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Friday, October 21, 2011

Marathons in the Media

Have you noticed the influx of Marathons in the Media the past few weeks? These stories have been discussed on facebook and the Blog world.. Although I hate to beat a dead and overplayed topic I have opinions on these subjects... so here goes.

  • Man Rides bus to Finish Line
Story HERE
I have witnessed runners cutting courses short twice in my life and I can honestly say that NOTHING URKS ME MORE!!! Why in the world would you cheat?? What is the point?? This idiot was stupid enough to finish in the top 3 and actually strolled up to claim the Medal. REALLY? When I ran Boston my body gave out at mile 4. I wanted to quit, I wanted to take public transportation, I wanted to find a short cut...but THERE ARE NO SHORT CUTS in MARATHONS!!!! PERIOD!!! I run the same little loop in my neighborhood, I know that I should end at my doorstep at 3 miles...some days my Garmin is off and it does not hit 3 at my house...I know that it is 3 miles, but until my Garmin chimes I am not done running. I will run up the block and back, look pretty silly to get in the miles. I DON'T TAKE SHORT CUTS!!

This guys is a moron and should be banned from all future Marathons.

  • Woman 39 Weeks Pregnant Runs Marathon then Gives Birth
Story HERE Youtube Interview HERE

I have seen this story posted in countless places. This 27 year old woman was nearly 39 weeks pregnant and ran/walked the Chicago Marathon. Soon after the race she gave birth. Most people are calling the woman "Inspiring." I am amazed at women who run their entire pregnancies, I wrote a post about it HERE. When I first heard this story I cringed, and I said out loud "Why would she do that?" Although I think that Running up until you "pop" is inspiring I do not think Running a Marathon 39 weeks pregnant is inspiring. I think it is dangerous and selfish.

I don't know this woman, so I should keep my opinions to myself. Kudos to her for keeping her fitness level so high throughout pregnancy and for getting Doctors approval and for taking it SLOW. BUT.... If this story sparks some competitive women to match what she did and we may have an influx of 9 month pregnant women toeing the line of every Marathon. Her story ended well, but it could have been tragic. When I was pregnant my first priority was my child. 1st and 2nd trimester may be OK for a Marathon... BUT... I think the 3rd trimester should be reserved for moderation and relaxation...there is nothing about 26.2 miles that is moderate or relaxing. End of Rant..

  • Biggest Loser Marathon
A few seasons of the Biggest Loser have ended with a Marathon for the Final contestants. This year every participant will run the Biggest Loser Marathon at the end of the season. WOW!!! REALLY?? I realize that the contestants workout 7-8 hours daily, but are they training for a Marathon during that time? Did the trainers or Biggest Loser folks create a Marathon training plan for them? Also this is an EXTREME weight loss competition, personally I gain weight during Marathon training because I am FAMISHED!!

It is good TV to watch the Biggest Loser Marathon, I admit to watching it, I was disappointed when they didn't do it last season. BUT... I think that having every contestant regardless of weight, medical issues, etc. run the Marathon is not right!! A Marathon is a personal choice and should be entered into with careful planning and a WANT. Fitting in training/running when they are in the gym so much for the competition may be tough. I fear that the excess weight and POUNDING of miles may cause more harm than good. I am anxious to see how this all plays out..

  • WOW Guess I have some opinions Huh?? Sorry about that.

  • What are your thoughts?

  • Plans for the weekend?


Beth said...

I totally agree with you about the man that rode the bus, WHY??? The only reason to run a marathon is for internal gratification. It means nothing if you cheat, I just don’t get it . I don’t have an opinion on the pregnant marathoner, I have never been pregnant so I reserve judgment. As for the biggest loser, I too have concerns. My brother ran his first marathon over weight and undertrained he ended up messing up his knee for the rest of his life.

Unknown said...

Cheater guy: Awful

Prego finisher: She did go really, really slow. but I agree, this could spark a generation of one uppers and that's dangerous.

Biggest Loser: Don't know. I don't keep up the show.

Scott & Phoebe said...

