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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

21 Random Fact About Tall Mom

I was tagged by T at Racing with Babes to share 21 random facts about myself and then to tag 10 people to do the same. I love posting in lists so I was excited to be tagged... I am sure my longtime readers will know some of these facts, I will TRY to come up with a few new ones..
21 Random Facts about Tall Mom
  1. My whole family is TALL Grandpa was 6'6, Dad was 6'5, Mom is 6'0 and to add GIANT my "little" brother is 6'9.
  2. I have ALWAYS loved being Tall, I can reach things off high shelves, find people in a crowd, and carry extra ice cream weight..hehehe
  3. Photography is a passion of mine, I spent hours in the dark room in college. I miss print photography but I love that through digital photography one can capture EVERYTHING. I once thought I would levy my talent into a career.
  4. My body has CHANGED since having 2 kids- I now have allergies, motion sickness and stomach troubles.
  5. The Summer after my Freshman year in college I ran a 5K for FUN, I chased the athletic director and got a crazy time of 19:30 or something like that and won a $25 gift certificate to a tanning salon... I SOOOO wish that I could run that fast now.
  6. I WILL run the New York City Marathon someday, I have been once and loved it! I was there for work and stumbled upon a red carpet event at Trump Tower, I got to see Cuba Gooding Junior, some B list celebs and The Donald in real life.
  7. I have always wanted to travel to Australia and Ireland, I know I will make it there someday.
  8. 2010 was the first time that I stamped my passport, previously Canada was the only foreign country I had visited. This year I went to France, Italy and Croatia, totally sparked an interest in Foreign travel for me.
  9. I LOVE Canadians!! I would live in Canada if I could. My favorite Canadian has a new Blog address HERE.
  10. Muscle Man and I met on Match.com and it was love at first site. He is my perfect match is so many ways. I LOVE being married!! We celebrated our 10 year Dateivesary on November 7th.
  11. Our family birthdays were 5 days apart as far as the day of the month, 9th, 14th, 19th, I was hoping that LS#2 would be born on the 24th to keep the streak, he was born at 12:51AM on the 25th.. (Actually I was hoping he would be born on the 23rd 1-23)
  12. I was LAUGHING for most of my labor with LS #2, after the Doctor broke my water I was a waterfall and all I could do was laugh.
  13. I had epidurals for the births of both of our boys and I only breastfed until about 8 weeks when I returned to work...I believe that both are HOT TOPICS in the Mommy world. I have the utmost respect for woman who have natural childbirth and are able to maintain a breastfeeding schedule. It didn't work for me.
  14. I have a Bachelors in Speech Communication and Masters in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University, I played basketball which covered all but 1 year of my tuition and expenses. I credit my parents for helping me to get the scholarship.
  15. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. I have dreams of writing books and being an inspirational speaker, but that would be hard to do with a young family. Having a home business with my husband would be the BEST! For now I feel blessed to be employed and able to support my family so that Muscle Man can be a stay-at-home Dad.
  16. My first real job was as an Event Planner for the Girl Scouts, I planned the calendar of events for girls ages 11-17. That age girl really needs mentoring, I hope to volunteer with young women again someday.
  17. I have anxiety, thankfully I am able to use that anxiety to work toward my goals and it does not cripple me. My close friends probably notice it more than most people as I am pretty good at faking it. I am my own worst critic. I have always had a way of over-analyzing the smallest detail.
  18. I feel prettier when my nails are painted
  19. I like to dress girly and cute when I Run/Race and don't care about whether people think I am a "real runner" or not. I will pose for the photogs and sport a skirt because it is FUN and it is ME.
  20. Shopping makes me happy, I don't always buy things but I like being in the stores and looking. I used to have a major talent for scoring great deals on the Clearance racks but I don't shop enough now to keep up.
  21. I wish that I had more time to dedicate to this Blog and especially my readers. My Blog brings me great joy every day and I can't remember my life without it.
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  • Thanks to everyone who left a Comment yesterday, we all have so much to be Thankful for. Look for a Giveaway or two to be THANKFUL for this Holiday Weekend!


Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

I love reading list posts!! :) I knew most of these about you already :)
I feel prettier when I paint my nails too... I really love just doing a french manicure style paint job... classic.
I'm having a 2011 Christmas Card Swap on my blog if you are interesting in joining... or just sharing with your readers! :) Thanks!
Here's the link:

Marlene said...

Thank you for number 9. :)

I love lists too - such a fun way to learn more about someone!

I feel like I've been struggling for content lately so this is perfect.

Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL weekend with your family!

Unknown said...

Aw, I love learning more about you. T tagged me as well, so I better get on it! I'm not sure I know 21 things about myself...this one will take some thought.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I agree with that one! I wish I had more blog time too. I love every thing I get and am (hopefully) able to give through my blog!

Awesome list. When I eventually get to meet you in real life, I'm going to feel like I already know you!

Happy Thanksgiving

Average Woman Runner said...

Happy thanksgiving!

Alanna said...

What? I'm not your favourite Canadian? Hehe :)

I so stay away from #13. We all love our kids, but it can get so judgmental about the way we had/raise them. You're my hero for going back to work at 8 weeks. In BC you get a full year off.

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving with the Tall Family!

Canuck Mom said...

I love Canadians too!! LOL!! I am one and miss Canada everyday. I live in the USA because I am married to an American and we have little ones, but someday we would love to move to Canada. Thanks for sharing the Canadian runners blog on here. I am always looking for more Canadian bloggers to follow. AWESOME!! Love this post.

fancy nancy said...

I love these lists!! I did learn new things about you! I love photography too!! I once thought I would work for National Geographics as a photographer. It would be my dream job if I wasn't a teacher!

Kerrie said...

I didn't know about the Girl Scouts job. How fun! Hope to see you Friday!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Staci said...

Nice to learn more about you. Great to hear about lasting relationships from match.com.

Christine said...

LOVE reading more about you. I met my boyfriend at match.com as well. Never believed in online dating, but it works :)

Jamie said...

Thanks for tagging me! I will do this tomorrow since I just noticed this now.

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