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Saturday, December 31, 2011

December Challenge Stats

Today is the last day of December, which means it is the last day of my CHALLENGE!! My Goal was to run a minimum of 1 mile per day, every day in December, and I am happy to report that I accomplished my GOAL!!!

With the help of DailyMile below are my stats, give or take a few laps around the track...

Total Miles= 100

**Special thanks to Mom vs. Marathon for the chilly 8 miler this morning and for the awesome coaching present!!!

Per run Distance breakdown:
1 milers= 5
2 milers=5
3-3.1 milers= 8
4 milers= 4
5-6 milers= 5
8 miler=1

Miles on the Treadmill= 19.1

Miles with Friends= 55.77

Best Run= Tour De Lights

Race= Santa Runs

Total time spent Running= 14.93 hours

Average pace= 8:57

Thanks to everyone who joined in!! This was not easy, but was a bit easier than I thought it would be. I kept the pressure low and ran for the love of running...


This challenge was just what I needed to get back into the routine of Running. I had let the excuses NOT TO take over my life. This month I realized that I can fit in a mile or workout every day, all it takes is the energy to GO. To get up, get dressed and GO.. I LOVE my rest days and I am most likely going to end this STREAK very soon for that reason.

Today I celebrate a Small Goal that I did just for me, to re-light the SPARK that had gone out.... I still dont know what my Running Goals are for 2012, but this STREAK helped bring back the excitement of working toward and reaching my goals..

  • Did you meet the DECEMBER CHALLENGE? Share your stats and thoughts.

  • What are you excited about for 2012??


Christine said...

Congratulations!!! That is amazing,especially with the holidays!! Happy New Year!

~* Jenn *~ said...

Congrats on 100 miles, thats awesome! I finished your challenge with 71 miles for the month of December!

chattynatty said...

Great job! I may steal your idea for January. Last year my January mileage was horrendous and your challenge may just be what I need. I also want to attempt your 1,000 miles in 2012 and this goal would also help. Have a great new year's eve.

Penny said...

I was able to get 117 miles in Dec. The weather has been pretty nice here, so I have gotten out alot more than last year. I'm excited for 2012 because I just signed up today for my 3rd Marathon.YAHOO.

pensive pumpkin said...

I didn't even TRY the December challenge, but I really appreciate the inspiration that you provide.

Happy New Year!

Ms Mae said...

I was able to step it up and hit 1000 miles in 2012 and finish with an outdoor snow/ice 5k with my brothers :)

Kerrie said...

Way to go, Mel. It was great to just prove you could do it.

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

Congrats Mel!! That's awesome!! :) I'm glad it was just what you needed to get back into the swing of things! :)

Christy said...

Nice job on the accomplishment! Not a day off~intense! I did the 100 miles from Thanksgiving to Christmas challenge. It was fun fun.

Unknown said...

Congratulations! That is amazing. I may try this for January. You are a inspiration.:)

Elisa Seaba said...

That is great! I completed my backup goal of 800 last night at 10, so my goal for 2012 is to actually complete 1,000 this year! Happy running to you!!

JoAnn said...

I love this goal! Very inspiring! Congratulations on making it!

Karen said...

Well, as I shared, your challenge sparked my fire as well. I didn't get a mile a day done, but I did start running again , which energized me enough to make a plan and set some goals for 2012. So....thanks, and congrats on successfully accomplishing your mile a day goal!

Karen said...
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Blonde Mom Runs said...

I completed the challenge too, and was amazed how good I felt! I ran 159 miles in December, and haven't taken a day off since November 26th and feel AMAZING! I'm keeping the streak going through Tuesday, then I'll be off for a few weeks. :)
congrats, Mel! and great challenege!

scissorbill said...

I barely made it to 1,000 (I think I hit 1005) but I met the challenge!