6'0 tall, former athlete, mother of 3, struggling to keep up on the RUN of daily life.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Talloween

Happy Halloween
Or in our house Talloween

Just kidding, I just thought if that when I went to type a title for this post. We have had some fun Halloween Nights the past few years. Last year was tough and a big blur, but we made it though.. Enjoy the Timeline of Talloween in my house..

We did not dress up, it was hard a couple weeks after my Dad passed.
I wore my Giraffe costume from my race.
Our first family Halloween, so we used Super Baby for our costume.

LS# 2 was in my Belly.. We reused the Turtle costume a few years later.2006-
Our First Halloween as parents.. And guess what?? I didn't put film in the camera!! Mommy FAIL!!

Tonight the Little Studs, Green Lantern and Captain America, will be lead around by their parents Popeye and Olive.. I am looking forward to having a nice family night, with the return of SMILES on Halloween!!

  • What are you up to tonight??

Friday, October 28, 2011

Locker Room Hoarder

In a haze yesterday morning I failed to grab my Running bag. I realized when I went to leave my Jeep and did not have multiple bags to carry. UGH!! I knew that the weather would be nice and I NEEDED to burn off some calories, yes folks I have ZERO WILLPOWER around snack-sized Halloween Candy.

I went to the locker room and realized that I am a Locker Room Hoarder, I had everything I needed for a run. Mind you it was a miss-matched Punky Brewster Mess.. I sent the email below to my Running Buddies:

I left my Running bag at home, I was SLEEPY this morning and spaced on it. So I looked in my locker at work.. I have the gear to Run… One problem for matchy-matchy me..


Brooks Epiphany in lilac purple with day glow orange piping


See-through white tee with a dark red sports bra under (Classy)
Royal blue long sleeve zip up with gray and black accents


White with red striped stitching

Wow am I going to look HOT!!

Hugs friends!!

From your Pal Tall Punky Brewster, Garminless, Ipodless, Runner..

The email above lead to some fun ideas to come... more on that later. I was prepared to toss away my matching obsession and get in my 3 miles, hoping that the paparazzi would not catch me on the run (a Tall gal can dream right?). THANKFULLY when I pulled out my gear to run there was a pair of Navy shorts in my locker just under my lilac pair (HOARDER). Punky Run avoided. SCORE!!!

It was nice to run by feel and not stare at my Garmin. The weather was perfect, sunny and a crisp 55'. I was entertained by the countless Ducks in the nearby river. The plank wood bridge will soon be covered by leaves of the over-hanging trees. The smokers were in their usual spot, standing and STARING, I always wonder what they think when I run by. As I got close to my turn around there was a group of 5 men taking up the whole path.. REALLY?? I snuck by and made my turn.

I imagined this group was part of the Renton Mafia (no such thing) dressed in their suites with foreign accents, I gently said "On your right" as I quickly zoomed past. My knee is still bothering me, I have had trouble off and on since I began running in 2009. I had 2 knee surgeries in early 2000, an ACL repair and scar tissue and meniscus repair. When I gain weight I feel it and when I slack on my PR exercises. The plan for now is to rest, ice, shed some pounds and get back to strength exercises. If those steps do not cure the pain I will find a Doctor.

On my way back I spotted a Tall Crane in the swamp area, pretty sure we made eye contact, like kindred spirits :)

It was only 3 miles.
It was in the most uncomfortable shorts ever.
I had no Garmin and no Ipod.
My knee is still funky.

It was PERFECT!!!

Get out there this weekend and connect with your Run, you will be glad you did.

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  • What is the craziest outfit you have ever worn on the Run?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

PlanetGear Giveaway

How Cool is that???

In order to spread the word and get as much $$$$$$ for the Breast Cancer Fund as possible, I have teamed up with PlanetGear.com to host a little Giveaway..

First Off in case you don't know about PlanetGear.com below is a little about them...

About Us

The world's best gear, apparel, and travel destinations at prices up to 70% off on most leading outdoor brands. Sale events start daily at 9:00am PST and last up to 7 days. All sales are on a first come, first serve basis. So please come visit us early, and have fun shopping!