It's like you visited my brain and then announced to the world what you found there. Yes, yes & yes about all three of these! Clearly, great minds think alike. Rock on, Tall Mom.

ShortSkirts said...

so while i agree the contestants may not be preparing for a marathon, they are doing 7-8 hours of physical activity so they probably all could walk it.

Plus given the recent success of cross fit endurance athletes running marathons and iron mans without logging tons of mileage I think its not unreasonable.

Also every year they do the marathon they give the participants some incentive to finish. I wonder how many this year won't show up or will have some "injury" that causes them to bail before the end.

Carla said...

I totally agree with you! I know this is not popular, but I am kind of mad that this woman ran 26.2 miles so close to her due date. Was she trying to prove something? I'm all for being a trooper, but sheesh. I don't like the message this sends at all. Baby comes first, I say.

Carla said...

Oh, and I love Biggest Loser and will watch the marathon episode, but there are different ways to be fit. Running, especially 26.2 miles, is not for everyone. I know some very fit people who can kick my butt in many other ways, but could not complete a marathon without changing their workout schedules a lot.

Thanks for this post and for letting me vent!

Rene' said...

Oh Mel so many good topics this week....the cheater, well nothing to say. What a loser! The pregnant marathoner. I did not run while I was pregnant. I did run Chicago this year and it was hot and long. She had already run a marathon at 19 weeks I believe so I don't know what her point was except to say she finished. I think that she ran walked and it took her 6 1/2 hours right? Who knows? I do know that her doctor was okay with it because they interviewed him on the news in Chi-town that night. Finally biggest loser marathon...don't agree with it. I don't feel like they even have a training plan, they are not eating enough etc...there was a huge debate about this at runnnersworld.com last year. (i am sure that I will watch it though.) happy friday!

TX Runner Mom said...

I agree with some of the above posters - how safe is it to run a marathon 40 weeks pregnant? I imagine most doctors would advise against it. ANd the Biggest Loser marathon - I don't think they truly train well for it.

Unknown said...

I wrote a post about the pregnant marathoner on my own blog. I have to say that because her doc said it was ok, and she took it much slower than she would normally, and because she ran/walked, I think it was fine. The fact that other people might try it was probably not on her mind when she signed up - she only got the media attention afterwards when her dad called the local paper (this was according to a comment left by her brother on Runner's World). Personally, I would not run a marathon while pregnant, but that's because I only run a marathon every 2 years, and it's not a "normal" thing for me. She had already done one earlier in the pregnancy.

I think the problem is that so many runners are equating her experience with their own experience while "racing" a marathon and racing and run/walking at a pace MUCH slower than your normal pace are not the same.

Like I said, her doctor said it was ok, she clearly felt good enough to do it and then still have energy to give birth, so I tend to give her the benefit of the doubt and not judge.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

The Marthon Cheater, booo! Honestly he does deserve all the press is he getting. Everyone needs to stop making him famous.

The mom. She cleared it with her dr. and ultimately it was her choice (her baby doesn't have a voice yet, at least not until after the race when she was born. It was a girl wasn't?) However, I don't think woman should do extereme anything in the first trimester. that is the most delicate time. The last two the baby is well under way to developing and much more stable. However no mom should use pregnancy as a time to start anything new fitness routine. And of course everyone should seek the advice of their doctor.

TBL Marathon. I love the show. It's good and bad but I like to think it does more good and bad. The marathon somewhat bothers me because I feel it lessens the accomplishment of a marathon. How? It could be seen as showing how ANYone can complete a marathon. Which is true BUT...not everyone SHOULD. I agree that if they are a contestant who is still carry excessive weight, could they injure themselves and sideline the ultimate goal? which is getting healthy, not injured. Either way, anyone should be allowed to attempt a marathon regardless of how long it may take them and at least TBL runners are all getting a doctor's guidance.
Gee you really made me think today. I guess we all have a lot of opinions.

Catey said...

Cheater: so not cool. I hate to be adolescent, but weenie!

