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Monday, December 5, 2011

On the Run during the Holidays

So far on my December CHALLENGE I am 4 for 4!!!

Day #2- 3 miles solo run on my lunch break, I want to get in shape to pace Kim so I took this run as speed training. 3 miles in just under 24 minutes was TOUGH!! Felt good to get my heart rate up!

Saturday and it was time to go to the Tree farm for our annual family adventure. We live just 15 minutes from multiple Tree farms, we go to the one with the train that carries us out to look then picks us and the tree up.
Don't let this picture fool you, Muscle Man does the dirty work :)
On the train, LS#1 wanted to sit near the conductor.
LS#2 making the cutest little face, barely looks like him..
LS#1 is just like me, he LOVES to pose for pictures, in this photo he is pretending to be the CRAZY tree.. Love him..

After the adventure at the tree farm I had to hurry to get ready to attend the funeral of a family friend...not a fun mid-day activity... the daylight hours ticked away and I thought I was destined for a treadmill run.

Day #3- 2.1 miles we opted to get bundled up and tour the lights in our neighborhood. It is nice to know that once I hit 1 mile I have met my challenge for the day.. This is how we looked..
Love my Sugoi vest, easy to spot in the dark. Funny how I posed in front of 2 different colored walls.
Muscle Man sporting Gonzaga and Fleet Feet, he did the HEAVY pushing up some killer hills.
Yes LS#1 has on a Spider Man bank robber style mask.. it is just too darn cute, keeps his little face warm..
Itchy nose little guy ready to go!! He loved looking at the lights. They were starting to get a little chilly so I dropped them off at the door then ran to get the mail.. Family time and errands, score!!

Sundays can be pretty busy, I was planning to meet Kerrie and Zoe but I also wanted to SLEEP!! So I bailed out and relaxed in the morning with the family. This included decorating the tree and our house. It takes a long time but is so fun once it is done!! Mid day I went to visit a good friend who just had a baby, so fun to snuggle with her little guy.. he is too cute!!
Once home it was dark and the kids needed baths.

Day #4- 3 miles, put the kids in the bath, pulled out the treadmill, and watched House in DVR. I had to get off for a minute to wash hair, fell off the treadmill pointing out LS#1's socks and finished with 2 boys begging to run on the treadmill. Yes I was parenting from the Treadmill and I got in my run!!

****Looking forward to Day #5 for a 3-5 mile lunch run today...it is chilly here..

  • How are you doing with the Challenge?? FYI did I tell you that walking miles count too??

  • What family traditions are you looking forward to this time of year?


MCM Mama said...

Hit every day so far. 3,3,2,7!,4. Glad to hear that walking counts as I'm not sure my just returning from injury ankle is not going to need a "rest" day. So far so good! I've even started tracking my miles for the month in hopes of hitting 100. (no way I'm hitting 1000 for the year, thanks to injury, but a girl's gotta have goals.)

Kelly @ Running Kellometers said...

New follower here! Love that you are able to balance running, working, and raising a family at the same time. Definitely inspiring to those that run, work, and are looking to start a family. Thanks!!

Jamie said...

Having walking counts makes me feel so much better! I am not a run everyday type of person and I was sad that I think I have to take tomorrow off, but if I can walk then I won't miss a day!

FYI it won't increase your mileage on dailymile if you only walk and put it under "walking".

Unknown said...

You are in such great shape! Love the tree cutting pictures. I wanted that to be our family tradition, but got out voted a few years ago in favor of a fake tree. Now we all collect a special ornament from Hallmark...

I'm planning to hit the track this week for some speedy repeats. I hope they will give me some encouragement for the 5k!

Anonymous said...

The challenge is going great! I've done every day so far and am hoping to complete the entire month. Thanks for doing this!

robinbb said...

Great job on getting your miles in.

That picture of your youngest on the train is so darn cute. He has the cutest little cheeks!

Beth S. said...

My challenge has been going great, but probably the best part was my hike up Pinnacle Mountain here in Arkansas on Saturday. No it's not running, but you can't beat the muscle workout or the view! :-)

Michelle said...

I got my little guy involved in the challenge! Thanks for the inspiration! If you have time, checkout today's blog post!

Marlene said...

Your pictures always make me smile. You have such a sweet and HAPPY family!

Way to go on the streak. I hesitated to take it on because I like the freedom of a day off running now and then... but so far I am on an impromptu streak anyway! We'll see if it continues...

Anonymous said...

Your kids are too cute! As for family traditions, we're still building those in with our toddler, but plan to check out a live nativity and decorate gingerbread people this weekend.