At PlanetGear.com we're passionate about people, the outdoors and the world we live in, and we're excited to share this passion with you.

Invite your friends to become members of PlanetGear.com, and we'll send you an instant $10.00 credit when they make their first purchase* Membership is free!


The PlanetGear Team

About Us

We believe in the outdoors. Fresh air. Fresh tracks. Warm sand. Starry skies. Drifting snow. Lazy rivers. The places we go to find inspiration.

We believe in gear. Warm fleece jackets, stretchy yoga wear, energy bars, bells for our beach cruisers. The things that bring comfort to our lives outdoors.

We believe in exploring. Inspiring destinations, travel blogs, dreamy landscapes. Experiences that create sweet, unforgettable memories.

We believe in giving back. Clean air, clear water, healthy living. To preserve our world, we donate to grassroots environmental groups through 1% for the Planet.

We believe in sharing. We work with the best brands in the outdoor and active lifestyle communities to bring our members exclusive deals on gear, apparel, and travel destinations.


$40 to spend on PlanetGear.com

HOW DO YOU ENTER? One Comment per entry

REQUIRED- "Like" PlanetGear on Facebook HERE, for every new Like before October 31st they will donate $1 to Breast Cancer Awareness Fund!! Leave a Comment.


1- Share about the PlanetGear Facebook page HERE and their efforts to "help spread the love." Leave a comment telling me how you shared.

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3- Become a Member on PlanetGear.com HERE. Leave a Comment letting me know what you loved about the website.

4-Visit my Tall Mom Facebook Page HERE and Leave a Comment on the Image I posted for an additional Entry.

***Contest Ends 10/31 and Winner will be announced 11/1

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Last night I thought about going to run with the Fleet Feet Run Club to meet some new friends, but they meet at 6:30 on a DARK trail, I didn't know if anyone would be there who ran my pace and I did not want my time with my family eaten up waiting. Instead on set out at about 5:45PM to run around my neighborhood.


-There is an influx of Halloween decorations, I took mental note of the houses I plan to AVOID with the Little Studs next Monday.

-Running when my dinner is not settled is GROSS..

-Smells of dryer exhaust, Dinner and wet leaves.

-I could see my breath but I did not feel cold

-The sun went down and it was dim, I could see my shadow in the Street signs when a car passed.

-There was a game on the field at the nearby High School, the scoreboard and lights gave me a feeling of nostalgia.

-My Knee felt horrible, every step was labored and painfull. I know I need to get it checked out, but I fear what the Dr. will say.

-I felt heavy...remembering a time when running felt "easy" I wish I could get to that level of fitness again.

-I SPRINTED up and down the hills, longing to feel SPEED. I played with SPEED during my run not able to hold it long.

-An Ambulance passed, and later a Firetruck, headed toward the High School, I prayed that all was OK.

-I also prayed for Harmony and her family, for Amanda and Chelsea...I feel helpless when my friends are struggling.

-It started to get dark, I looped around my neighborhood to get in 4 miles, then went home.

I NEEDED this solo run. To connect with my surroundings, my body, my thoughts.. Running is not easy right now. I feel heavy and I am in pain. My schedule is busy leaving little time for a consistent running schedule. I don't have any solid Running goals or plans. What I realized last night is that regardless of how HARD it is right now, one thing is certain.


And at the end of the day that is truly what matters..

A Runner Runs..

I don't need to worry about Pace.
I don't need to worry about my Weekly Mileage.
I don't have to stress about not having a Training Plan.
I don't need to have a race or BIG Event on the spectrum.
I don't need the pressure I just need to RUN, when I can and to love it...

Running Solo helped me come to this conclusion...

Monday, October 24, 2011

Runner Girl vs. Mother Nature

Yesterday I posed a question on Facebook HERE:

Being a Runner Girl is not fun when Mother Nature comes to visit. Anyone want to chime in on this taboo subject and give advice for Running through that time of the month?