Pregnant marathoner: While I ran through my most recent pregnancy big mileage just wasn't happening for me. I have friends who run big mileage till the end of pregnancy-if their body is up for it I think it's awesome. Her husband was with her for the majority of the race, and since she walked plenty of it I think she was fine. I may be wrong, but I would assume that if something started hurting or gave her some warning sign, I would think that like any of us mothers, she would have bailed. Maybe not, I don't know. There is definitely a difference in racing a marathon and in completing a marathon.
which leads right into TBL....
I LOVE TBL marathon episode. I think this year's twist is interesting. I think most of them will be *completing* it, not running it. I agree that without a good training plan it could be a recipe for disaster for many of them. I was starving through marathon training too, which takes me back to when Jillian totally laid into Darus (I think that was his name?) for not losing a ton of weight when he was training for the marathon and finished it with a good time. She is not a runner-she has no idea! Excited for this year's marathon, should be interesting to see!

protometal @ clippinalong.blogspot.com said...

I think much of what they do to people on the Biggest Loser is dangerous and the marathon is right up there. While there are inspiring stories coming out of that show, I am surprised that more people don't end up severely injured. I bet there is a Non-disclosure agreement that prevents some horror stories from getting out.

fancy nancy said...

I totally agree with you on the pregnant runner. Kudos to her for being fit but I think it was too extreme...My hubby thinks she wanted the attention. Either way it ended well but it also could have ended badly.

Same about the bus guy...dude if taking the bus was part of the gig then I would totally have run tons of marathons!!

Elizabeth said...

I was literally shaking my head in agreement to all of these as I read them. I had the same thoughts a while back on the BL. I think it is extremely dangerous-i haven’t heard a mention of a marathon training plan on an episode yet. and the pregnant woman. there are no words.

XLMIC said...

The cheater dude... get some Mafiosos to 'knee cap' him.

The pregnant lady... her splits averaged 14+ minutes per mile... kind of surprised that she could do that through contractions, but I know that everyone labors differently. My contractions always felt like someone was skewering me up the a** with a white-hot poker. TMI maybe, but it made my husband cringe and understand. I doubt this lady was having pains like that. To her I give a big... whatevs.

Biggest Loser... I have never seen the show and we don't have t.v. so I have no real opinion on any aspect of the show except Dolvett.

I think about you often and hope things are going well :)

chattynatty said...

Any cheater, at pretty much anything, peevs me. That guy had lots of something to even accept 3rdplace winners medal.

Pregnant woman at Chicago- don't even get me started- I was there and got to experience the warm marathon run. I got to witness runners on stretchers,first aid tents being filled with runners towards the end of the race and even as I finished I saw numerous runners being helped by volunteers- that lady was totally selfish and I'm sorry stupid. Her baby is so lucky!

Kristin Miller said...

Ok, SO many of my friends posted the marathon mom's story on my FB because they "all thought of me when they saw it!" Ugh. And her last name being Miller didn't help. I won't be doing that when baby Miller is being carried (In the far future). Concerning the Biggest Loser, I think I would somewhat disagree. Every single contestant that has finished has been beyond elation that they "completed a marathon", whether it was 5 hours or 8 hours. They are all overwhelmed by the fact that they did something that they thought was completely impossible. I think it's a good thing for the sport. It's a testament to their change. It's an experience they will NEVER forget. Thankfully, they're not forced to run the whole thing or complete it. They can bow out (From what I've seen).

Jessica said...

I agree that it is RIDICULOUS that anyone would cheat in a race! As for the marathon mom, I think it's extreme, but to each their own. I too watch Biggest Loser, mostly while eating ice cream, and I think that the show somewhat sets people up for failure. When they go back to real life, they will not be able to workout 7-8 hours a day, unless they are independently wealthy. It's an entertaining show, but not sure if it's good or bad.

Meg said...

I am in total agreement with you about all 3......I dont know how that pregnant lady did it - I could barely walk around the block at 39 weeks.....LOL. I was also relieved that my marathon time was faster than hers! LOL

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