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Monday, October 10, 2011

Run Wild 8K Race Report

I ran the Run Wild 5K in 2009 (REPORT HERE) I placed 2nd for women in the 5K and 1st in my Age group, I really liked the race. Since I had never run an 8K I was excited to test the distance. I am not in Speed shape, as I have repeated over and over and over this year.. sorry faithful readers for the broken record. The race runs through the Northwest Trek Wildlife park and is very well organized. Muscle Man and the Little Studs were planning to come but LS#1 came down with a fever so I was SOLO..

Walk around, and take self portraits.. hehehe. It was chilly when I left the car. I had plenty of time to kill so I decided to run a warm-up Mile..

Also took pictures of my feet. I wore my Brooks Adrenalines, Green Recovery Socks and Cheetah Running Skirt.. My skirt got some attention from others..I chatted with a tall gal on my way out of the restroom and told her where she could buy her own skirt..
I made my way to the WARM REAL restroom and snapped another self portrait.. Yep I am a DORK when I am alone. Back to my car to shed the coat and go on my warm-up lap..

Just then I ran into Tressa and Jesse @ Track Coach and his Adorable Wife so nice to see my friends, Jesse was going to run the 5K. I set out on my warm-up run.. Funny thing about warm-ups, you see the COMPETITORS.. Mind you this race is not uber-competitive I knew I would place in my Age group. There was a small gal doing proper warm-ups, I knew she would WIN (I was right). During my warm-up I realized that I did not need my Pearl Izumi outer layer, so I did a quick change of the race number and set out to line up.

The walkers took off then Jesse and I took our places at the front, both in GREEN.. Tressa took our photo, will post soon. My goal was to have 7:14 pace for a sub 36 8K, AMBITIOUS but I was hopeful.

Mile 1= 7:13- My plan was to hold back and not get caught up in the SPEEDY start of the race. The course does a little loop which makes it pretty congested. I realized I was holding back a little too much and weaved to find my stride.

Mile 2= 7:49- The 8K folks go to the right for an out and back, for some reason the INSTANT my feet hit the gravel my body S-L-O-W-E-D. I panicked, I had no idea why my legs were not working. In my mind I gave up all hope of getting anywhere close to my goal. The view on this stretch was so pretty, sun shining and a lovely lake view. I worried less about my pace and enjoyed the BEAUTY.

Mile 3= 7:37- I was getting passed by a few men but holding my 3rd overall female spot. I tried to get my legs to turn over faster but I didn't have it :( The volunteers were GREAT, cheering and enthusiastic, I loved the cheerleaders at the water stops. I could see just how far behind me the next ladies were on the out and back, I used the men in front of me to set my pace.

Mile 4= 7:37- I could see that my lead on the next 2 ladies was dwindling... I thought about my friend Amanda and dug deep, I was racing for her, her Dad lost his battle with cancer last week. I told myself to ENJOY it!! The PERFECT day for a race, regardless if my body wanted to move or not. I would tough out the last mile.. Just before I entered the Park the Volunteer said "You are almost to the Finish," HMMM having run the race before I knew that I had at least Half a mile left, she probably should not be telling people that... oh well.

Mile 5= 7:02- As I rounded the corner by the Cougar enclosure I got passed by "Tsunami Sam" the name was written on her shirt, I wanted to hold pace and I did speed up but she strided away. Next a pretty little gal in a Fleet Feet shirt passed me, I sped up to stick with her and HOPED I could catch back up. The last mile has switch-backs and a steep uphill to the Finish. My Garmin was not showing me my pace so I just RAN.. As I got to the top of the hill I saw a woman to my left trying to pass, I KICKED it I was NOT getting passed again. I SPRINTED....probably looked like a T-Rex armed crazy woman as usual :)

  • NOTE= I cant believe I ran the last mile in 7:02 and got passed by 2 people, WTH!?!?!?!

Crossed the FINISH, proud of my first 8K performance, not as fast as I wanted but a solid Effort.

37:15 (PR since it was my first)

7:29 pace

Tressa and Jesse were at the finish, he rocked his race!! I would have placed higher in the 5K, oh well :( I chatted with them for a bit then they went off to wander the park with their little guy. I talked to Tsunami Sam and the Fleet Feet girl, both used me as their motivation....hmmm future race strategy.. I got some snacks and coffee and looked at the results..

5th overall female and SCORE I placed 1st in my Age group!! Next year I will train, I LOVE this race!! On my way home I stopped off to take a picture of Mount Rainier, posted on Dailymile HERE, I had to get my RUNNERD sticker in the next pick.

  • This week I will pass 1,000 miles for the year!! YIPPEE! How are you doing??

  • Also keep an eye out for my next Giveaway, it is sure to Sparkle :)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that cheetah print skirt! I've been rockin' the digi camo print skirt, maybe it's time for another one! Nice work on the race!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that cheetah print skirt! I've been rockin' the digi camo print skirt, maybe it's time for another one! Nice work on the race!

Elizabeth said...

Congrats! Way to place in your age group! Glad you got to experience the 8k and have a good time! Mt. Rainier is quite the sight to behold - it's definitely one of my favorite things to see on a clear day when running in the Seattle area.

Kate Geisen said...

Great race! That's awfully darn fast for someone not in shape for speed. :)

I just passed into the 600s, and there's no way I'll hit 1,000 unless I convert my bike times into miles. Then I'll have well over.

Unknown said...

Way to go on your first 8k. You are very resourceful with the pictures being solo, haha!

Marlene said...

Nice race!!! 8K must be tough... 5K is painful enough and you don't really get to go much slower. :P

Congrats on pushing the pace and hanging in there. 7:02 final mile?? Booyeah!!!!! You still have speed.


Tricia said...


Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

GREAT JOB Mel!! This looks like a fun race, Welcome to the Jungle baby!!!

Congrats on reaching your "mile"stone of mileage! ;)

Kerrie said...

It's weird to be solo at a race now!

Good job, lady! Run tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

Winner winner chicken dinner!!!! Great job!

1Sikan said...

Great Job Tall Mom! I'd say that's awesome for a first 8k! My 5k takes almost that long (but not as long as the first one I did!).

You are an inspiration!

BTW - I clicked on the cheetah skirt link and it wasn't there (runningskirts.com) :( I love animal print!

kimert said...

Congrats on a great race! I love your skirt and how fitting it was for that race. :) Ahh, I need to check my mileage to see how far I am from 100 for the year!


chattynatty said...

If you aren't fast, then I'm a slug- way impressed with your time 1st time out for 8K and placing. I found your site late this year, so plan to start Jan 1st logging miles, but have already started using dailymile and am amazed to see how much I run in a week and how many calories I burn. Again great job with run.

Jessica said...

You are CRAZY fast! I tried to run ONE mile at 7:36 yesterday and thought I was going to die! I only made it 1/4mile before I had to stop! AWESOME job Tall Mom!