There were some great responses, thanks ladies!! What brought up this question?? TMI post ahead BEWARE.. I had a Mirena IUD put in after Little Stud #2 was born. I LOVED it because I did not have my monthly visitor, not in the normal sense anyhow. However during the 3++ years I have had the IUD I have experienced debilitating Stomach pains. I have had every test done with no results, so I finally pulled my IUD and the pains went away.

This weekend was my first visit from PMS since the IUD removal and WOW!!!

Call it what you want.....

Mother Nature

That Time of the Month

Monthly Visitor

Aunt Flow

Any way you shake it, it SUCKS for Running!!

Reading the Comments on Facebook HERE some women have had accidents while Running, now that is a bad day...

I did a quick Google Search for "Tips for Running while on your period" various articles came up. This one HERE was pretty helpful....below is some info from the article..

Because of the sharp drop in hormone levels prior to menstruation, many women experience some of the following symptoms:
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Increased insulin responsiveness
  • Food cravings
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
Obviously, these symptoms can make exercising during your period unpleasant to say the least. But exercising can actually make your period more manageable, decreasing many of these symptoms. It is safe and beneficial to exercise during your period, unless your doctor advises against it.

There are many benefits to exercising during your period. Working out can help:
  • Decrease the pain of cramps by releasing endorphins (the body's natural painkillers), increasing blood flow, and by loosening muscles in your lower abdomen, back, and thighs.
  • Rid your body of excess water so you aren’t bloated.
  • Improve and stabilize your mood, making you less anxious, angry, or depressed.
Of course, there are even more benefits to a regular exercise program. By exercising consistently, you may be able to achieve a lighter and shorter menstrual flow, a lower incidence of mood swings, and a stronger pelvic floor, which can better support your reproductive organs.

The following suggestions will help you develop a synergy between menstruation and exercise, so you can optimize your workouts, and your periods.
  • If you are just beginning an exercise program, and you suffer from cramps and other period-related issues, then start out slowly. Make sure you're listening to your body and not overdoing it.
  • Increase exercise around your period, which will improve oxygen circulation throughout the body.
  • Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein.
  • Avoid lots of salt (but use spices, especially spicy ones, liberally).
  • Avoid refined sugars and fried foods.
  • Avoid caffeine—it can make cramps worse.
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Use heat to relieve cramps so you can get to the gym and stick to your workouts.
My Advice???
Slow down, this is not the time for speed work, turn off the Garmin and listen to your body.
Look at a calendar and try not to plan and "A" races during that time if you can avoid it.
Over prepare, always have supplies in your running bag and while on the run.
Wear dark colored bottoms and layers of protection, accidents are not fun.

Runner Girl vs. Mother Nature

We don't have to let Mother Nature Win!! Give in to the square of chocolate if you need to, take a few pain relievers, reduce your long run or save it for another day, get out there and do what you can!! You wont regret it.

Signing off from PMS Land- Tall Mom

Ps.. Sorry to my Male readers, pretty sure there are only a few.. Coach Ken if you are reading this, Hi :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Marathons in the Media

Have you noticed the influx of Marathons in the Media the past few weeks? These stories have been discussed on facebook and the Blog world.. Although I hate to beat a dead and overplayed topic I have opinions on these subjects... so here goes.

  • Man Rides bus to Finish Line
Story HERE
I have witnessed runners cutting courses short twice in my life and I can honestly say that NOTHING URKS ME MORE!!! Why in the world would you cheat?? What is the point?? This idiot was stupid enough to finish in the top 3 and actually strolled up to claim the Medal. REALLY? When I ran Boston my body gave out at mile 4. I wanted to quit, I wanted to take public transportation, I wanted to find a short cut...but THERE ARE NO SHORT CUTS in MARATHONS!!!! PERIOD!!! I run the same little loop in my neighborhood, I know that I should end at my doorstep at 3 miles...some days my Garmin is off and it does not hit 3 at my house...I know that it is 3 miles, but until my Garmin chimes I am not done running. I will run up the block and back, look pretty silly to get in the miles. I DON'T TAKE SHORT CUTS!!

