this past summer. At the beginning of June I slipped and fell- bad fall- got to ride in an ambulance. I was off running for the month of June. Then my dad was diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma (luckily just on his right side of his neck- no bone marrow or mets). Both of these events stunned me and made me really be grateful about being healthy and able. I stopped bitching about running/training/long runs and really embrassed IT.

So glad you have found IT again. You have motivated a lot of people to run and you should give yourself a big pat on the back for that. Enjoy the rest of Dec challenge.

AMcConn said...

Glad you found IT & fabulous outfit!!!

carrie said...

YAY! I am so glad you found IT!!! Keep on running girl!!! :-)

christa said...

I'm looking for IT. I lost IT after spending 4 days in the hospital in August.

Anonymous said...

Great Post! I really enjoyed reading how your found IT again! After years of not running, I've found IT again!

Drew said...

Loved your post!

Also - what brand is your friend's black and white long sleeve running bolero - it looks fabulous!!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

I completely understand this post. I lost it on Oct 10, 2010. I left it in Portland, maybe I even left it in Tacoma on 10-9-10. I have been searching for it and had glimmers, like you mentioned, then lost even those glimmers on 10-5-11. Now I am struggling, fighting to cling to the tiny bit I have left.....I wont let go completely but sometimes I want to....And thanks to friends and specifically YOU I have had glimmers, tiny sparks that work their way into my system....I can't give up.

I am so SO glad you have found IT again!!!! I can see it in your dimples!!! =) LOVE IT!

Irene said...

I'm glad to know that you're on the up swing.

I'm also on my journey back to finding "IT." I know about when and where I lost it, but it sure has taken a long time to get it back.