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Monday, December 19, 2011

Santa Runs Tacoma 5K 2011 Race Recap

This was my second year Running Santa Runs Tacoma 5K and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this race!! Only takes 20 minutes to get to the race, I get to dress up, the people around me are all in fun costumes, time with my friends, and post race grub.. PERFECT!!

Kim HERE and I were to the parking lot EARLY, sorry KIM!! But we scored great parking, got our packets easily and headed back to the car to chat and stay warm. Our buddies slowly showed up with Alma HERE first, she sat in the car too until we opted to head out to the COLD.. I had a toss-away and layers so I was pretty warm..

Then all the ladies came (in alpha order): Kadie, Karla, Kerrie, Tiffany, and Zoe

The girls went to Kim's car to stash their bags so I hung with Tiff.. Just then a Race photog came... Had to take advantage of the professional photos... So glad I did!! Onetherunevents does a great job with their photos..
Had to get my shirt in there... The girls came back so we posed for a few pictures in our Team Sparkle skirts. Honey Buckets in the background. The photographer came back and asked us if we would like to film a message for the troops.. OF COURSE!! Kerrie had the idea to sing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and Alma added that we should say "Thank You" at the end.. PERFECT!! I am excited to see the video..
We wandered around looking for the costume contest... which, as I thought, was at the start line area..
Zoe had her camera out, generally I don't love Candids but this one is pretty cute.. Thanks Zoe!
We did a little conga line in front of the judge but they were not impressed, we plan to have better costumes next year!! The good thing was we were positioned in front for the race.. Zoe was freezing so I shared my XXL toss away, Kadie's daughter zipped us up..
Siamese Sparkle Twins.. HEHE.. As we stood and waited to start Amy N HERE introduced herself.. She looked FAST so I asked her if she was going to win, she said No.. (Note she got a 20:03 and 3rd for 25-29, FAST) It was so loud I didn't realize that the National Anthem was being played.. and before we knew it we were off..

Next up the RACE..

The race starts uphill, I felt AWESOME, yawning at the start line which is a good sign for me. Kim was on my left and we CRUISED the first mile at 7:17. My plan was to go about 7:23 for a sub 23:00 Finish, which would get my a course PR and Kim her PR. I knew we did the first mile a bit fast but the end of the course has a hill and we needed those seconds. I could not believe how fast the race was zooming by..

As we approached the half-way point there was a Snowman at the turn, so cute! I love this part of the race because we got to see our buddies on the way back. I could feel Kim slipping back, but I kept pace hoping she would get her second wind. Waves at my girls who all looked strong.

Mile 2 was 7:37 which included me running backward and sideways, not sure if it was the best thing to do for Kim but I hoped that she would focus on me and not the PAIN. She was giving it everything she had. I kept the pace as she slid further and further behind, I felt bad, I didn't know what to do..

Alma passed me and I had a choice.. Speed up and Finish Sub 23 or TRY one more time to help Kim. I STOPPED...yes I stopped in a 5K when I felt great... I had visions of crossing the Finish with my buddy. When I saw her it was clear that she did not feel well :( We could still make it if we could get back to the pace... I had no tricks, no clue what to do... so I went on.. I had so much left in the tank..

Up the Hill FAST past a few men and ZOOMED down..

7:41 pace
17th Woman

Last year I finished in 23:06 without racing and I placed.. so it was possible I could be in the running.. Kim was clearly disappointed when she crossed the line :( Everyone came zooming across and we went to cheer for others. We went inside and got some Clam Chowder, YUMMERS and Chocolate milk, SO GOOD!! Then to the results computers...


Kim had placed 1st in her Age Group!!

And I took 3rd!! Along with Alma and her Aunt!!

Looking at the stats had I really raced I may have been able to move up 1 slot, but the winner of the 30-34 got a 19:56 which is 6:26 pace.. The overall female winner got an 18:26 for 5:57 pace... FAST FAST ladies!! We played around the dock..
Did a little can can and put on our warm clothes.. last year they announced the winners, this year we just grabbed the ribbons :(
Most of the group had to leave but since I had a sick family at home I opted to stay for some post race food.. With Alma and her Aunt Cindy and our 3rd place ribbons in 3 different Age Groups :)
The food was pretty good, and we didn't have to move our cars...
The sun came out so we took one last photo.. Such a FUN DAY!!

This race made me realize that I want to RACE again I want to train and push myself.. but not in a Marathon.. March 17th the St. Paddy's day race is on this same course... 3 months to get some SPEED and see what I can do.. Wish me luck!!


Shoes/Jacket- Brooks Green Silence
Socks- Target
Tights- Sugoi
Skirt- Team Sparkle
Long Sleeve shirt- Run Pretty Far
Hat- Etsy friend from high school Christina


Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

As always, LOVE the outfits!! I wish I had enough people to make a group run possible.

I'm happy to see that you felt awesome throughout the race, but I commend you on holding back and helping Kim out. There will always be a PR to chase. It's better to make sure you have friends around to help you chase it.

Keep up the good work!

Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

Great recap! I didn't look fast, I looked LAME for not getting dressed up!

I love this race every year! It's such a fun one to do and there is such a fun holiday spirit!

I also loved the snowman at the turnaround! Where did they get the snow? That question occupied my brain for awhile. It was awesome. I think I'll be at the St. Patty's day race too - that course and I now have a 4 second score to settle.

fancy nancy said...

Great recap! You girls cleaned house with the awards!! I'm sure you will be flying in with a PR in March! Go get it!

Anonymous said...

Love this! I wish I could have run with you ladies - missed it by a week!

Congrats on a great finish too and love outfits :)

Unknown said...

Ugh, What I would give for more close to home races!I'm so glad you had fun with friends.

Run with Jess said...

Congrats on your great run! You all looked adorable. You're such a good friend!! KUDOS!

Unknown said...

I can't wait to see what you can accomplish after really training for a 5k! Thanks again for a wonderful, fun Saturday morning.

Nicole said...

Love the oufits! Great recap and way to go on the time and stopping for Kim. It looks like it was so much fun!

Michelle said...

Congrats on the great finish! And I love your outfit - so cute :)

Penny said...

I loved the outfits girls. Congrats on a great race. It so awesome to run with alot of friends. Good Luck on getting faster. You will rock St Paddy's

Marlene said...

You ladies are all adorable. I absolutely love the outfits and all the smiles. Sounds like you had lots of fun with it. Congrats on placing, too!!! Must have felt good to run strong to the finish.

Anonymous said...

So cute! Definitely looked to be a blast!

TNTcoach Ken said...

You guys should get an appearance fee!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

What a fun day for racing. Cheers to all you lovely ladies and congrats on easily placing! There must be a Valentine's 5k you can wear that skirt again, right?

Christine said...

You guys look AWESOME and are super speedy! Congrats :)

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Love the outfits and the details at the end of your post! Great idea. Love your homemade shirt!

Congrats on a speedy race. You all did great.

Average Woman Runner said...

I totally agree - that 5k was SO FUN and made me lust for speed. It was over so quick, but I want it to be even quicker :) Not sure I can race St. Paddy's but I'll work to that goal just in case I can make it work out.

kimert said...

Great race recap! Love the costumes. You guys looked so festive!

Becca said...

Looks like fun!! You guys are FAST!!

pensive pumpkin said...

I don't think I'm alone when I say that your amazing grin always makes me want to go for a run!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

LOVE it and all the pics!!
You guys look so cute!!!!
Wish I could be there! Maybe next year!! =)

So what's your training going to be like for a 5k? and what is your goal?

I'd like a 20:59. Back in the day i used to knock em out in sub 7 minute miles....ah the glory days. =)