This guys is a moron and should be banned from all future Marathons.

  • Woman 39 Weeks Pregnant Runs Marathon then Gives Birth
Story HERE Youtube Interview HERE

I have seen this story posted in countless places. This 27 year old woman was nearly 39 weeks pregnant and ran/walked the Chicago Marathon. Soon after the race she gave birth. Most people are calling the woman "Inspiring." I am amazed at women who run their entire pregnancies, I wrote a post about it HERE. When I first heard this story I cringed, and I said out loud "Why would she do that?" Although I think that Running up until you "pop" is inspiring I do not think Running a Marathon 39 weeks pregnant is inspiring. I think it is dangerous and selfish.

I don't know this woman, so I should keep my opinions to myself. Kudos to her for keeping her fitness level so high throughout pregnancy and for getting Doctors approval and for taking it SLOW. BUT.... If this story sparks some competitive women to match what she did and we may have an influx of 9 month pregnant women toeing the line of every Marathon. Her story ended well, but it could have been tragic. When I was pregnant my first priority was my child. 1st and 2nd trimester may be OK for a Marathon... BUT... I think the 3rd trimester should be reserved for moderation and relaxation...there is nothing about 26.2 miles that is moderate or relaxing. End of Rant..

  • Biggest Loser Marathon
A few seasons of the Biggest Loser have ended with a Marathon for the Final contestants. This year every participant will run the Biggest Loser Marathon at the end of the season. WOW!!! REALLY?? I realize that the contestants workout 7-8 hours daily, but are they training for a Marathon during that time? Did the trainers or Biggest Loser folks create a Marathon training plan for them? Also this is an EXTREME weight loss competition, personally I gain weight during Marathon training because I am FAMISHED!!

It is good TV to watch the Biggest Loser Marathon, I admit to watching it, I was disappointed when they didn't do it last season. BUT... I think that having every contestant regardless of weight, medical issues, etc. run the Marathon is not right!! A Marathon is a personal choice and should be entered into with careful planning and a WANT. Fitting in training/running when they are in the gym so much for the competition may be tough. I fear that the excess weight and POUNDING of miles may cause more harm than good. I am anxious to see how this all plays out..

  • WOW Guess I have some opinions Huh?? Sorry about that.

  • What are your thoughts?

  • Plans for the weekend?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Winner and a few things Thursday

The WINNER of the Team Sparkle Giveaway is:
Talso66 @ Keeping My Pace

**Please email me the color and size you would like at tallmomontherun (@) hotmail

And a few things...

1. I will be in Hawaii in November for my Big Girl Job.. and Guess what?? There is a 10K race while I am there!! I am super excited to run in Hawaii. Is anyone running the "Day of Hope" on Maui November 5th? Race info HERE. The money goes to the American Cancer Society.

2. It is getting DARK earlier here :( This means that our Family runs will come to an end soon. This is SAD to me!! I have loved running with Muscle Man and the Little Studs. I love Fall, not really a fan of Winter, I don't like the shorter days it is a bummer for a runner. Good news is that Muscle Man has been running on his own. I am HOPING this means that there is a Half Marathon in his near future.

3. I was playing on a FUN website the other night cartoonize.net. All you do is upload a photo and the website creates a cartoon-type image you can download. I tried several photos, below are my faves from running.. I think they look a little like paintings.

4. My Run Wild race pictures came back, so I created a little montage to show the progression toward the Finish Line.. Wow do I have CRAZY FORM!! Funny thing is I know this and I really don't care. In College my coaches and trainers tried to fix how I ran, they told me to keep my knee straighter, lift my legs higher, drop my shoulders, etc.. The more they changed my form the SLOWER I got running up and down the court. They finally gave up..and I resumed my wonky form.

5. I have been the WORST host for the Tall Mom 1,000+++ Club this year :( But I am happy to report that people seem to be hitting their goals without any inspiration from me. I love getting emails from folks who are PROUD to reach the milestone, thanks to Anne @ This Mom's Running Life for emailing and for her post "Goals are Good". I passed the 1,000 mark on October 11th!! Always exciting. With just 70 days left in the year will you hit your goal??

