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Friday, October 28, 2011

Locker Room Hoarder

In a haze yesterday morning I failed to grab my Running bag. I realized when I went to leave my Jeep and did not have multiple bags to carry. UGH!! I knew that the weather would be nice and I NEEDED to burn off some calories, yes folks I have ZERO WILLPOWER around snack-sized Halloween Candy.

I went to the locker room and realized that I am a Locker Room Hoarder, I had everything I needed for a run. Mind you it was a miss-matched Punky Brewster Mess.. I sent the email below to my Running Buddies:

I left my Running bag at home, I was SLEEPY this morning and spaced on it. So I looked in my locker at work.. I have the gear to Run… One problem for matchy-matchy me..


Brooks Epiphany in lilac purple with day glow orange piping


See-through white tee with a dark red sports bra under (Classy)
Royal blue long sleeve zip up with gray and black accents


White with red striped stitching

Wow am I going to look HOT!!

Hugs friends!!

From your Pal Tall Punky Brewster, Garminless, Ipodless, Runner..

The email above lead to some fun ideas to come... more on that later. I was prepared to toss away my matching obsession and get in my 3 miles, hoping that the paparazzi would not catch me on the run (a Tall gal can dream right?). THANKFULLY when I pulled out my gear to run there was a pair of Navy shorts in my locker just under my lilac pair (HOARDER). Punky Run avoided. SCORE!!!

It was nice to run by feel and not stare at my Garmin. The weather was perfect, sunny and a crisp 55'. I was entertained by the countless Ducks in the nearby river. The plank wood bridge will soon be covered by leaves of the over-hanging trees. The smokers were in their usual spot, standing and STARING, I always wonder what they think when I run by. As I got close to my turn around there was a group of 5 men taking up the whole path.. REALLY?? I snuck by and made my turn.

I imagined this group was part of the Renton Mafia (no such thing) dressed in their suites with foreign accents, I gently said "On your right" as I quickly zoomed past. My knee is still bothering me, I have had trouble off and on since I began running in 2009. I had 2 knee surgeries in early 2000, an ACL repair and scar tissue and meniscus repair. When I gain weight I feel it and when I slack on my PR exercises. The plan for now is to rest, ice, shed some pounds and get back to strength exercises. If those steps do not cure the pain I will find a Doctor.

On my way back I spotted a Tall Crane in the swamp area, pretty sure we made eye contact, like kindred spirits :)

It was only 3 miles.
It was in the most uncomfortable shorts ever.
I had no Garmin and no Ipod.
My knee is still funky.

It was PERFECT!!!

Get out there this weekend and connect with your Run, you will be glad you did.

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  • What is the craziest outfit you have ever worn on the Run?


Elizabeth said...

Haha. I can't say I've worn anything too crazy, although I'm sure there are times when people have wondered what I was thinking when I chose my outfit! I hope your knee feels better soon! I had reconstructive surgery on my knee in 2002 (torn ACL). Surprisingly, that knee has held up well. It's the other leg that gives me problems. I have a feeling I may be overcompensating on my "good" leg when I run.

kimert said...

I am so matchy matchy (lol) when I run. I have cancelled a run one time because hubby brought clothes that totally did not match in my gym bag. I opened my bag and almost cried. LOL
Tomorrow I am running a half marathon (3rd) in "costume." Never thought I would do that so it seems crazy to me!

Marlene said...

I'm not usually very matchy. I love race tees in wild colours & patterns and have been known to throw random gear together. Glad you got out there to RUN!!

Good luck packing!!

Tasha Malcolm said...

Nice outfit! I am way to matchy, matchy. Even my socks have to match my shirt/shorts. :-)

Jessica said...

I love running without a Garmin to be a slave to! I've recently started running sans music as well, but that's taking some getting used to. And matching is totally overrated!

Unknown said...

I walk around town in my compression socks (neon green)I'm sure I have one of those distinguishing nicknames like other nuts walking around. some examples of fellow nuts in my town:Larry the cross dresser, Jennifer the used to be a man, and fat guy with blue shorts. I'm sure the smokers have you as a named marker in the day too.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I gotta come back to enter your giveaway. time crunch! Not ignoring.

I often don't care whether I match or not. There. I said. I don't care. With an utter lack of any style it's a good thing. My sisters got all the style. I got all the drive. I think I'm okay with that. I'll try and care for the race since there will probably be photographers and I'll want to post pictures. ;-)

I'm gonna join you in the lose weight and get some strength training after the 50 miler.
The tough Mudder really showed how little upper body strength I have! I wasn't happy that No Upper Body Strength Shelly was AND I Have TasteBuds and Use Them Shelly both showed up on race day...neither were the guys who had to help push me over those 12foot walls!

XLMIC said...

LOL... one advantage to being an unmatching person is that you never stress about having stuff match ;-)

Glad you got your run on :)

~K~ said...

love this! The trunk of my car sounds like your locker...i keep running clothes (mostly the uncomfortable ones or ugly ones that i won't miss!) in my trunk just in case an opportunity comes up. I also try to keep spare regular clothes for sometime when I've run and forgot clothes to change into. My trunk looks like a dump! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I am fortunate that I live next to the trail that I run, so I don't have to worry about what I have to wear. Unless of course if I did not wash it! I hope your knee gets better! By the way, I received my Sparkle Skirt and love it! Thanks so much!

Elizabeth said...

Sooo...what shoes are you wearing right now? Changes in weight or stride sometimes cause the perfect shoe to no longer be the perfect shoe. You might need to change your shoes for a while. PM and let's chat.