Hard to believe there are only 70 days left in the year!!! Will you try for 1,000+++ in 2012??

6. I am debating testing the Ultra waters in 2012... 50K to be exact, It is the Rainier To Ruston Ultra and is just down the road. The course has changed from last year, I am a little intimidated by trails, but I would like to take on a new adventure.. I have no desire to go into the 50 milers like Shelly or the 100's like Emz, Hannah and Jesse, you are are AMAZING!!

7. SPECIAL Thanks to everyone who commented on my Feed Me Post HERE. Since I could not select the best recipe, I used Random.org to pick the winner of a tube of Nuun. Winner is Running Moose. Please email to claim your Nuun.

8. If you are not already a fan of Tall Mom on Facebook HERE please head there and hit "Like" I plan to host a few fun giveaways that will be on Facebook in the weeks to come and I don't want my faithful readers to miss out :)

9. I wanted to race this weekend..BUT I also want to SLEEP!! Decisions, Decisions... What would you do?

10. Marlene HERE is a ROCK Star and killed her Marathon, head over and tell her congrats. My Little Nuun HTC buddy Dorothy HERE also sped to an amazing PR in her Marathon.

That's all I got.. How are you??

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tall Mom Test Lab Tuesday

Welcome to the newest Members of the Tall Mom Bloggy Pack!!! Over 1,200 strong, I feel honored to have you all along for the Run.

I have not done a Test Lab Tuesday in forever.. I am super behind sharing the WONDERFUL products that I have been testing. With Christmas just around the corner this post may give you some ideas for things to add to your Christmas List.

The folks at Tommie Copper HERE were nice enough to send me a few things to TEST. I put the Women's Compression Shirt and knee Sleeve through the paces last night.
Women's Compression Shirt HERE- $44.50
First impression I love the feel of the fabric and the cut of the shirt. This would be ideal for Fall Racing, paired with arm sleeves. I love the color and fit. The only problem I had was the shirt kept riding up because of my running skirt. My solution? Next time I may use small safety pins to hold the shirt down, or try it without my Running Skirt. You will see this super slimming and comfy shirt OFTEN, I am in LOVE!

Knee Compression Sleeve HERE- $24.50
My knee has been really bothering me lately so I was excited to test this sleeve. Unfortunately the fit was not right for me. I have large quads and calves, the bands were tight in those places but the knee sleeve itself was loose. I liked that I could run and didn't notice the knee sleeve and that it kept my knee warm, I just wish it was a bit more compression on my trouble area.

Sof Sole Coolmax Performance Socks HERE
These are my FAVORITE socks right now, I scored on a few pairs at an expo for $5!! They are cushy but also let my feet breathe (yes feet need to breathe). I have had no troubles with bunching or blisters...my only issues?? I NEED more pairs!!

One Good Earbud HERE- $19.95
I love to run with music, but I am also want to be aware of my surroundings and SAFETY. I was sent the in-ear bud to test and it is GREAT! No more do I have to tuck the extra earbud in my bra strap. The super long cord makes for a comfortable fit, I put the cord under my shirt and tucked into my spandex. As a Tall gal the cords are usually an issue, this cord is perfect for me.. ONE EARBUD!! Genius!!

Auria Earbuds HERE- $33.99
Auria is all about customization and sound quality. I was not able to truly experience the sound quality of the earbuds because I only wore 1. What I did notice was the great fit in my ear and a crisp sound beyond the regular Ipod earbuds. The price is a bit higher than I would normally pay, so I am curious to know how long these earbuds last.

Chris Cooper- "Long May You Run" HERE
New and experienced Runners alike will love this book. It is hard to define the book, I would call it an inspirational reference book. Chris covers a multitude of topics with detail and flare. There are quotes from Famous runners and quit tips helpful for ALL facets of your running life. I recommend this book for Moms because it is a quick read, you don't have to read it all at once, you can pick it up to get the info you need from Relays to Marathons to destination runs.

Matt Long- "The Long Run" HERE
This book is about a New York City Firefighters amazing comeback from a tragic accident which ripped his body apart. I love books that are written in journal style, no frilly language, an easy read from the person who experienced it. Matt Long is honest about the hardships, up and extreme downs of recovery and adjusting to the limits of his new body. If you ever think you cant run a Marathon, you MUST read this book. INSPIRING!!!



Mina Samuels- "Run Like a Girl" HERE
Gone for a Run Medal Hanger HERE

SLS Butterfly Compression Socks HERE

Champions New Eco Athletic Apparel HERE

Ila Sport Security HERE

******I was sent these items free of charge for testing and review purposes. My opinions are my own and I was not compensated for my review.

Monday, October 17, 2011

1 Year

It has been 1 Year since my Dad passed away suddenly due to an undiagnosed Heart Condition, I like to say his Heart was too big for his body. I have felt him with me often, most often when I am running. I struggled during the Boston Marathon and he was there in spirit to help me reach the finish (Report HERE.) I often find myself going to a dark place of sadness but the one thing I CAN do is pass on his Legacy through my SMILE... As you can see from the picture above my Smile came from Dad.

I know that many of my posts this year have included notes on my Dad, Grief is a real thing, this Blog is my journal and I don't hide how I feel, the ups and the downs. My family has held strong, my Mom especially, she inspires me daily.

My advice is to LIVE each day to the fullest and be sure to tell the people you LOVE how you feel. LIFE is shorter than you think.. This Year has passed so quickly. My plan for 2012 is ever evolving what I do know is that I am going to focus on passing on his LEGACY, giving my heart permission to think ONLY of the great memories and to SMILE.

  • I love you Dad and today my Dimples shine for you!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Feed me Friday

If you have read Tall Mom for more than a minute you know that I am not a Foodie. I LOVE to EAT don't get me wrong, but I lack the essentials of menus planning, ideas and ummm I cant cook :) (strike that, I have no interest in learning to cook).

This post has 1 purpose to...
Please leave comments with suggestions for HEALTHY options that keep you energized and ready to RUN, Recipes, links, ideas, and your favorites for..

  • Breakfast
  • Snacks
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Dessert
  • Nighttime HUNGER
  • Pre-Run
  • Post-Run
  • Other??
To give you some incentive.... The BEST idea/comment to FEED ME will get a tube of Nuun your choice from my stash and an additional entry into my Team Sparkle Giveaway HERE.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Team Sparkle Giveaway

One of my favorite signs from a spectator while racing is:

You don't Sweat you SPARKLE

I do sweat, I love the idea that as a female runner I can be feminine while giving it my all on the run. Enter Team Sparkle HERE.I was introduced to Team Sparkle through Nuun, two of the founders of Team Sparkle Carrie HERE and Kelly HERE were in my Vanmates for Hood to Coast. I LOVE these ladies!! And I was proud to test the Team Sparkle Skirt for the first time at See Jane Run.

What a great way to add some color and cover up the BORING capris. My sister and I go loads of compliments on the run which is always fun. The best part about the Team Sparkle Skirts are you can wear them over anything, so light weight you will hardly know you are wearing a skirt.

Team AfterNuun Delight wore the skirts for Hood to Coast and they were GREAT! Ideal for relays making teammates easy to spot on the course and for handoffs.
I also wore my Blue skirt on 9-11 for the Iron Girl 5K, showing my pride in Red White and Blue.
Team Sparkle Skirts are

Since the ladies at Team Sparkle love you, they are giving you a chance to WIN!!

What will you WIN?

1 Team Sparkle skirt
color and size of your choice

How do you Enter?
One comment per entry please.

REQUIRED- Like Team Sparkle on Facebook HERE. Leave a Comment to let me know you "like" Team Sparkle.

Extra entries...

1- Answer the question- How do you Sparkle? Leave a Comment.

2- Go to the Team Sparkle Store HERE, shop around and tell me what color you will chose when you win. Leave a Comment.

3- Share the Giveaway on your Blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc.. Leave a Comment each time you share.

****Giveaway ends and WINNER will be announced on 10-20.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


On 10-10-09 I had my First Blogger/Runner/Buddy date.. and it was with none other than the Amazing Amanda at 5 Miles past Empty HERE. Our First "Date" HERE turned into a friendship I cherish EVERY day!! I get pretty sappy when I talk about Amanda, in fact last year just before Amanda moved away, ironically on our 1 Year Friendiversary, I wrote this SAPPY post HERE. Hard to believe it has only been 2 years. Last week Amanda's Dad lost his fight with Cancer, I dedicated my 8K to him and I have been checking in with Amanda each day. I feel helpless living so far away, but I do what I can. If only we could RUN together, CRY together...but alas this miles between are just too far.. Happy Friendiversary!! I WILL see you soon...
Looking at the calendar I realized that I have another Friendiversary this time of year. Jess at Blonde Ponytail HERE and I met at a Bloggy meet-up hosted by Stacie HERE on 10-9-10, I was in Portland to cheer Amanda on for her Marathon. Having both been college athletes we had an instant connection, hard to believe that this time last year Jess didn't have a Blog. I WISH that she and Coach lived on the west side of the state because we would be STELLAR training buddies.
I like to celebrate Friendiversaries, first off because it is a funny word and second, it is fun to see how far we have come TOGETHER.. There is a special bond formed when you run with someone. What happens on the run stays on the run!!! Thank you Jess and Amanda for being my buddies, my spare bedroom is open whenever you want to crash at Casa-de-Tall Mom.

I have been BLESSED to meet amazing people through Blogland. I am always talking about my "friends" and that is what I consider my Bloggy Buddies, regardless of if we get to see eachother daily or not.

Checking in with my FRIENDS in Blog Land:
in no particular order, click name to go to the blog

- Please say a prayer for Harmony, her husband discovered cancer in his leg and they are going through a very tough time right now.

HANNAH- Completed the Heartland 100 this past weekend. WOW oh WOW!!

MARLENE- It is her BIRTHDAY this week!! And she has a little 26.2 jaunt planned this weekend. Stop in and wish her GOOD LUCK!

KERRIE- My author friend has a PLAN to get her book written, maybe she will let me write the forward ;p

ZOE- and Goober and Trav are still in China, she will be back on 11-15, can't wait to hear all about the trip.

MORGAN- Suffered an injury and has turned to bone stimulation. I am praying that she finds her way to health soon.

CHELSEA- Has taken a break from Blogging but she is able to start running again and has some goals for next year.

Kim- Will be running Girlfriends Half Marathon this weekend with her stellar new playlist.

T- Died her hair a WOW color and is <1 month from NYC and Richmond Marathons!!

Track Coach & Adorable Wife
- Were my buddies this weekend, Tressa took some fun photos which I posted on Tall Mom Facebook HERE.

  • This is by no means EVERYONE...but hey the post has to end sometime.
  • Do you celebrate Friendiversaries?
  • If you do not have running buddies I URGE you to take a step toward meeting people, you will be glad you did!!

Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things.
~Author Unknown

In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.
~Albert Schweitzer

A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down.
~Arnold Glasow

Friends are those rare people who ask how you are and then wait for the answer.
~Author Unknown

Monday, October 10, 2011

Run Wild 8K Race Report

I ran the Run Wild 5K in 2009 (REPORT HERE) I placed 2nd for women in the 5K and 1st in my Age group, I really liked the race. Since I had never run an 8K I was excited to test the distance. I am not in Speed shape, as I have repeated over and over and over this year.. sorry faithful readers for the broken record. The race runs through the Northwest Trek Wildlife park and is very well organized. Muscle Man and the Little Studs were planning to come but LS#1 came down with a fever so I was SOLO..

Walk around, and take self portraits.. hehehe. It was chilly when I left the car. I had plenty of time to kill so I decided to run a warm-up Mile..

Also took pictures of my feet. I wore my Brooks Adrenalines, Green Recovery Socks and Cheetah Running Skirt.. My skirt got some attention from others..I chatted with a tall gal on my way out of the restroom and told her where she could buy her own skirt..
I made my way to the WARM REAL restroom and snapped another self portrait.. Yep I am a DORK when I am alone. Back to my car to shed the coat and go on my warm-up lap..

Just then I ran into Tressa and Jesse @ Track Coach and his Adorable Wife so nice to see my friends, Jesse was going to run the 5K. I set out on my warm-up run.. Funny thing about warm-ups, you see the COMPETITORS.. Mind you this race is not uber-competitive I knew I would place in my Age group. There was a small gal doing proper warm-ups, I knew she would WIN (I was right). During my warm-up I realized that I did not need my Pearl Izumi outer layer, so I did a quick change of the race number and set out to line up.

The walkers took off then Jesse and I took our places at the front, both in GREEN.. Tressa took our photo, will post soon. My goal was to have 7:14 pace for a sub 36 8K, AMBITIOUS but I was hopeful.

Mile 1= 7:13- My plan was to hold back and not get caught up in the SPEEDY start of the race. The course does a little loop which makes it pretty congested. I realized I was holding back a little too much and weaved to find my stride.

Mile 2= 7:49- The 8K folks go to the right for an out and back, for some reason the INSTANT my feet hit the gravel my body S-L-O-W-E-D. I panicked, I had no idea why my legs were not working. In my mind I gave up all hope of getting anywhere close to my goal. The view on this stretch was so pretty, sun shining and a lovely lake view. I worried less about my pace and enjoyed the BEAUTY.

Mile 3= 7:37- I was getting passed by a few men but holding my 3rd overall female spot. I tried to get my legs to turn over faster but I didn't have it :( The volunteers were GREAT, cheering and enthusiastic, I loved the cheerleaders at the water stops. I could see just how far behind me the next ladies were on the out and back, I used the men in front of me to set my pace.

Mile 4= 7:37- I could see that my lead on the next 2 ladies was dwindling... I thought about my friend Amanda and dug deep, I was racing for her, her Dad lost his battle with cancer last week. I told myself to ENJOY it!! The PERFECT day for a race, regardless if my body wanted to move or not. I would tough out the last mile.. Just before I entered the Park the Volunteer said "You are almost to the Finish," HMMM having run the race before I knew that I had at least Half a mile left, she probably should not be telling people that... oh well.

Mile 5= 7:02- As I rounded the corner by the Cougar enclosure I got passed by "Tsunami Sam" the name was written on her shirt, I wanted to hold pace and I did speed up but she strided away. Next a pretty little gal in a Fleet Feet shirt passed me, I sped up to stick with her and HOPED I could catch back up. The last mile has switch-backs and a steep uphill to the Finish. My Garmin was not showing me my pace so I just RAN.. As I got to the top of the hill I saw a woman to my left trying to pass, I KICKED it I was NOT getting passed again. I SPRINTED....probably looked like a T-Rex armed crazy woman as usual :)

  • NOTE= I cant believe I ran the last mile in 7:02 and got passed by 2 people, WTH!?!?!?!

Crossed the FINISH, proud of my first 8K performance, not as fast as I wanted but a solid Effort.

37:15 (PR since it was my first)

7:29 pace

Tressa and Jesse were at the finish, he rocked his race!! I would have placed higher in the 5K, oh well :( I chatted with them for a bit then they went off to wander the park with their little guy. I talked to Tsunami Sam and the Fleet Feet girl, both used me as their motivation....hmmm future race strategy.. I got some snacks and coffee and looked at the results..

5th overall female and SCORE I placed 1st in my Age group!! Next year I will train, I LOVE this race!! On my way home I stopped off to take a picture of Mount Rainier, posted on Dailymile HERE, I had to get my RUNNERD sticker in the next pick.

  • This week I will pass 1,000 miles for the year!! YIPPEE! How are you doing??

  • Also keep an eye out for my next Giveaway, it is sure to Sparkle :)